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  1. yea - I quit a few years ago too.
  2. Drill_U


    all i got was a chunk of coal in my sock not really, I got the same as above
  3. Drill_U

    An Apology to My Ranked Teams

    think i saw you on a stream
  4. Drill_U

    how do ppl stand ranked?

    Did you loose Karma points too?
  5. Drill_U

    how do ppl stand ranked?

    I hear so many people talk about how bad ranked is, but they still keep playing it. My average is not as good as your; this is the reason I have only played one game of ranked. ( think it was the second season) there are just to many good players out there. The last thing I want to do is mess up there stats.
  6. Drill_U

    What to do with 1000 won doubloons?

    I would buy Bit Coins
  7. Drill_U

    What time of day and week has the best players?

    Someone who gets it. ^ I am older than you so I am better (sounds like the playground in grade school); which means if this were true I would be better than everyone in this forum. Ahh i forgot which forum I am in. Where am I? .
  8. Drill_U

    Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    I just don't feel like playing this ship any more
  9. Drill_U

    Sale Price...good thing

    Just think Bit Coins
  10. Drill_U

    Finished my first Campaign

    GJ = Good Job
  11. Did you contact customer support?
  12. Drill_U

    Good bye GTX 670 and hellooooo 1080

    Sounds like a keeper to me - Don't think your GF will use much bandwidth