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  1. I think it's been about 2 years since I last posted something I made on the forums here. I don't even know if they still have an art section so if I placed it in the wrong place, my B. Somehow, I stumbled back onto the forums and found a message where someone asked if I still fiddle around with warship designs on SketchUp. Well, between writing history articles I do sometimes still mess around with various designs. So here is the latest creation, a design study on the H-44 class (Which was nothing more than a design study itself). The tonnage figures for the design always vexed me, seeming to be a lot of wasted tonnage for the intended specifications. So using SketchUp and Springsharp, I created a dreadnought at the same size. At about the same size and displacement, I was able to fit the following Armament: 12x 50.8cm (20")/52 Guns (4x3) 16x 155mm (6.1")/55 Guns (8x2) 20x 128mm(5")/61 (10x2) 80x 55mm Guns (12x4, 12x2, 8x1) 112x 20mm Guns (28x4) All this while still retaining an appropriate level of armor and a speed of 30 knots. Once the calculations were done, I then just messed around and added various features, combing design traits of various navies (Germany: Turrets, Superstructure. US: 300,000shp powerplant study, Armor Layout. Japan: Integrated boat/aircraft hangars. Russia: Hull Design. Italy: Multiple Rudders. Etc) I'm still detailing it when I'm bored so this is still an incomplete model. I'll add fittings, camo, and the aircraft eventually. When that happens, I might share it again. You can check out some of the photos below. The last two show some other design studies I messed around with prior (45knot destroyer, two mastless subs using diamond shaped hulls to reflect sonar waves (Type 212CD), a larger modern frigate trimaran, and the bastard lovechild of a Gerald R. Ford and Russian 23000E Schtorm super carrier. If you like messing around on Sketchup, you can use these models for your own projects if you like.
  2. Do they still have a fan art section?

    It has been awhile since I posted, but I thought about sharing some of the new models i have created over the years. 


  3. Do you have an Archive of your Future Fleet articles? They were both a delight and rather hard to find. Having all the links in one place would be deeply appreciated!

    1. Jracule


      Hello, apologies for the late reply. 

      Sadly, I never made an archive. I still have access to most of the designs and I create a lot of new ones. You can see them on my own website!


  4. Hello Everyone, it has been awhile. 

    Dropping in to say that the website that I have been writing for, Navy General Board, is looking for more writers. Currently paying 25 USD or more for quality articles. 

  5. while the idea of a future battleship sounds intreasting, a more realistic idea would be submarines converted to be underwater combat drone motherships and phasing the large super expensive supercarriers with large numbers of realtively cheap and expendable small tonnage drone carriers

  6. Miss my old articles or warship designs? How about the old forum where it was all about warships, history, and the like? 

    Fret now, because some of the WoWS old guard and myself are starting a new history related website.   

    Visit NavyGeneralBoard.com to learn more. 



    1. Nighthawk1991


      Oh hell yes. That was legit my favorite thing about the forum.

    2. Jracule


      Thanks for following my work! I am working on a new battleship design I will share soon. 

    3. Nighthawk1991
  7. Anyone feel like proofreading an article before I have it published? Its more controversial than the Iowa Class Battlecruisers one.

  8. I've been gone for months D:

  9. Not sure if I want to look for clan or create one.....

  10. So would anyone be interested in a New revision to the 2016 Battleship project?

    1. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      Oh man totally! I love your models. Where'd the H44 thread go too? It must have been deleted.

  11. The SuperBattleship Arizona is completing fitting out right now.

    1. Jracule


      12x 18"/48 guns

      20x 6"/47 DP guns

      40x 3"/50 guns

      62x 20mm twin mount AA guns.

  12. I have a feeling that all the newblets are going to rush to the Yamato thinking its OP and find its going to be the new Maus.

  13. Just ordered my new car. All the money I saved up is gone =/

  14. So much personal messages in my inbox to answer, so little time =P

  15. The USS Arizona has officially set sail. Check it out in the fan section.