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  1. Mongo63a

    Flint Nerfed to Unplayable

    I guess I'm putting in a ticket for my Flint refund. They changed a premo ship and every time they have done it in the past they refunded and I want my Steel for it too!
  2. I told them I would never spend money on this game after they screwed me on the Mosikva to Petro change with perm cammo. I use to buy a few Xmas containers each year but no more. WG scummy moves continue to reinforce my decision to never spend money with them on any of their games.
  3. Don't forget, it changed the consumables icons to be harder to tell how many you have left and what they are. Its bad enough they have the same consumable on different keys for different ships, now they made it so you can't see how many you have and have to guess what they are. Hopefully some one comes up with a mod to put back the old icons in and get rid of these waste of effort icons.
  4. Mongo63a

    Update 0.9.5 Nerfs to Des Moines and Montana necessary?

    What was even a greater screwing, though less than the Mosikva screwing for perm cammo, is they did not allow you to move modules on those ships with the upgrades on them for free. So not only do you have to spend 3 million per module to replace them but if you want to keep it for when WG decides they screwed up and over nerfed a non Russian ship you will ahve to spend gold to keep the module. On top of that the upgrade effected the way I even spec'd the captain of several of the ships and thus further costing money or capt points for a respec. Worse still you might have to change multiple 3 million level modules when you get rid of the effected upgrade. These latest "business" decisions by WG, starting witht he PR, have pushed me to never spend a dime with WG again. Not only that I think I'm going to start seal clubbing the noobies to try to get as many new players to quit the game as soon as they can.
  5. To quit before WG can screw them in another dumb decision. If they must play on, never spend a dime with them because WG will go out of their way to poke you where the sun doesn't shine the first time they get a chance and the more you have spent the more they will make sure you regret it.
  6. So WG replied to my ticket saying that they will not move over the camo off the Mosikva to any other ship after saying otherwise. My reply, to my ticket.
  7. So I had the mosikva with prem cammo and a 19 pt capt and they changed this mosikva over to a prem ship but my commander was not changed nor my cammo and I did not even get the new tier 10 that replaced it. While at the same time a clan mate had the mosikva w/o cammo and he was given the new prem cammo for the mosikva. So the people that spent real money they are shafting but those that did not got 8000 gold of free cammo? How moronic can a company be with their business choices?
  8. Mongo63a

    Double strike not giving flags?

    I was not playing co-op
  9. Any one having the issues with not getting flags from double strikes in Italian cruisers? It was my first double strike of the day and I did not get any flags.
  10. surprise game 9 and 10 are tier 9 as well.
  11. I have only played the 8 games since the MM changes. It just seems that the MM changes have tanked into effect immediately for my tier 8 and 9 ships.
  12. Every game I play in it is a tier 9 game these days. So far 8 games in a row. I understood that was not suppose to be the case and in tier 8 and 9 ships they seem to be following the new MM rules but not the Flint.
  13. Do what I do and distribute a large number of insults so your karma is always at zero thus you know that every time the down vote you they are wasting the vote. I get down voted all the time for playing a CV even when I am at the top of the team. I even got down voted for a 5 kill game where I was the lone survivor against 6 ships and died to the 6th ship. I'm sure they did not bother down voting themselves or the other 10 players that died without scoring even a base 300 XP at the end of the game.
  14. "Your average damage is too low, you are restricted to tier 2 thru 3 or CO-OP" This is what is needed in this game. I getting so tired of people in tier 8 thru 10 ships averaging less damage than tier 2 ships. Go ahead try to change my mind because you can't.
  15. More data to add to this.