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  1. I think they should just change CE to a flat 8% concealment buff. That would help keep battleships from having better concealment than cruisers, and generally be less of an automatic pick (although still probably required for DDs).
  2. Gregor_Marethel

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    There are plenty of people willing to pay full price for the Kamikaze, Belfast, Nikolai, etc. so it would be very unlikely for one of them to be brought back on sale.
  3. Gregor_Marethel

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Atlanta today at 50% off is a tough choice. I'd rather have a Kidd or Leningrad, but they're probably only going to be 30% off if they're even offered.
  4. Gregor_Marethel

    T8 Cleveland Captain Skills?

    1) Preventative Maintenance (PM) or Priority Target (PT) 2) Adrenaline Rush (AR) EL and EM are not very useful on the Cleveland.
  5. Gregor_Marethel

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    I don't see how this can happen in co-op. The bots just charge forward together like lemmings, so how can you suddenly have nothing to shoot?
  6. Gregor_Marethel

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Did you have IFHE on your Belfast captain? I found it rather poor without it, but as soon as I got it it became one of my best ships. This rather limits it's use as a captain trainer, though.
  7. So the best way to support someone is to unsubscribe in order to lower the divisor? Seems backwards to me...
  8. Gregor_Marethel

    You Can Buy Salem (Kind of but not really)

    Or $27,000 on vaporware like Star Citizen. Some people have too much money, and I'm grateful when they want to fund my free to play games buying overpriced items like this.
  9. Gregor_Marethel

    How is Buffalo doing?

    You should try playing the Buffalo in Random battles. It's only good in Co-op because range is never an issue and showing full broadside to use all your guns is rarely punished.
  10. Gregor_Marethel

    How is Buffalo doing?

    It's a terrible ship, so get ready to suffer if you want the Des Moines (or shell out the ~250k Free XP to skip it).
  11. Gregor_Marethel

    Tanked 1.3 million damage... and got squat XP-wise

    It's probably too ripe for abuse. If two people on opposite teams go to a corner and bounce shells off each other for 15 min, they shouldn't get top xp.
  12. Gregor_Marethel

    Premium Shop - What is the best bang for the buck?

    I'd suggest the Scharnhorst. I definitely wouldn't suggest getting anything over tier 7 if you don't own a tier 8+ tech tree ship. If you're only going to get one ship, buying a tier 2-5 premium ship seems like a waste, but if that's the tiers you prefer the Guilio Cesare might be the best available right now.
  13. I agree, they should bring it back. While they're at it, they should give it the Asashio torps too.
  14. Gregor_Marethel

    [Poll] Worst "Game Killing" Changes in WoWs?

    Come on, who are all these people choosing the last option? It's never Lupus. Ever.
  15. Gregor_Marethel

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Isn't the Yugumo tier 9? Thanks for the review!