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  1. to be fair the german unique commander's are well crapbecause of the skill choices
  2. thought we were talking about commander's locked behind campaign's
  3. lets get unique commander's for germany or russia first mkay
  4. Craeshen

    Have to tell someone...

    if there's one thing the monty has going for it it's accuracy that ship can put warheads on foreheads with disgusting accuracy if you know what your doing.
  5. Craeshen

    We need a Unique German Commander

    Unfortunately both sides on the eastern front were guilty of it there's accounts of the the red army casually torturing civilians which is why I said no one side in the war can claim themselves a moral victor, should civilians be burned to death in their beds and homes simply because they are the enemy.
  6. Craeshen

    We need a Unique German Commander

    we're starting to drift off topic here lol. My vote Goes to Ernst lindeman with bonus'es to bft aft and manual secondaries.
  7. Craeshen

    We need a Unique German Commander

    a lot of those 20 million were killed in soviet reprisals in the war their was not 1 party who could have said they did no wrong fire bombing of german cities the brutal rapes and other attrocities perpetrated by both sides on the eastern front. If you dig deep enough what you will find and read from first hand accounts from all sides will sicken you. Such is the nature of war and why we must seek to never have one that is as all encompassing as world war 2 was. A great figure once said world war 3 maybe fought with nuclear weapons but I know the next war will be fought with sticks and stones.
  8. Craeshen

    We need a Unique German Commander

    To be fair rommel was killed for doing the right thing so their is that and more than a few german ship commander's refused at least during the earlier years of the war to shoot at surrendered ships much to their political officer's chagrin tho more than a few of them were later executed as enemies of the reich and 1 I believe bismarcks captain went down with his ship.
  9. They don't need to fully reverse it imho but instead cap it at 10% of the ships total hp can be damage to the bulges. Then they become saturated and can't take any more damage.
  10. Craeshen

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    The ears were hilarious if you were facing them lol
  11. Craeshen

    Dev blog announced CE change

    The change would be good if you could combine it with some changes to certain bb's and cruiser's that need to use ce to break away from bad engagements ships that are already weakest per tier kurfurst for example will suffer more than some of the strongest per tier ships ie yammy
  12. Craeshen

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    all I can say is as it stands currently wargaming managed too make already clunky gameplay even clunkier so as it is right now the cv rework is acutaly worse sadly
  13. As long as they make damage to things like bulges account for only say 5% of a ships total hp before becoming saturated @LittleWhiteMouse
  14. because wargaming pimped their citadel's and then put them underwater too boot.
  15. also weren't fires on deck not a huge thing because of water spray tending to put out smaller one on a ship under way and correct me if I'm wrong but did some nations not soak the decks with water prior to combat or use non flammable deck material. fires in interior spaces tho those were a whole different kettle of fish.