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  1. Condor_Legion

    update ??

    Maybe its for the Jean-Bart? That ship was supposed to be finalized for this patch.
  2. I want the jaws theme to be a horn sound and the Dukes of Hazard horn.
  3. Condor_Legion

    Premium CV Refund

    Think we all can agree that this conversation can go many different directions. The video did state that at this point they are not discussing compensation. Remember we are beta testing an idea to see if it works, there is no definitive answer for the CV rework and we should at this time put the energy into finding solutions together.
  4. Condor_Legion

    Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    My suggestions: WV44 Tier 8 Wider Colorado hull Hit points 58,000 Speed 25 knots, range 24km, reload 25-26 seconds, secondary range 8.4km max 10.3km Improved AA but not NC level, lets say 80 overall Tier 7 Hit points More than Colorado, wider hull, better torp protection AA 75 rating Choice in modules better sigma or improved secondaries, no range. A new module for secondary specific role or choice of hulls. Kind of like Herakaze one for AA one for secondary spec... Range 20km 24-26 second reload Speed 25-26 knots
  5. I agree that something should be done to alleviate the problem.
  6. Condor_Legion

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    It would go a long way to create more maps and spread out the events so that burn out is not as bad. I think saying tier 10 for everything is taxing the player base beyond the normal standards and I feel as a gamer the community is not there yet in terms of player base.
  7. Condor_Legion

    Scharnhorst or Leningrad

    Scharn by a country mile.
  8. The heavy cruiser split was the only line were you where given any ships. 7.6 Light cruiser line is its own unique line and has no tier counterparts other than the Cleveland that was moved in the 7.5 split.
  9. Condor_Legion

    Iron, Coal... just not a good idea

    The coal and steel is a fantastic idea in regards to end game. This standardizes end game content in a simpler form that allows players the opportunity, if they chose to participate, the ability to acquire free items. Coal is free to get just for playing the game and allows you to purchase in game items that normally may cost you money. So all in all this is a super plus to those who have put in the efforts in Clan wars, ranked to achieve greatness a place to redeem their efforts.