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  1. 8 in my Alabama and 7 more than a few times in the Scharn.
  2. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    Three things remain relevant in this discussion that are not mentioned. Unique commanders only slightly improve basic stats on that given commander. A commander can only do so much to a ship to improve its capabilities. Some players have more money than time. Those of a limited mind can speculate about how this is a pay to win. If it is pay to win, prove it. In the right hands the worst ship can be a God in a battle. To say one commander is equal to that is grossly overestimated. On Nosters video I do agree there should have been better communication about if or when these commanders would be available for free.
  3. Play The Z-39? How was it?

    Its a tier 8 ship, lowered to tier 7. Better hit points and tier 8 reduced fire damage with the extra module slot. Downsides are spotted by aircraft at 4km, poor handling/turning circle.
  4. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    Stop complaining about about an information release. Grow up and be more mature about it. Already to many threads of impatient tools trying to get back into the tool box when its not open. Did you at least attempt to look at any other information about the split before the post?
  5. Any mod that would allow you to aim without actually using your reticle and blind fire using map coordinates is cheating in my eyes. LOS has a value,as well as playing the game long enough to understand the different angles you can fire from. There is an issue that still persists with the spotting mechanic and even though you become unspotted 30 seconds later you get hit with shells. Anytime you take away a core value of the game and make it easier for everyone. Your basically craping on the players who have spent time learning the mechanics of the game. Stop light and the other [edited] mods that allow you to aim at last known position are cheats. If you use these mods regularly you are doing a disservice to yourself and to the community of people who have put in the time to learn your game. If I am a dd and I am engaging another dd for cap control then kill the enemy dd but remain spotted for a short window and then maneuver to avoid incoming shells. Become unspotted and slow down to cap but then get hit by shells from an enemy using a mod, then that is by all means cheating.
  6. Worcester Preview/First Look

    Drool and great tier 10 WG you are definitely making the USN cruisers great again.
  7. And so...it begins. The Asashio COMETH!

    Look at the Steam deals, starter packs guys. I am assuming if you have the ships you get the dubloons for them.
  8. The starter packs and steam deals are a steal if you own the ships already.
  9. WG what incentive do DD have....

    The incentive is what ever the player deems it is. Wargaming provides the construct and it is up to the players to carve out the incentive. The principal is the same for all classes of ships. If winning is not a great incentive then why play the game? Your role is as defined as you make it, and if you can not find fun in that then you should not play.
  10. US CL/CA Split

    Patches come now in 4 week cycles, there is a theory it will be 7.5 patch. If we go by this information then it would be the end of may or if you want a great guess I would say Memorial day weekend.
  11. Crashes, again....and again

    Try changing the language and the launch again.
  12. Throwback Thursday - Destroyers

    Russian dds = be annoying, take focus of the concealment dds and make life easier for my cruisers. Assist other dds in taking caps by killing the other capping dds. IJN dds = cap with stealth, spot other ships and fire torps at tactical targets. Prevent without being seen and create chaos in the back field. German dds = cap aggressively by using your stregnths, your job is simple kill the opposing capping dds while providing sonar detection to the fleet behind you. Your torps are only limited by your imagination in game, finding the sweet spot takes patience and skill. This line in my opinion takes the most skill to make use of all its traits. US dds = Gun boat friendly with little exception for the concealment expectations of the other lines. This dd line requires more guts to play and must learn to play as a support ship until you reach tier 8 and above. Ambush style tactics along with great smoke make them ideal for dps dds. PA dds = Take IJN and US dds and make a baby and that is the line from tier 8-10. This line requires more thought in torp targets but basically revives the old IJN gold standard in torp detection. You have to use more gun play on limited gun platforms until tier 7 and learn to place your torps wisely. Even though you can not torp enemy dds you can use your better concealment to cap and also contest caps. This requires a more aggressive understanding of who your opponents are but also greater awareness of the map. The longer the game goes the greater of a threat you become.
  13. Economic Signal Highway Robbery

    Another duh duh duh thread, read the damn notes, and check or uncheck the box.
  14. strafing

    Which is why it should be removed.
  15. strafing

    The strafing ability was designed for lower tier carriers, when facing a higher tier carrier in the game. I am not a fan of it and that is one of the reasons I do not play cv.