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  1. AA mounts/secondaries should be repairable

    I would suggest using unarmed people, but then the amputees might complain.
  2. AA mounts/secondaries should be repairable

    That seems insensitive to people with short arms...
  3. Very nice deal in Premium shop, I think.

    Sure, if you think the flags are worth the full price they sell them for. They seem vastly overpriced to me, though, especially compared to the cost/benefit of buying premium account time.
  4. I don't have any tier 10 ships, so I stopped at rank 11. It took me 23 games to get there with a 60.87% WR, playing mostly in the Bismark.
  5. Question about Giulio Cesare

    Mythbusters actually proved that you can polish a turd. Just sayin'...
  6. Probably because they like being the one person who decides whether their team wins or loses.
  7. Premium Ship Review #100

    To fix the Conq, I would start by reducing the fire chance down to 15-20%.
  8. I wonder how much extra premium time, free xp conversion, etc. this ranked season has actually caused. The vast majority of it is probably wasted, though, since the chances of someone just getting their first T10 ranking out is likely very low. I like the OP's idea, though. Allowing rental T10s wouldn't change much other than add more fodder for the rank 6-10 battles.
  9. I just wish we could trade our special mods in for other special mods. So many useless spotter plane mods...
  10. T6-9 Soviet Cruisers viable without IFHE?

    As long as you can hit the superstructure, regular HE can still do good damage to BBs. Not having IFHE on ~150mm guns will be sub-optimal until wargaming does a rebalance, though.
  11. Number of Battles to Tier X

    That's pretty cool, I wonder how long it would take to grind a tier 10 ship in co-op mode.
  12. I suggest stopping at tier 7 for now and work your way up some other lines. At Tier 8+ the gameplay changes drastically and credit earnings tank. Keep any tier 6 and 7 ships you enjoy for completing missions. I've bought a few premium ships, but I haven't really needed them to get credits at least through tier 7.
  13. Should CE be revamped and reworked?

    Perhaps it's just overpowered compared to the other Tier 4 skills. Would making it a flat 8% bonus to detectability make it less of a required pick?
  14. Nerf islands

    My post only addressed the minimum vs maximum complaint you made, I didn't make any claims about the wording of "detect" vs "automatically detect", etc.
  15. 7.3 update upcoming

    I can't wait to try out the new Dolphin Carrier ships in 7.3!