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  1. Condor_Legion

    Mushy and Kron -- what will replace them?

    Guessing here: Maybe I'm getting old but I thought I read that Jean Bart was going to fxp after a while. Tried to find the article but could not find it. Azuma should be coal like the Salem no point in having another steel ship so soon. Russian tier 9 dd that has the best concealment for any Russian dd seems like a fxp ship but who knows. Alaska is said to cost 1 million fxp
  2. We can at best only speculate on when. The best guess would be 0.8.0 patch because they are removing 2 ships and it has been confirmed Jean Bart will be a fxp ship and will slide into one vacant slot. Now how they release Alaska is a different story. I imagine the Jean Bart scenario maybe played out again prior to Alaska's release. It would make the best deal of sense that with the ranked at tier 9 and removal of 2 fxp ships at the same time = sales opportunity.
  3. While we can understand the frustration of smoke the more intelligent players will always find away around it by creating line of sight. If the team behind you can not see then you are exposing them to potential torpedo damage and keeping them in a unstrategical position is just bad team play. The maps are designed to force confrontation in small minded areas so the real strategy is not the smoke, it is to create or move beyond what you allow yourself to see. While your argument seems to have emotional merit you seem to lack the observation needed to provide a satisfying end to your issue. Which truly can be simplified by thinking outside of the box and not in it.
  4. I think Azuma will be the next coal ship like the Salem
  5. There is actually a command in the controls that does this. You have to hit ceartin keyboard commands at the same time. I believe its the camera follow command.
  6. Condor_Legion

    premium shop unupdated?

    What time?
  7. PFE bundle will be around $90 for the nice bundle with campaign Price should be $30-$39
  8. Condor_Legion

    Kiev or Ognevoi first?

    Kiev is a blast to play and seems to follow a trend with the gun boat part of the line. OG is way different its a Russian Japanese dd with some what good concealment when spec'd for it.
  9. Condor_Legion

    Kraken Heal?

    You have to manually select the skills in port for the captain.
  10. Condor_Legion

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Iwiki Alpha is the rarest premium ship in the game. That and the Arkansas Beta.
  11. Condor_Legion

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    Spending more time doing the research and finding out for yourself if a specific ship fits your play style is the way to go. There have been numerous threads on the same topic which may shed some light into your question. You may aslo find that many of the CCs have created videos which answer the same question.
  12. Yes it is a possibility, one could reason that before the Alaska is available that it might be feasible. Soon
  13. Condor_Legion

    Containers - Are they Gambling? My thoughts...

    Gambling is spending money to possibly win more then what you spent with an associated risk. Christmas containers give you things while not of $ value in your hands cash they provide a digital currency that can be spent on items or be given to you in the form of premium ships, flags and etc. While the cost of the ships can be as such to provide a set value of what you have gotten it is not a reflection of gambling. There is a value given for what you pay for and that in its self is not gambling because you still are receiving something of value. Now that is not to say that luck is involved in getting a ceartin ship or more of one item or another. That is the only associated term near gambling that you will get:luck.
  14. Condor_Legion

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Someone calling me a noob, hackusation, playing the Minekaze back when it had 10km torps at tier 5, having people telling me I am playing good in chat, those shaky hand moments of intense combat when the game is on the line, winning by points while getting shelled by 3 ships with less than 2k health, beaching yourself on land in front of what seems like the entire enemy team, killing ships that are not your intended target with torpedoes, AP dive bombing one shotting ships, people in chat telling you that you are playing the wrong way and you are going to cost the team a win and pull off a major victory all while staying humble in chat, playing with division mates and having fun, divisioning with 3 Massachusetts with secondary sped captains, sinking a camping BB from 16km away with torpedoes, those of crap moments of when you round the corner the same time as an enemy dd and your scrambling to out play them viciously, making the enemy chat into mamma comments that are derogatory, fighting tooth and nail for a loss, making the enemy team pay dearly for defeating me, sailing away from a no win situation, smoking a teammate without them asking, realizing that the team mates in your cap are as skilled as you are and just steam rolling half the map without even typing in chat, that glorious moment when you out steer the ramming BB and have your secodaries finish them off while you kill their team mates.