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  1. dEsTurbed1

    Uneven Battles Between Tiers

    I've seen a Cleveland get a kraken and over 120k damage as the only t8 in a t10 match.....
  2. dEsTurbed1

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    It really boils down to 3 things: Fun factor for player. Utility of radar vs heal. And how much YOU, as the player, can have an impact in the match. .... Cost is irrelevant if the above 3 don't meet YOUR expectations. .... I bought BLACK with my limited steel for ranked, and quickly found out once spotted she was dead. Had more success with Kitty. BLACK is still fun, but very demanding for my skill level , to play. Neutrashimmy will be out of my skill ability. For ME Stalingrad makes more sense.
  3. dEsTurbed1

    0.8.3 seems low on content and high on purchasables

    Free ships that you can train captains on...... That's not right. I must complain. Not to mention the free captains with saucy voices or port slot.... Wow just so much free benefits, please no. I no want daddy.... ..... Yes there is some sarcasm..... Still waiting for my ARP submarine to put the captain in..
  4. dEsTurbed1

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    I bought the Kii with his cammo because it looked awesome. I bought the Roma WITHOUT because, well you know why. I have the HSF cammo on my Yammy because it looks cool.... ..... You can give me a million extra bonuses for a cammo, but if it looks ugly as sin.... "Nope not gonna do it"
  5. dEsTurbed1

    Team Honor or Team Glory?

    I stayed with Eagles to get a cammo then switched for more personal gain in event. I believe I picked the Wooster cammo.
  6. dEsTurbed1

    OK WG not happy with you.

    Wg gave us 2 lenghtly periods to respec captains for free. Why did you not take advantage of it?
  7. dEsTurbed1

    Destroy Rework!

    Planes can no longer spot torpedoes. This one statement can nullify any credibility you may have on the rest of your post.
  8. dEsTurbed1

    I propose that:

    Bismark, Alsace, and Republique are also great secondary build ships. My favorite is Republique, making cruisers and destroyers regret being within 10.7 is priceless.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    Looking for Players Advice on Performance Issues

    Does it happen with other games? Does it happen only during certain times of the day? Could be router, cat5 cable or the channel your using from ISP.
  10. dEsTurbed1

    D810 Noord Brabant

    We need @Lert to help us here.
  11. It takes a minimum of 22 seconds to get a tier 10 BB main guns loaded. It takes a minimum of 12 seconds flight time for said shells to travel. AND A BB CANNOT SELF SPOT A TARGET 20 KM AWAY.
  12. dEsTurbed1

    Star ships and special prizes ?

    If you read the news section, just above participate button it tells you the top 2 will get 2 super containers... No mention of any additional SC for 31 or more stars...
  13. Every other ship type in game has to load their armaments at start of match. Why not carriers? The ability to instantly launch planes and provide valuable spotting Intel, as well as denial of caps for destroyers was not fair.
  14. dEsTurbed1

    Iowa Weakspot?

    The front bulkhead armour isn't as strong as Missouri's. It can be penned if bow on, so a slight angle is necessary.
  15. dEsTurbed1

    A question about DD tactics please advise!

    If carriers are in play wait. Check your support. Spotting will do nothing if they can't be shot at. A destroyer alive mid to late game is worth more than one that got 2 caps early and died.