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  1. _5th_Muddog

    Botched hotfix for 8.0.1.

    The community as a whole will equal 10 people by the time the figure it out, lol.
  2. _5th_Muddog

    Comments on Hotfix

    This game is a SINKING SHIP. They killed it with this rework. They shot themselves in the foot and the playerbase is shrinking massively in response. I dont think they will ever recover from this debacle. They might as well start working on World of Warships 2(console only).
  3. _5th_Muddog

    CV reworks in a nutshell

    This rework made me decide to uninstall. I have lost all faith in Wargaming. I once enjoyed this and World of Tanks. I was a beta tester on Tanks. They started changing it to appeal to a larger mainstream mass of players, mostly on consoles. The game has been crap since. It appears the same is happening with Warships, or just plain stupidity. Either way, the game isnt fun to play now. And that being the reason to play a game, I am uninstalling. And with Wargamming showing they know how to destroy what was once pretty decent games, I think I am done with the company altogether.
  4. _5th_Muddog

    CV reworks in a nutshell

    I have spent quite a bit of money on this game and World of Tanks before that. I uninstalled both permanently a couple of days ago. This rework, like Tanks before this game, has made the game completely unfun. I dont have 20,000 battles or anything close to that, but I have invested time and money into this game and where once it was fun, it isnt anymore. And judging by comments on the forums, many people agree. Will they all uninstall? Doubtful, but I would imagine a good percentage will. Will I come back to the game if they make drastic changes or remove CVs completely? No. This company keeps messing up what was a pretty good product. I am sure these changes are trying to appeal to multiple markets, as they did with Tanks, but it just does the opposite and drives their more dedicated players away in some form or fashion. I think you will see a pretty good hit of players not coming back to play after this update. For those of you who stick it out, good luck. I hope the game is still fun for you. That's why we play games, right? It simply isnt for me and I have lost complete faith in Wargamming to make another product I will be interesting in playing after they botched two that I really enjoyed for several years. If they keep this up, they will be the new EA, lol.
  5. _5th_Muddog

    CV's suck so bad now

    Wargamming, you reworked the CVs to make them more fun for a larger portion of the the players playing this game. Thats fine. Problem is, the reworks sucks. CV's are mostly ineffective now. Specially if you are a poor bastard that gets dropped into a match 2 tiers higher than you. Your planes cant compete with the ridiculous AA. This new version of cvs is not fun. As a matter of fact, it is so unfun, I am uninstalling all wargamming games from my computer for good. You guys messed up World of Tanks, and now World of Warships. While I am sure there are plenty of players that will disagree with how bad CVs are in this update, and they will surely attempt to flame me, there are more than an equal number of players that will hate what you have done with the game. I am not even a predominant CV player, thats how bad this update is, to make me want to uninstall it forever.