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  1. Blackgunner

    High Angle Mode

    The most amusing part of this, I feel, would be the inclusion of the british heavy cruisers. The County class with its 4x2 8" guns and the York with its 3x2 8" guns. The Mark I mounting the 8" guns were on hilariously were able to elevate to 70 degrees; making them able to fire HE at aircraft (And yes, that was the intent) lol. Using that 70 degrees to fire SAP over an island would like incredibly amusing.
  2. Blackgunner

    High Angle Mode

    Not particularly.
  3. Blackgunner

    We need Dual Telegraphs.

    I love how people immediately jump on 'arcade vs simulator' bandwagons. Lol. The game is incredibly oversimplified in many regards. I played Navyfield. You know how you have to aim in that game? MANUALLY. You have to choose your gun setup, R or T (Main Battery or Auxillary), Switch between front and back with Z and C or both with X. W to elevate your guns. A to bring active guns left. D to bring active guns right. S to de-elevate your guns. Alt to turn TDA on and off to switch sides quickly. Shift to slow degree incrementals. Q and E to rotate rear/front toward or away from each other. You wanted to aim at a destroyer? You better get those guns to exactly 23 degrees. 24 and you've overshot. 22 and you've undershot. You want to hit a battleship at max range at a 44 range, but at a 45 degree angle and you at a 45 degree angle? You dang well better decrease the elevation of your forward gun to 43 and increase your aft gun to 45. But it's still widely considered an ARCADE game.
  4. Blackgunner

    We Don't Want Sharks to Defect to Our Team!

    I feel like once you get max loyalty to a team you should be locked to that team.
  5. Blackgunner

    High Angle Mode

    Today I bring a proposal of High Angle mode for engaging targets. This feature will primarily benefit dual purpose mounts or mounts with extreme elevations available to them. By pressing a defined hotkey, the ship will change from direct fire to high angle mode. This would be prevalent with US 5"/38's and other dual purpose main guns. Instead of firing shells directly at the enemy, the shell is lobbed at high angles vertically, generally to hit short range targets behind islands or cover. Essentially switching from artillery to mortar. Instead of the usual view, this would switch the camera to more of a top down view. Would primarily engage the horizontal armor of ships.
  6. Blackgunner

    Confirmed eagles gave up

    Eagles. Never give up, never surrender. Also, I think once you get halfway loyalty you should no longer be able to switch teams. You're stuck with that team.
  7. Blackgunner

    In Before The Lock

    It seems like regardless of the reason someone uses to justify it; it is against the rules.
  8. Blackgunner

    In Before The Lock

    So I come here today to present a semi-important question. Is posting in a thread with 'In Before The Lock' valid? It seemingly contributes nothing to the discussion, it provides no constructive value and generally just seems to be solely for a post count. I put forth that this is inherently against forum rules, as posts should generally be constructive or otherwise add something of value to a thread; which this does neither. Thoughts?
  9. Blackgunner


    I haven't the foggiest clue. Don't even have the ship. Just seems like something that makes sense. Why is something 3mm larger magically just above the mechanic. It's baffling.
  10. Blackgunner


    Basically, all it would do is make 457mm (18") guns capable of overmatching 32mm plating; instead of just Yamato with its 3mm bigger shell. Might give someone an excuse to use the Conquerer with the 457's. *shrugs*
  11. Blackgunner


    Let's decrease the overmatch factor to 14.2 instead of 14.3.
  12. Blackgunner

    Premium Ship Review: Giulio Cesare

    Sneeki Breeki into just outside of minimum spotting range. Wait for enemy to broadside. Dump 10 AP shells on them. Laugh. Nagato got really really ticked.
  13. Blackgunner


    You come to expect fire when you drive a Molotov. But it still makes you throw up a little in your mouth.
  14. Blackgunner


    You ever have one of those games where you just feel disgusting afterwards? I just had a 100k damage game. 50% of it was fire damage. I felt sick. I violated those poor souls. :(
  15. Blackgunner

    Torp spread?

    Destroyers are like limp member predators. They're only competent when they surprise you; but in a fair fight they're impotent. Regardless, they have no place in civil society. ^ That's a joke. In case you couldn't tell.