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  1. Condor_Legion

    Goliath captain skills

    You won't need IFHE because it will not provide to much more you can penetrate armor wise. You get 58mm on the Goliath which is plenty. My suggestion is either hit points or fire chance with jack of all trades and expertloader and preventive maintenance.
  2. Condor_Legion

    German DD Buff?

    When they did the special game mode and they brought the Z52 to tier 7 it magically changes the boat to something useful because it lowered the turning circle of the ship. That is my biggest gripe for any and all Axis dds is the turning circle and torp detection for IJN. Move the turning circle down and upgrade the torps to 12km and you got a winner.
  3. Condor_Legion rollout bugs

    Make sure you are not hitting control+shift+backspace as this causes free camera to enagage which is similar to what you are describing. If that happens try pressing all those buttons together.
  4. Condor_Legion

    Drake better then Goliath?

    I found the Drake fun to play and have enjoyed my time with her. That being said there are some major differences between the two. First if you look at Drake from the front you will see she sits lower in the water and that makes her perfect for rock monster play style. Meaning you are going to setup bow in near a corner that keeps you limited in taking damage but also able to shot from your position because at range your shell trajectory is very poor. This is very doable because of your detection and this should allow you the opportunity to pick a spot first. You need to be able from the position you pick to be able to reverse and move forward to throw off some shots and possible retreat. I try to focus one target making sure to aim higher on the bow to hit super structure for that fire chance. After weakening the push on the cap you can now move from your position and engage more in open water. Using hydro to push out and then engaging the damaged targets. Do not be scared to take damage from your camping position. And use your heals efficiently and allow your positioning to dictate engagements of 14km or less. Most cruisers can not dictate position control like the Drake can. I can attest to this strategy with 72% win rate in this ship and best damage game 192k. You can always find a way that works for you but the ship design for the Drake can dictate engagements because of the lower conning tower that sits just above the front turrets. If you open water with this ship in my opinion you are asking to get got unless you are familiar with barge open water firing. The tier 10 I am still learning in her but my first game I did 214k damage after that half as much and spent to much time giving away my ship in engagements.
  5. Condor_Legion

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    The flavor is good AA and concealment. The AP under tier 8 is okay inside 10km on tier 9-10 it is good up to 12km. The tier 8 is lacking consistent dispersion unless it is within 8km and you are correct on the shell flight times make it hard to hit targets at range on the move. The problem is the combination of traits makes them hard to find a grove in. The concealment only hampers the ability to get out of trouble because of your lack of a reasonable reload. The sluggishness makes you feel like a heavy cruiser but the armor does not tank well on the side bounces. Its better suited straight up fighting as the armor lacks the potential to mitigate BB shells effectively front or sides. To fix the line in my opinion would be to lower the reload to 12 secs and give shells faster travel time.
  6. Condor_Legion

    Another ship setting sail...

    When will they release the German ships currently WIP?
  7. Condor_Legion

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    My concerns for the game is the erosion of value from what you are offering players with ship bundles and with the Christmas crates. As opposed to a year ago. This year you completely removed offering gold with ship packages with no reasoning behind it. It just does not make sense. Not releasing consistenent quality content for the axis nations as opposed to Ally nations. As a person who plays these nations a lot this drives me not to spend money on the game. Game balance in favor of newer lines that is not in synch with the other tech trees. This is a persistent issue that will not be addressed until you finally give the older branches a true definition. Your inability to be more open communication wise with your player base. Hidden agendas with secret release dates that does nothing but remove the hype or anticipation that promotes loss of intrest in your game. Not admitting when mistakes are made but rather allowing the players to call you out first. Then back peddling through your lies to then place the blame on something that removes your responsibility as a company. This latest patch messed up sigma or shell trajectory that causes the shells to be less consistent and fall short of the target eventhough previously it did not do that. CV rework. There is only few fixes to correct the train wreck. One remove rocket planes and allow all nations to use AP/HE bombers. Two fix AA so it means something again. Three make the planes rspawn faster after the AA gets adjusted. Create better player retention methods by allowing more direct input game wise from the people who play it the most. Listen more to your CCs and respect the information and knowledge we offer as a source to contribute to the fundamental growth of a game we dedicate ourselves to relentlessly.
  8. Condor_Legion

    British Battleships

    (Applause) For offering gold again with ship packages. This is a step in the right direction moving forward.
  9. Condor_Legion

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Sigma in general had been off after the patch. Just play your Yoshino and see the shell groupings fall faster and not grouped tight together like in the previous patch. But I have noticed the shells falling short or going off and over even though you are aiming at a stationary target. Asking for replay may be practical but this many players saying the same truth is equal to fact in some circles.
  10. Condor_Legion

    Disappearing Shells Bug...WG fix this.

    Happening with torpedoes to
  11. Condor_Legion

    War Gaming Fix the Shell Rendering

    I am having the same issue but with torpedoes. Will spot one then all of a sudden all of them show up and it is to late to maneuver.
  12. Condor_Legion

    A few things to fix moving forward

    I consider the weakness valid to some extent with the cheek citadel but with the progression of speed increases to most new lines there should be at least a turret speed buff to the ship.
  13. Good day or evening to you! Have been giving this a lot of thought and its time to remove the Yammy cheek shot weakness. The game has evolved so much so that this weakness is a deterement to not only game play but to viability of this ship to keep up performance wise. With the advent of 457 guns into the game the and the hulls they sit on only makes this a more critical request. The Kremlin is good example of why this is much needed fix. Faster turret rotation, better penetration than yammy with better frontal armor and all of this negates the purposed "balance" of the cheek citadel. Plus the speed of the ships now in game far exceeds the value of the balance it holds by being able to citadel a battleship on the bow at an angle. The last thing I wish to address is the bundle packaging of new ships in the premium shop and how you have devalued the offers. I would like to point out that you have removed the dubloons you once offered beyond the basic ship package. This to me as a veteran player feels like a slap in the face because your only offering flags and credits now. Both of which do not carry the same value based on the economy provided in the game. You literally within less than a year have removed value from the game that players have come to the game for. Heck even WOT offers gold with their premium tank packages. Plus you have no given a reason for this hasty and tasteless move. I think you need to address why you have made these choices and why you would charge the same amount of money for packages at less of a value but yet give no reason to the community which makes these purchases a reason for it.
  14. Condor_Legion

    Shell and Torpedo cam views gone???

    And remember that you can use the C key to switch between the different shells or torpedoes giving you different perspectives.
  15. 2nd Nordic camo for an unreleased premium ship as Siegfried got one not to long ago.