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  1. dEsTurbed1

    Petro question

    I use range due to bbs sitting way back. Plus, I like to stay back a bit. I started with reload, found myself speeding into trouble.
  2. dEsTurbed1

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    Not to mention garbage AA and 6 carriers in a match
  3. Moskva is a tough random ship for me, but a very strong CB ship for me.... Sadly, I may have to retire him and his legendary UU for Pertra...
  4. dEsTurbed1

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    Its rely for high end 5.1 a d 7.1 systems...
  5. dEsTurbed1

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    Do not use Q & E key to turn. You can minimize rudder sound by zooming out some AND turning engine sound down in settings. Unfortunately, I have yet to figure how to turn down the turret move sound.
  6. dEsTurbed1

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    Hey now, if it was good enough for WOT..... Yes it is, esp HE hitting enemy ship and it sounds like a half full 55 gal drum being hit by a hammer.
  7. dEsTurbed1

    How do you earn german tokens?

    They literally changed the whole missions tab and ship interface in port for people .
  8. dEsTurbed1

    How do you earn german tokens?

    It's super hard to find now. Go to port. Left side, click on the German words on banner. Missions open up and here is the real hard part for veterans like you, READ. Some are for containers and tokens. Some are for cammo and tokens. Since WG changed the interface with this patch, it's real hard to click on stuff to learn..... WG forgets us Americans need to be spoon fed.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    Siegfried no horn sound at start of game despite steam animation working.
  10. This is the second time this year that we have had a major sound change. How many players demanded the hallow 55 gallon drum sound when HE shatters? .... The last time it took me 5 hours to get the sound close to what I wanted without having AA blast my eardrums out. This time I didn't bother.... I changed my sound and given me a million ricocheting and penning sounds from my ship, neighbors ship and enemy ship. I am so overwhelmed with the shell sounds that I cant figure what it all means.... SO I MUTED THE SOUNDS to nearly nothing and now I hear muffled nothing and voice comands..... Please tell me again why the sound needed improved??? I've spent $300 just in patch 9.6.... I'd gladly spend 500 just to get 9.5 sound back.... PLEASE RELEASE A VIDEO ON SOUND CHANGES AND WHAT EACH CONTROL EFFECTS.
  11. dEsTurbed1

    Neptune is visible in Smoke

    Amazing to reach tier 9 and NOT understand smoke firing penalty.
  12. dEsTurbed1

    Hilarious Ideas About Kitakami

    What I really want for Christmas is the old Fubuki. Great guns, great torps with long range low detection. First time I ever saw a Yammy in game was from her at 3 km ambushing her....
  13. dEsTurbed1

    Another hide and seek moment

    I know, it's just like, you can't believe their are players like that. Just yesterday, had an Iowa player on my team say we should cap.... As he sits hiding behind an island.....
  14. dEsTurbed1

    Bring back the bogue

    Yup, shutting down the enemy CV was great fun.
  15. dEsTurbed1

    Ranked tier 8

    Yes dd was easy