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  1. I can already hear it

    5 second delay on AP bombs is totally "historical."
  2. Subs now?

    I'm playing the game. Does that count?
  3. GZ experience so far

    The circular drop is honestly inferior when it comes to attacking ships with narrow profiles. The main advantage of it is that you can attack the target from any angle with the same degree of accuracy. Zeppelin's HE bombs is among the hardest hitting bombs (excluding the USN 1000lbs bombs for obvious reasons) of the tier, so they definitely hurt destroyers when they connect. I bought the CV to see how bad it was for myself, considering that I consider myself fairly good with accounting for the RNG of DBs. A glaring issue that you can't really tell from reading numbers is how fragile the planes are. Since dive bombing requires you to enter all the AA bubbles, Zeppelin is getting wrecked at higher tiers where TBs can perform early drops to try to prevent too many losses against heavy AA platforms. This, combined with the fighters being awful in almost everything (low damage, bad strafe damage, but they do expend very little ammo to strafe), makes this CV really bad. The delay on bomb drop for AP bombs being so long makes it unplayable, plus the lack of visual effect of where the bombs actually did land. This is a T7 performing CV being forced to fight like a T8 CV. It's telling when you're comparing the efficiency of this CV to AS loadout Lexington with Lady Lex being arguably better.
  4. Anyone have any idea what model Spitfire this is?
  5. Trip to the Developers Studio

    I second the earlier mention of a rework to surface AA. Right now, AA is considered to be good, bad, or ok. There's no situation in which one ship's AA would be superior to another and inferior to another in a separate situation. Giving the AA varying behaviors can go a long way to improving diversity in this category. Just as an example, certain ships could have a permanent, weaker version of Defensive Fire in their short-ranged AA bubble. Others can have a long-ranged effect that causes a bomber squadron to be required to initiate attack at greater ranges before their weapons would be "armed." Overall AA DPS may have to be toned down in the process.
  6. Buff New York and Texas.

    If you cannot deal more damage in New York or Texas compared to a cruiser, you're probably not going do well in any other comparable battleship, to be honest.
  7. Impressions of T6 Ships for Ranked

    It will definitely be interesting since we never had a Tier 6 Ranked match at the highest brackets of play, although it has been featured in the past as a lower Ranked bracket in the past. Destroyers see a large nerf to their effectiveness at this level compared to T8: not only with lower ranged torpedoes and more limited stealth torp ranges, but also a lower active period on their smokescreens. This will probably mitigate the power of destroyer smoke as a utility device. However, destroyers are still important as the frontline units due to their high speed and mobility: they just are not as influential at T6 as they are at T8 due to the sacrifices they make in order to have their own unique strengths. The weakened destroyers puts more emphasis on good cruiser and battleship play. A particular thing to note is that the bow-on meta prevalent at T8 can be negated here if you select the larger caliber battleships, namely Mutsu (16-inch), Warspite (15-inch), and Bayern (15-inch). They are an interesting bunch with pretty clear playstyles, though Mutsu and Bayern are likely to be competing with each other for the close quarters combat role since they both have poor long range combat performance.
  8. Are the 150mm DD guns good CL hunters?

    150mm are pretty meh in general. The only way they can compete with the 128mm in terms of damage output is if you can deal citadel damage, which is not very reliable in the vast majority of practical combat scenarios, especially if you are dealing with players who have a clue how AP works. I honestly cannot recommend the 150mm over the 128mm for general purpose usage.
  9. Bringing Kitakami back

    If you bothered reading the discussions on Kitakami yourself, you would have known that the ship was nearly useless: not overpowered. WG tried to buff the ship by giving it a smokescreen.
  10. German "Cruisers" op, please nerf

    Generally true, but HE is the counter to the bow-on tactics and other instances where AP will bounce.
  11. German "Cruisers" op, please nerf

    Haven't seen anyone beat this BBQ yet.
  12. CV rant, vol. 2

    Fighter lock was in the game well before strafing was. I noticed it rather quickly when I first played CVs in CBT.
  13. So, 50% off Tirpitz sold out....

    Doesn't matter if the codes only work for NA server.
  14. In case anyone is interested...

    TIL World of Warships is in the Simulator genre. /s
  15. Ognevoi - Different Captain Skills?

    Ognevoi has roughly the same concealment as Benson, which is super good, so I'm aiming for CE on my Ognevoi captain.