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  1. dEsTurbed1

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    Most average destroyer players would believe they have a huge advantage and rush caps... The black is not a huge dd killer vs the new t10 destroyers. So you are correct that it is a fletcher gunboat with radar... But lack of speed boost and extremely slow torpedoes hamper most aggressive plays... It's more of a thinking man's destroyer.
  2. dEsTurbed1

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    Black is a gimped fletcher. Guns just a tick slower. Torps are 48kt sea mines. Most black players are not dd mains...
  3. dEsTurbed1

    It's simply not your place to say..........

    Well 11 other players are trying to have fun too.... If there is only one destroyer and their 'fun' involves 1 lining to their spawn.... They have just ruined 11 other players game. They might as well be afk. If they're in a radar cruiser and it's 10 minutes in...I hope they can radar a cap instead if sitting near spawn...might as well be afk. If they really are getting the same advice and REFUSE to change, they might want to consider PVE that way they're not such a BURDON to their team.... Close to 19k battles, they should understand the basics... .... Let me put it in simple words. Don't be a burden to your team.
  4. dEsTurbed1

    I need a little help, a lot actually

    You have already helped yourself immensely by recognizing your issue. Try going half to 3/4 speed first 5 minutes. This will prevent you from 'charging' alone.
  5. 20k battles and you don't have every special commander and all the coal ships? I have all the coal ships and just bought last special captain, Lutjens, 3 months ago.... Is your clan fully built?
  6. dEsTurbed1

    players say one more time...

    Now that would be nice. 1 cv 1 sub 3 dd's 10 cruisers/bbs....
  7. dEsTurbed1

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    It takes the right ship. New French cruisers have all their guns up front, so how better to protect your sides... Just happened to spot 1st cv and ran out to get him, then lexi popped up full broadside on boarder... Couldn't resist.... The chaos I created made red team turn around an poof, they all started dying...
  8. dEsTurbed1

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    I edited my post, it was the new early access cruiser. Not my cup of tea, so I knew I wasn't going to enjoy sitting by an island and let 2 cv farm me to death so I went full FLAMBASS MODE and ran the center to see if I would have any fun... Boy was it... Been over 6 months since I have gotten an AA def expert award....
  9. After 5000 battles, it's still the ship huh.... Not wanting to stat shame here.... I understand how to play the kii.... For someone that demands it be buffed, your Kii W/R is higher than mine.... And I think it's a strong ship... ... One of the tankiest tier 8 bb, Bismark, you think needs buffed? .... Let me put it in simple terms "YOUR DOING IT WRONG" TO FIX IT LET ME HELP: Do not go faster than half speed in the first 5 minutes of the game in a bb... I bet you live longer....
  10. dEsTurbed1

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    Took the early access tier 8 hvy French Cruiser down the channel in 2 Brothers. Seeing how it was 2 cv match, I figure I won't have any fun.... I proved I was right. My AA gunners had a blast, 46 plane kills. Half the Russian cv health gone, 98% of Lexington's health gone. 86k damage.... I had no fun, just hit w and drove into the fray, causing a cap reds to turn around to save their carriers.... I had an ok game....I was one of 2 ships killed on my team... We got total map control, cap control and all 12 reds dead.... .... I absolutely hate carriers. I hate subs a tad more. Do they ruin a match, mostly no. [Extremely good cv drivers are rare] Can they ruin 1 or 2 players fun in a match, yes....
  11. dEsTurbed1

    wut about graff spee in ops?

    Rof is slow. Accuracy is questionable. Maybe players with GS don't play ops.
  12. dEsTurbed1

    BB Kii is in need of upgrade

    One of the best aa suites on a tier 8 bb.... One of the better rudder shifts of a t8 bb... Built to snipe....
  13. dEsTurbed1

    Weekend Spree 24-26 June 2022

    Bourgogne....no, not significantly different if you don't play CB. Mecklenburg is an extremely good. Take another look at it, I think you will enjoy a German BB that can snipe....