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  1. What? His entire thread was a point that it was too overarmored and underpowered for that speed.
  2. I like the part where the the the Lion/Conq's 419mm shells are slower and lighter than the Iowa/Montana's 406's yet somehow retain better penetration at range.
  3. Battleship Roma

    It happens at that angle, the shells can still pen the bow and avoid the turtleback layer and hit the bulkhead or corner side of the citadel.
  4. What's wrong to Montana?

    They aren't affected, they still have 38mm weather decks. What's funny is that the thickness change isn't listed with the citadel volume and superstructure/extremity hp changes.
  5. What's wrong to Montana?

    Yeah how dare the Montana think about bouncing shells off its weather deck like every other battleship, silly Montana. Hell, the Iowa's is still 38mm...
  6. What's wrong to Montana?

    You guys realize that 19mm deck was always there at the waterline in the high citadel version. All they are doing is lowering the citadel box to that deck. The 150mm deck is still in the middle of the ship. This is the same thing that happened to the Alabama. Edit: I didn't even realize the weather deck was reduced, pitchfork out. What is it with WG and messing up the US battleships...
  7. The armor model is a lot more complicated than just one layer. The citadel bulkhead is that thin but there are much thicker ones in the stern.
  8. Because its public knowledge.
  9. Insert correct armor model. Rebalance soft stats to compensate for any performance changes. WEOW SO BAD OF A CHANGE.
  10. YES, HENCE "test the change internally." Its like "Hey this ship's armor is inaccurate, lets implement it in supertest like every other armor change we've done before and if it needs adjustment afterwards we shall do so." There's your golden WG balance for you.
  11. Nobody is saying to have this changed for release. All that is needed is for WG to acknowledge the inaccuracy and test the change internally, just like every other armor change they've made before.
  12. You guys act like WG's balance is infalable, or that they've never rebalanced tanks or ships after armor changes.
  13. G. Kurfurst - Damage Saturation

    I feel like that many torpedoes would just split a ship in half. Also why the wide spread exists.
  14. So you want a ship dropped a tier because you believe its too weak, yet want to put in what is essentially the same ship with an easier to hit citadel in the same spot?