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  1. New player having a hard time.

    Sounds like you need a leader? Better yet try typing in chat and tell people what you are going to do. Join a clan and get alk of those things you want. Not everyone thinks the same and you have to be willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Better to lead by example.
  2. More guns = more calculations for sigma + rng but to your point I have more success with 3 gun turrets and I love the 4 gun turrets. You may want to try aiming at a target at an angle were the front or back turrets have to reach to get center, this will place the shells center mass more often.
  3. A Few Bugs

    In game when you use control to hover over the icons, like smoke, speed boost etc. the icon for hydro no longer says the distance in game. You can see it on the mini-map when enabled but the numerical distance is no longer listed in the consumable icon. Second bug: Camera angle on the Aigle, it sits to low center, needs to be adjusted for the size of the ship.
  4. Some what
  5. Aigle Available in Premium Shop

    You have to read either the Asia or Europe website, you can earn 1 extra premium container daily in it.
  6. 4 radar on red team vs 0 on yours?

    Well judging by the title, you either lost at the start of the match because mentally you see what you do not have or you realize it comes down to determination and will power.
  7. A new game mode, capture. One team is defensive without dds, CA and BB only, 3 caps they must defend. Attacking team 2 dds max must capture the points or kill all the enemy ships. Can be played with CVs with a bigger map but ships would spawn in groups around the defending caps team. The attackers will start in a mass group as usual. This would encourage team work and working together.
  8. Z39...1 turret 2 guns?

    Its 2x2 and 1x2
  9. Patch notes for 7.1 are out

    Were is the dd mission for the French dd?
  10. Grinding Strategy

    The solution is before you play any ship is to get mentally prepared for it. Set goals and give yourself a objective on every map. Either support a cap or cap it yourself, but comnunicate it in chat. Let your intentions by known before every match and plan an escape route.
  11. Tissue? Get over yourself and the pain will go away?
  12. Kill credit

    Count assists as a stat and that is the fix.
  13. Balance changes to Cossack and Asashio

    Aigle will be out (my guess) 9th February.
  14. HsienYang, Low Point in Asian DD line?

    Once you get past the gun issue and realize its a Benson with deep water torps, then you can really play the ship. For me I was stuck on the American lofty shells idea and then realized I can play it with the knowledge I already possessed. Its a good ship with the right mind set. Configure your captain as a gun boat moving forward. More health and gun reload.