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  1. Drill_U


    I think you mean OP? Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me but I thought I saw a premium ship in the tech. tree for around 40,000 dubblons.
  2. Drill_U

    A Free Tirpitz???

    Sell it quick?
  3. Drill_U

    What Happened To Submarines?

    Wargaming is testing a depth charge plane, for CV's to sink subs.
  4. Drill_U

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    I want two of them --- one in Black please
  5. there is always someone that has more money - no matter how rich you are - if you are the richest person in the world - How do you know?
  6. Drill_U

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    I am retired 69 year old player - I have all Soviet ships - I will be calling my accountant and attorney to see which is the best way for me to go - buy or sell ? Wait let me call my stock broker also. At my age all I want to do is blow ships up. Just give me what I deserve. I own the Moskva with no camo - the way I understand this is I need to sell the Moskva the night before the patch to get my best value out of it. Or wait to see what the good people a Wargammming says. Just to make it easier just give everybody that researched the ships the new ships. The people that still own the ships just give them the sell price /credits. The people that bought the Camo - give them a credit for camo or transfer camo. That way it is good customer relations and help old people like me figure this stuff out I know I have spent thousands with you plan to spend more - I am a average player who just likes sailing around and trying to help the team I am on and buying the latest and greatest ship of the month--- Please do the right thing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I did put in a support ticket, Below is my support ticket: When is the best time to sell my Moskva tier X ship - or should I just keep the ship - I am hearing a lot of speculation about the new line of my beloved Soviet cruisers. I just want to know what is the best way to go; pre-patch/ post patch. I get more credits for this and that. Let me know if you need permission to look at my account and I will be more than happy to give it to you. I currently have enough ship XP to start the new line of Soviet Cruisers plus get the new tier X. I just don't know/understand which way to go. Guess I am getting older (69) retired with a lot of time on my hands. Please help me out. Thanks Drill_U ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support answer: Closed Dear Jerry, Thank for your contacting. We do not comment on future/possible updates before they are officially announced on the website. All information will be published on the official site of the project. Follow the news. Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck on the battlefield. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guess it comes down to waiting - Hummmm Best regards, Love Always, Drill_U
  7. Sorry - but i got a new computer and fresh install and a second computer with same page problem as shown above > community complaining about same issue as I have with a picture of same problem. Would you still suggest i send you data on my computers. ?????? Yes I did submit a ticket but the WGCheck report is a waste of time IMHO. I have two computers doing the same thing with Dockyard page. Looks the same as above Picture. Love Drill_U
  8. Drill_U

    my dockyard isnt showing up

    my dockyard page is broken after 8 days - yes i put in a support ticket Looks like page is broken for me......... Fresh install brand new computer - Dockyard page shows up broken on second computer too love, Drill
  9. yea - I quit a few years ago too.
  10. Drill_U


    all i got was a chunk of coal in my sock not really, I got the same as above
  11. Drill_U

    An Apology to My Ranked Teams

    think i saw you on a stream
  12. Drill_U

    how do ppl stand ranked?

    Did you loose Karma points too?