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  1. Pardon the necromancy, not that this part of the forum appears to move much. They could give BBs a limited number of acoustic decoy charges starting at certain tiers and allow surface ship collision with subs submerged at particular depths. It, of course, is also reliant on the ship's draft as well. -- The decoys could have a limited life span and need to be dropped with proper timing. Combined with maneuvering, it would improve the BB's survivability a little. On the flip side, it would probably frustrate sub players a little bit and some further balancing would need to be struck somewhere.
  2. Just passing through but, as an alternative, maybe give the B-25s a skip bombing mechanic? This would be low altitude approach but the bomb release would be against the sides of the ship with a possible additional strike a little higher. Edit: Here's a fairly informative link https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/2020/03/13/wwii-pioneers-of-skip-bombing/
  3. Kuripi

    Odin, underpowered as heck

    To me, it seems to work pretty decently and I've found it to be really tanky. The thing is, every ship is going to need team backup dependant on circumstances and being focus fired is bound to happen once in a while.
  4. Kuripi

    Do NOT Buy Azur Lane Containers

    Maybe if they had a system where you could trade in two or three AL captains for a reroll chance, I dunno
  5. Kuripi


    I've noticed lately that my Detected message "flickers" from time to time with no one in range to actually detect me. It's gotten me shot at on a few occasions.
  6. Kuripi

    Monarch receive AA Buff in 0.8.4 ?

    I second this. It did supposedly carry 4x QF 3pdr Hotchkiss guns. It's not much but I'll take anything I can get with all the planes swarming around these days. It's not like I'm asking for the torpedoes..
  7. Kuripi

    So what ship does have decent AA?

    That feel when I just played a game in the Arkansas B with 3 CVs on each side. Or, earlier, I played a game where I was the last ship on my team and everyone on the other team hid behind giant islands and let their CV slowly murder my ship ...
  8. Kuripi

    New Tier 2 premium Pan-asian Battleship

    Sorry for the thread resurrection. I was doing some reading on the Ting Yuen and this thread showed up in my search. I just wanted to clarify a few things about the Ting Yuen. It sits among the earliest of pre-dreadnoughts built by the Germans under contract, and was scuttled at Weihaiwei on orders by the captain. The ship that was captured by the Japanese at Weihaiwei was the Ting Yuen's sister ship, Chen Yuen (keeping the spelling to Wade Guiles instead of going with PinYin.) From what I've read, the Chen Yuen had some different characteristics due to general economic factors as development progressed. The hull provided less protection because of a change in the steel used but it reportedly was faster by around 1 to 1.5 knots. Some difference in armament though I don't know how much they changed exactly.* The Japanese changed the name of the Chen Yuen and called her Chin'en and refit her at least once. The Chin'en was eventually downgraded as it rapidly lost its edge in the arms race and was sold for scrap, if I remember correctly. Part of me wants to say that it was bought by a Japanese businessman involved in toy manufacturing but I saw the article a couple of years ago and my memory is shaky there. I was focused mostly on the Ting Yuen though, because I have a model kit I plan to build at some point. Anyway, about the Ting Yuen's armament: The armaments other than the 4x 305mm and 2x 150mm seems different from the layouts I've seen*. For one, I see there was no mention of the 3 above-the-water-torpedo-tubes she had. I -think- the Chen Yuen also has a similar torpedo layout but they could have easily been cut out due to the cost issues I've mentioned. The Ting Yuen also had 2 torpedo boats onboard but those might pose a game design challenge for WoWS. As for the rest of the weapon layouts, you may have noticed I've been using asterisks.. *I've seen a few inconsistencies while digging around in regards to stats and some of the finer details of the battles both ships were involved in, so I take it all with a grain of salt -even if it might be from an official source. I've seen these ships described as iron clads, pre dreadnoughts, protected cruisers, and some-kind-of-abomination. I'm of the opinion that the Qing government was effectively funding German R&D for a stepping stone into proper pre dreadnoughts and the Ting Yuen and Chen Yuen fill that space between iron clads and pre dreadnoughts on an evolutionary ladder of sorts. I've attached a pic of the weapons and layout as described by the museum in China. They recreated the Ting Yuen but there might be a number of inaccuracies to its construction I think. The secondary gun swivels might be incorrect, for example. It's fairly safe to tack on "mm" behind the numbers shown under the number of weapons. (ie: Under the pic of 4 main guns: 305mm followed by a bunch of Chinese text) It's a little tricky to spot some of them but the colored dots are there on the ship diagram to show location of the mounts. -- I forgot to mention something about forward firing.. There has been talk that the ship couldn't actually fire the main guns straight forward without endangering the flying bridge. I don't know whether it's true or not but there are people who believe it and others who don't. It was supposedly something mentioned in a firsthand account. Looking at the ship design, I could see how there might be some problems with the layout. Also, the 150mms reportedly have a better range than the 305mm. The Chinese had a pair of protected cruisers built around the use of smaller caliber guns..