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  1. I'm happy that it is played and reviewed. My work here is done.
  2. The Mogador would just be abysmal. You have a boat just under the size of a light cruiser, with 8x 138mm in twin turrets that can only traverse at 10 degrees a second due to underpowered motors. On top of that, the hoists were also a victim of being underpowered. Though the projectiles themselves were power rammed, the rammer would then retract and the powder charges rammed by hand; reducing the effective rate of fire from the planned 10 rounds a minutes to 3-4 rounds a minute. It had a maximum speed of 43 knots, but it took almost 30 seconds to turn its rudder from 0 to 32 degrees to either side (almost a minute to go from -32 to +32 degrees) with an on paper turning circle of 800m-850m but actual fielded 1600m-1700m. The vessel had speed like an F1 car but handled like an 18 wheeler; so much so that a captain of the Volta actually noted that the battleship Strasbourg was more maneuverable than it.
  3. We need to buy the rights and make Warship Gunner 3. I'd have WG do it but they'd probably mess it up terribly :|
  4. It Isn't For Everyone

    World of Warships is proof that monogamy isn't for everyone. I couldn't even stand the idea of not taking all of my beautiful girls out at least once a day. They all have their own unique skills and personality. My Molotov with her strong main battery, my Colorado with her trolly armor, even my little fragile Atlanta gets some love. So many things to penetrate in this world, how could I possibly be limited to just 1!? Monogamy isn't for everyone.
  5. Pesky Artillery, amirite? Hiding where you can't see them, shooting you from where they can't be shot. #RemoveCruisersFromTheGame
  6. Gaming & Speech

    We're not talking about the everyday drivel of commonplace. If you'd bothered to read the whole thread you'd know that. We're talking about a specific level past that. We're talking about inhuman and vile speech that has no place in any form of society.
  7. Gaming & Speech

    Personal attacks against an individual are against the rules and are enforced. We're talking about a separate level of vilety.
  8. Gaming & Speech

    People, we're not discussing political events or whatnot. What we're discussing here is that speech that blatantly and vilely is offensive to another party. Not a difference of opinion, an actual, tangible attack on their person in whatever sense that may entail. That has no place in World of Warships and should not be tolerated. This is a call for Wargaming to treat this kind of vile and inhumane content like the serious issue that it is, and put measures in place to immediately remove it and prevent it from happening further. They already remove this kind of speech already when it is reported. What I'm calling for here is something that does it instantly, leaving no doubt in the users mind that it will not be tolerated in any form.
  9. Gaming & Speech

    This is one of those points where you have to be able to separate speech intended as hateful and detrimental from people not having the same opinion. That is the major factor here. People who continue to say vile and blatantly disgusting things are the ones we're talking about here. Things that aren't humane. There is no reason for someone to tell another person they hope their family dies of cancer or dies in a fire. There isn't any justification for that. That is the kind of speech we're talking about here. Not something that is just a difference of opinion.
  10. Gaming & Speech

    This whole topic isn't about 'being a man' or whatnot. It's about something that should not occur in society in the first place. It's nice that a person has the ability to shrug things off. That doesn't change the fact that they shouldn't have to. That is what this thread is about. Don't get it confused. Thankfully, so far most of the community has been positive and constructive.
  11. Gaming & Speech

    It is important that people know the difference between hate speech and people having an opinion they don't particularly like or agree with.
  12. Gaming & Speech

    Siege players that use slurs in the ingame chat are now being instantly banned. That was the headline I woke up to today. And for the first time in my gaming life I was like, "It's about darn time." Hate speech and slurs have no place in any part of society, in any medium. I can't tell you how many games I've played with people calling people the N word or F word or so on and so on. It's ridiculous, and should not be even remotely tolerated. I'm proud to see a company that is shutting down these kind of players immediately when it detects these words and variations used to 'slip by' censors used in chat. I sincerely hope that Wargaming follows suit by reviewing the systems put in place on other games and taking steps to integrate it into their own services. From a news story: "The first offence is a 27 minute ban. The second and third offences are both 2 hour bans. A further offence will launch a full scale investigation into the account with the possibility of a perma-ban." All of these bans are automatically implemented with no 'initial' warnings or moderator interaction needed. If you wouldn't say it IRL, then you know you shouldn't say it online; and it takes that common sense and runs with it. We need to stop showing the community it's okay for hate speech to go unchallenged. The hammer should be dropped without hesitation, immediately.
  13. Some ships are also fatter and have more deck area to hit.
  14. As other players have mentioned, Sigma is important. I also think dispersion and sigma based on axis should be included. Ingame links to proper, formal review including gameplay videos with players about premium ships would be nice. Reviews from users like iChaseGaming, LittleWhiteMouse, etc.
  15. I come from NF, where UK BB's were the only BB's worth putting armor on. They were godlike in the right hands. World of Warsheeps handles ships much more realistically (which is ironic given its an arcade game). So now instead of great armor, they have decent armor but great HE.