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  1. dEsTurbed1

    South Carolina

    She got a buff 4 or so months ago making her the most accurate BB at tier 3. Fully upgraded she is a beast. Problem at tier 3 is : St. Louis and OP dds at that tier.
  2. dEsTurbed1

    Worst ships for T10 Ranked

    They are actually nerfing the armor to be thinner.
  3. dEsTurbed1

    7 kills in a Random battle :)

    Congrats. Welcome to the 7 kill club. Now come join my Fujin in the 8 kill club.
  4. I consider myself a dabbler in carriers. Played old style and was starting to improve. This new mode is fun and irritating at the same time. .... A good carrier captain can ruin a match for the other side. A bad carrier player can ruin the match for his team. .... If a CV wants you dead, 8 out of 10 times, your dead. ..... ..... So it's a huge problem of the good vs the ugly, and stirs up emotional responses.
  5. My Grozovoi laughs at the suggestion.... This morning 22 British t10 planes in first pass..... .... My Kleber says Notice me Senpai. I like to draw early fire so my team can shoot something. .... In all seriousness, I run a mod that tells me my 2near and all 3 AA bubble ranges. So I can try to stay away. Or know when to pop sector.
  6. dEsTurbed1

    The Smolensk isn't overpowered, it's just psychological

    Your right. 19.1 km range. 5 salvos x 16 shells in the air. Longer range torps than Khabba. Bbs overpen or bounce ap on it. Cruisers and destroyers struggle to hit it.... I play mine to lower server averages.... My highest damage game in a random over 130k... In coop 219k.... It really is a bad ship.....
  7. Yup. Change plating to require IFHE. Cut fire chance by 50%. Some cruisers and destroyers will not be able to penetrate higher tier ships, except in superstructure. So best solution is to drop IFHE and pick up demo expert. 4 fires burns a ship down real quick, especially with rapid firing guns.
  8. I'm just going to drop IFHE and pick up demo expert. Burn baby burn.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    It never fails.....

    Dang son you really worked out in that match. Not easy considering the ship you were in. Congratulations. ...... Set my highest damage, at the time, in my Gearing's maiden voyage. Almost 209k, 4 kills and missed solo warrior by 45 sec.... Dam Henri chased me down. So I do know the thrill, nerves and wind being knocked out of your sail feeling. .... Anyhow, dang nice game.... Be nice to see it on Jingles channel.
  10. dEsTurbed1

    wth is this??

    Use WG modstation. Most of it is updated before patch releases.
  11. dEsTurbed1

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    Thunderer is accurate and sends flames. Georgia is a fast 2ndary fun ship. .... Thunderer sits back and sniped. Georgia plays flanks fast and loose.
  12. dEsTurbed1

    Hawkins Armor Model

    My t8 bounced 3 front gun Yammy salvos under 5 km... 10 games later, I'm kiting a freddie and get blapped by another t8 British hvy ca from 12 km I didn't notice he had my broadside.....
  13. Relax have fun and do your best. Ignore win loss and focus on trying to influence what you can. After all we have all won our side to look around and see most of your team died to 3 enemy ships....
  14. For once, you can't blame me :) usually works that way with MM..... ships are balancebalanced, skill never is.