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  1. Deaddeye

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    Same here! Thank you so much!
  2. 1/5 on free crates. I got the tier V mission from my fourth free crate.
  3. Deaddeye

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    Although I am fan of all things historical, I also enjoy playing (for the most part, until RNG decides to hate me). This game, at least in my experience gives me both a fun venue and a little bit of history(I know WG isn't a bid fan of the latter) in an arcade type game setup.
  4. Deaddeye

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Thank you once again for an excellent review! Going to buy her now based on your review. Hope you get better soon.
  5. Deaddeye

    Anyone bought Lenin please comment

    Morning all: Here's my Lenin Mini- Review. I bought the ship with out the extras. As mentioned previously, the special camo is 5,000 gold. I have but a handful of battles in it, but i like it thus far. The guns on the ship are nice overall. At max range, the 1.7 sigma and dispersion is an issue. If you're going to shoot long range, get the aiming mod. Mid range and up close, she is very nice. I find the secondaries to be a little short ranged, but serviceable. The turret traverse is amazing. With the commander skill, you are able to quickly choose your targets as opportunities arise. When the guns hit, they hit hard. Sometimes, RNG acts up, but I guess I'm still content with her guns so far. She does take quite a bit to reload, so pick your shots wisely. Her AA, when not alone, is a good supplement to other boats with strong AA. If she's alone, as mentioned previously, the AA is a bit underwhelming. Yes, the fighter plane helps, but you don't want to be alone out there without friends. Remember, there is no short range bubble for her AA. Her speed is fast enough and if you place a speed flag on her, she moves around nicely and with the great turret traverse, you can aim where the bad guys are. She is great bow on, but please, watch your sides. Her citadel is a weak spot! Also, her fast repair party helps a lot. The big caveat to that is using your RP at the wrong time or running out of RPs during the later stages of the match. Even with the Fire Prevention upgrade, I find she burns a little more than average. I've had a couple of good games and a a couple of stinkers. When I was patient, I generally did better in her. When I was impatient, problems arose. The main problems are finding yourself alone when your support gets sunk or you're just out of position. The Lenin cannot take a prolonged beat-down. Up until now, I feel she is a good battleship, with the aforementioned caveats. Close range, she can be devastating. Take your time, move in with the group and choose your targets wisely. I hope to continue to get better with her and enjoy her for a long time to come. Thanks for taking the time to read through this. I hope it helps you make an informed choice about whether or not to purchase her. See you around the seas.
  6. Morning all, I just wanted to chime in and give my two cents on the Pyotr Velikiy. I agree with what most of the early posters have said. Overall, (with the exception of the insane bow armour) I feel she is a very fun ship to play. I find her shells and reload time to be challenging at times, but I have enjoyed her in the few battles I have played with her. I try to not to show my sides too much and I move to support where I am needed. As tier V, she can move around a fair bit and as mentioned before her AA, is decent, especially if combined with your neighbor's AA. Enjoy
  7. Same issue over here....