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  1. Knowing where the closest ship is leads to either blind torps or being able to get first shot off... Also my Gearing is my CW destroyer. I find it painful to play without RPF.
  2. Gearing and Fletcher. Instead of TAE I take SE. INCREASE smoke upgrade and increase gun rate of fire. Gearing has legendary upgrade.... ......
  3. dEsTurbed1

    Selective accuracy of Bots

    I have noticed, since 8.5, green bots will torp a low hp red bot... Even if an island or allied ship is in the way.
  4. dEsTurbed1

    Clans sinc dropping??

    When we sync drop, we get 2 out of 5 matches same game. We wish each other good luck, then we are out for blood. .... And remember, throwing the match or giving info to enemy division is against the EULA... And I don't know about you, but I'm not going to do anything close to getting my account banned. $3k in real dollars spent is not worth 1 match.
  5. dEsTurbed1

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    I allways type SRY, or sorry. Regardless of circumstances, it was ultimately my fault for doing friendly damage. .... When I get hit or sunk by friendly fire, an apology works wonders.
  6. Average damage In Shimmy is 30k.... So can you brag about how many 0 damage games you have? ...... BTW My first match in a Gearing set my all time high damage, 4 kills, but sadly no solo warrior.... 6 v 1.... Over 208k... stock.
  7. dEsTurbed1

    Why do we still play?

    Ranked sprint. Rank. Clan battles. Div up and hf with friends. Try to get free premium ship missions done. Play new game modes. Grind legendary modules Play Kremlin. Play fun ships. .
  8. I took Indy out last night. Posted up after telling team exactly where I was going. My team melted around me despite having a radar advantage and ne spotting 4 ships for 7 minutes. I ended up 2nd to last alive with 5 ships rushing me from front and behind. Just because you have a radar advantage, doesn't guarantee a win. The problem is BB sniping instead of contesting caps, especially when their are just cruisers and battleships in the mstch.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    ST, changes to Vauquelin and Guepard

    And all other destroyers have smoke.... Trying to balance damage output only will make them unplayable vs radar and carriers. Try balancing gun reload booster instead of cooldown DPM.
  10. dEsTurbed1

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    Just what we need a new t5 player getting a Gearing. Against 12 km radar and my legendary Gearing, he would stand no chance.
  11. dEsTurbed1

    Tier 4 fun...

  12. dEsTurbed1

    Tier 4 fun...

    What ship?
  13. dEsTurbed1

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Support cruisers, if played properly, can insure a victory with competent team. I played Boise for 1 match. Started 12 fires caused 45k dam and 1 kill.... forcing out dam con was so sweet. Most success in Haide was providing spotting and flank torping battleships... 134k spotting damage...
  14. O.M.G. I dropped my phone when I started reading your hyperlink. ROFL..... Awesome
  15. dEsTurbed1

    Why even play T10?

    Play well you can clear 100k. Top tier.