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  1. Agree. I have harder time trying to citadel something like hindenburg than any russian BB. it doesnt matter where i aim i always over pen, sometimes as much as 8 over pen in one salvo!!!?
  2. am not good or regular player and still got better stats than you which mean i can complain, right?
  3. have been in a trainning room trying to citadel t10 french BB and i couldnt !!! Time to say Bye to the Mighty Yamato ..
  4. lower than that and i will go fishing !! how about the Jean Bart ?
  5. here is a video of one of my last games. skip to 1:20 i just dont get how those 2 BBs rnt paddling ?!! This isnt The Mighty Yamato am used to !!!! this is a small example that happen every battle since i came back to WOWS!!! Something isnt right.
  6. I forgot how many times am shooting at another broadsided BBs and get like 6 over pen.. thats not the yamato i used to play!! broadside = paddling
  7. maybe a year ago. i will check that legendary modals. I am not saying it has changed. am just asking cause something isnt right!! shooting at broadsided BB with perfect shoot and get 6 overpen isnt wat i used to see from yamato. look i wont say am a good player but i was here since beta so am kinda decent BB player. i had like 100+ on my yamato since i back playing and BBs broadside yamato less than 10k and doesnt recive paddling is just now wat am used to!!?
  8. I am not a regular player thats why am asking? wth happened to the yamato ?! I remember it used to have an accurate and powerfull gun. if u dare to broadside a yamato u will get deleted! Now it is just weird. did i miss something while i wasnt playing wows?