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  1. Jedjitsu

    7 x Bogus Codes <3 Venom

    I manually typed in the two that were giving me issues and they worked. Thanks for the codes!
  2. Jedjitsu

    Make Radar a Damageable Module!

    Interesting concept. I've always thought a counter radar jamming consumable for DDs would be better suited. Cheers
  3. Jedjitsu

    bonus codes

    Indeed Three codes, 5 camos each
  4. Still working as of 11:55 am est. Thank you for the code!
  5. Jedjitsu

    Soviet BB drop chances

    With crates such as these, as well as previous versions, it just proves to me that WG is capitalizing on my gambling addiction
  6. I have never heard anything about muting Twitch would have negative repercussions on my crate drops. Thank you for this information! Where did you find this out? I wonder if I'm doing anything else incorrectly
  7. Jedjitsu

    Ran out of collections

    I'd love a new round as well. I've completed all of mine.
  8. Jedjitsu

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    I enjoyed the grind. I found it something to look forward to. Lately I have been finding the game to be very "vanilla". The missions gave purpose and renewed my interest in lines that I had previously given up on. I had forgotten how excellent the British cruisers were at tier 7 and 8. I am looking forward to the next round!
  9. Jedjitsu

    Renting Ships in Premium Shop?

    If I remember correctly, Tanks did something similar to this only you didn't have to pay anything to rent the vehicles. Anyone else remember this?
  10. We drop all the time in sincere hopes that we are always on opposite teams. Usually this is the case and we prefer it this way. There are some occasions that we end up on the same team, which is undesired. We play by the "rules" and never divulge information regarding ship locations. I do not speak for others though who may try to use it to their advantage
  11. We are also eager to get started on the next clan wars season. I hope it starts soon. Best
  12. Jedjitsu

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar jamming consumable? Sorry if it's been beaten to death. Jumping in late to this. Cheers
  13. Jedjitsu

    My first game in the Indy

    I have been waiting to hear if it is comparable to the Penn. Thanks for the info
  14. Jedjitsu

    It only took 10,461 battles...

    Agreed, turret traverse on the Penn is dreadful...Well done sir!