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  1. Alright, thank you for the clarification. However this only prove that things are subject to change, which we all understand, but doesn't indicate the tendency of the name "Monarch" stay or not to stay
  2. I heard that name before, but did they made a dedicated teaser with that name like this? data mining info doesn't weight as much as something posted on official facebook page
  3. Even if things are still open to change, Monarch is a name WG really want to use, otherwise they would not make a teaser with that name.
  4. They can't accept buffing KGV's gun, they will also not accept Vanguard with buffed 15"
  5. If you talk about pride, you defeated me, coz feelings is always over logic and reasons.
  6. The reason why I am so mad is because WG did come up with a method, although weird, that could satisfy both visually historical needs and game play balance needs. but now potentially U-turn to another approach that only satisfy game play needs.
  7. Everyone know there is no real physics in game. And the majority never look at data mining info will not know what shell they are firing. WG could easily advertise it is a special modification of 14" shell overmatch ability. Let's face it, we who read the forum and look at data mining info, are the minority.
  8. That's why they pack 15" shell inside a 14"gun, cause they wanted to balance the game without a massive overhaul
  9. No, it would need a massive overhaul to the game engine and mechanics, but far from unplayable
  10. you don't want WG lie on gun/shell caliber, but you accept that rudder shift, turning radius, bow armor, superstructure armor, torpedoes resistance,etc are all made up?
  11. But in game they are listed as 14" guns, which fits perfectly, and there is no way you could see the shell caliber.
  12. The tier VIII KGV being tested can overmatch anything Monarch can overmatch, while cannot overmatch those Monarch cannot. They are both firing 15" shells. Unless WG claim that Monarch are actually firing 16"shell with 15" gun, otherwise the argument, Monarch having better firepower, is not valid.
  13. People keep saying KGV won't be balanced as tier VIII, because guns are "too weak" I looked at the tier VIII version of KGV that are being tested, it equipped with BETTER fire power than Monarch....faceplam and...faceplam
  14. WG had made the 14" gun fires 15" shell, which is a simple method to solve the overmatch problem. However people started to flame: this defies physics! Whereas there is no real physics in the digital, arcane, non-simulation game, and the game itself never display the caliber of shells. The only way to know shell caliber is to look at data mining info, which the majority don't care about that. Then they said we switch to 3x3 configuration in order to cater the majority!
  15. because they are all just digital numbers? which you can't even see it in game UI, everywhere in game will just say 14", except it can overmatach a little bit more, just treat it as a one time fix for the dump overmatch threshold.