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  1. Thank you so much for your work!!!

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      Thank you for the lemons!

  2. I agree. I was hoping there was appetite in the community to explore the playing field but looking at the results I can see that is just not the case. I know that with low server numbers in off hours this set up would also be open to exploit by clans having a 'b' team they could play up against to game the system for wins as well. Perhaps removing the whole issue of ranked as well and developing this as a separate game mode but the idea of incorporating ranking into this was a means to generate an initial interest in the mode itself (large platoon game play). The current framework for clan wars falls short as it is limited to particular times and limited player counts. Ultimately what I was going for is bringing back the world of tanks team mode before they rolled out strongholds where anyone could join up and there were many teams that specialized in the game mode. Also, the time commitment for ranked and any other non-standard game mode is finite. This game does need a more refined competitive mode that is more time accessible. Cheers!
  3. Ok, I fail to understand your point. Right. Elaborate. This takes the mob mentality out of randoms an allows the player a direct measure of control in terms of team composition. You may be aware of the gripe vs ranked currently is that it is randoms with 7 people and you can not even platoon in for reasons of balance but if you take away that issue by making it an exclusive of either standard format or 7 vs 7 Platoons. Then on top of that if you find a team you like playing with you can form your own clan with them or add to an existing clan.
  4. How would they 'dominate' in a game mode any more than platoons do now in random?
  5. I suggested this in Reddit and the users who responded were thinking this was just clan wars reinvented. The idea is that 7 man platoons could be created to play in ranked but you still have the option to play standard ranked as well. The idea was created because the clan I was in with 30 members over 2 months was unable to get a single game in. No more than 4 players would be up for a game at the same time and be able the play during time clan wars was offered as a lot were on the west coast. This will require ranked as a game mode to run year round. Seasons and events would run as they always would and this would not allow you to earn rewards more than you would be able to normally. However, if you are one person and want to join a team or create your own you could much like mercenaries currently work in world of tanks clan wars and the limits to what ships could be selected would be limited to the parameters of the current ranked season. For example if you wanted to run a team with all dd's or CV's you could. This will also allow wargaming to see if certain ship configurations and line ups become too dominate in the game.
  6. When the recent patch rolled out collision avoidance was turn back on by default. I tried it out for a while and was reminded why it was turned off but would like to be able to have it on and know when it is on. Recommend: This feature should be disabled by default. However, there should be a similar setup to the mechanic used for disabling AA (P command by default) a similar command and display on the headsup should be shown indicating collision avoidance is active.