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  1. Because at tier 8 you have 32mm bow armor and have access to concealment module to stay alive? while 14" guns perform similarly at both tier: HE and hope for fire.
  2. Was hyped for the tier 8 KGV, but now...only 50% hyped for tier 7 one, I guess. *not full list of ships *not most updated list
  3. Sodium, i.e. Salt is essential for health :p
  4. Get Nelson or skip Monarch, this is the question not enough free exp for both
  5. Good move WG, I still hate how they make the tech tree, but a free experience Nelson could conform a lot of people, whiner like me now get less and less supporters.
  6. By the logic of "WG is a company, WoWs is a business" Submerged tubes don't need to perform well, just a features to attract people to buy it. Many players will not read review nor think about how good it is, they will pay and rage, but that's another stories, and WG don't care.
  7. These argument shows that the game mechanics are so much flawed, not asking a simulator, but a game base on things exist in reality, shouldn't it be...some what...to a certain extend...reflect how reality would be? In a long run, WG should think about how to overhaul game mechanics. but all I see is WG trying to grab as much $$ as possible before they have no more gimmicks to play and declare WoWs is dead. After that, start another project and repeat the whole drama
  8. National Flavor/Gimmicks

    You still have the tiering system, put 1950 ships same tier with US superior 1900 design, balance achieved
  9. Nelson and Monarch

    *I am lazy, I didn't check all ships, and I didn't consider any of the upcoming RN BBs* KGV at T7 or T8 is better, you decide and this doesn't reflect the KGV we tested, which was throwing 10x15" shells
  10. Nelson and Monarch

    Alright, thank you for the clarification. However this only prove that things are subject to change, which we all understand, but doesn't indicate the tendency of the name "Monarch" stay or not to stay
  11. Nelson and Monarch

    I heard that name before, but did they made a dedicated teaser with that name like this? data mining info doesn't weight as much as something posted on official facebook page
  12. Nelson and Monarch

    Even if things are still open to change, Monarch is a name WG really want to use, otherwise they would not make a teaser with that name.
  13. Nelson and Monarch

    They can't accept buffing KGV's gun, they will also not accept Vanguard with buffed 15"
  14. Nelson and Monarch

    If you talk about pride, you defeated me, coz feelings is always over logic and reasons.