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  1. Submarine_Wahoo

    You favorite anime

    I meant the UC timeline works constantly references other works within the same timeline. Imagine trying to watch Gundam Unicorn without knowing who Puru or Amuro is, or not recognizing the significance of the Quebeley in the two seconds that it is on-screen. It destroys the significance of the scenes that implicitly draw attention to them. You can still piece together what's going on, but the gravitas is missing without previous knowledge.
  2. Submarine_Wahoo

    You favorite anime

    Iron Blooded Orphans is in its own standalone universe called Post Disaster (hence the year that Phoenix mentioned). It is not related to the Universal Century timeline. However, it is probably the most accessible starting point for anyone too intimidated to get started with Gundam due to its standalone nature plus hitting all of the typical themes that Gundam has espoused. The UC timeline is great, but it has the huge problem of constantly referencing other works of the timeline without letting new viewers in on the scene. Plus, the original Mobile Suit Gundam series didn't age well.
  3. Submarine_Wahoo

    Why should I play anything else?

    Subs are ridiculously overtuned for the purpose of the event. There's no way that freezing torpedoes would be fair in a PvP situation (it seems like even DCP gets disabled by them).
  4. Submarine_Wahoo

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    I don't think the argument of countering another prominent ship necessarily makes it a must-have for team comps. Certainly it's not pointless to bring, but whether it completely replaces certain other ships is yet to be seen.
  5. Submarine_Wahoo

    Does having a CV in the game change your ammo choice?

    No, sinking enemy ships is infinitely better than having their AA whittled down because they will still be able to deal damage to me and my team. Relying on another player to do the job for you should only be reserved for instances in which the enemy ship is close to dead and only if it's a ship that you know is already being attacked by your teammates.
  6. Submarine_Wahoo

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    I'm willing to bet the choice of ships also is due to the specific strategy that the team chose to employ. Henri IV is not really considered meta on NA, at least.
  7. Submarine_Wahoo

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    That was how I was thinking Le Terrible should open a game (sulk around until it can find an opening rather than beeline for objectives), but I was actually referring to being able to shoot over islands akin to American cruisers.
  8. Submarine_Wahoo

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    This ship made me wish really hard for a rental system. I like the sort of playstyle the ship is promoting, but the sacrifices are very severe. No smoke pretty much kills Le Terrible's early game presence, unless you manage to not get shot at by half the enemy team. Is island hugging even possible on Le Terrible?
  9. A Fire Emblem Heroes player? Or just a fan of FE8?

    1. Submarine_Wahoo


      I do play Heroes, though more on the side of casual.

  10. Submarine_Wahoo

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    I've always said that the Atlanta should have gotten a smokescreen consumable as the means of buffing her. The Flint is everything that the Atlanta should have been. Perhaps it is better this way: Atlanta spits out far more shells than Flint can. Flint is the ultimate passive-aggressive cruiser, burning down everything that tries to attack, but utterly useless if the enemy decides to camp. I've had fantastic games in the Flint (100k+ damage) as well as mediocre games (40-50k damage) simply because the enemy was too scared of engaging. Then again, an enemy that refuses to move up is risking loss by attrition on Domination or by sacrificing space for their friendly destroyers on Standard Battles. At that point, it becomes a battle of damage output that the Flint struggles to take part in without risking its health to 1/4 throttle forward and create a creeping smokescreen to try to get some shots in on the edge of the short firing range.
  11. Submarine_Wahoo

    Losses accumulated in the Pacific Theater by the USN and IJN

    No, it includes all vessels that were commissioned by both navies. See in my OP the following line: ** Warships counted include ships that are designated as transports and auxiliaries and capable of moving under their own power. Basically, the chart is counting all ships and boats that were commissioned by both navies to directly influence the war campaign.
  12. Submarine_Wahoo

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Thanks for the work on the clean Takao class skin. Favorite cruiser, but it bothered me that it was given unhistorical camouflage without the option to remove it.