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  1. Condor_Legion

    camera bug?

    This is the reason it happened and you have to hit the same sequence to bring you back to your ship.
  2. Condor_Legion

    IJN Battleship dispersion

    I would remember the lead indicator you use is based on the cross hair you are using. The basic one I believe is based on 25 knots max speed and the one that adjusts based on distance is set to 30 knots I believe.
  3. Think this more of a harpooning rather than a sale.
  4. Condor_Legion

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    Fun fact about the Neptune: it is the only tier 9 ship that has more hitpoints than the tier10 of the same tech tree line.
  5. Condor_Legion

    Camera not following ship

    Are you hitting any combination of key commands after the game loads in?
  6. Condor_Legion

    Speed Boost NERFS Incomparable's Acceleration

    Was wondering this myself. Looks like you did the math to prove it, great job! Hope WG will fix it now.
  7. Condor_Legion

    Que for Superships

    I am queuing up at all times of the day. During peak, during off times as well. I know there is something wrong when this weekend it was easy and had no issues.
  8. Condor_Legion

    Que for Superships

    I believe there is issues with the Que for Superships after the server restart. Having acquired them prior to the server restart, everytime I que up I am waiting 5 minutes in a DD when clearly there is a lack of them on the regular que. Even when there are 4 of us waiting most people drop out. Waited 5 minutes then got a 1 vs 1. This is not how they are supposed to work on the live server. This is a testing phase that should within reason provide the needed stats to justify them in random. Please WG say the que is not working so that we are not wasting our time for a random battle that is not going to happen. Was working fine this weekend but now something is wrong. I can see other Supership players in my games so I know some people are not having issues. This happens to me no matter what class I take into the que.
  9. Condor_Legion

    Invincible AA and 2ndaries Going Away

    I will miss it on my dds for sure, but lets ask the real question. Did it hurt the game to have this feature?
  10. As an avid destroyer player I have often wondered why we do not have an indicator of when we are spotting the enemy team either visually or on the minimap. Or for any ship for that matter. I think an eye icon on the minimap or over the ship in game would help. The importance of this would greatly improve learning and allow players to better grasp a game mechanic that is often the difference between winning and losing.
  11. Condor_Legion

    Coupon Loss

    Best case scenario is to submit a ticket and see if they will give the coupon back. I am not sure of the outcome as I have never seen this question raised before with the time limitation of the coupon in question. Let us know the outcome as I am sure others will eventually have the same issue.
  12. They should set a goal of one new map per patch. We get to play test everything now anyway might as well let us play test new maps.
  13. I need to express what a pain it is to use the airstrike feature on the Dutch line when it returns you to your ship camera view. Not sure why you default the view to on the deck when my normal camera viewer is zoomed out. I have gotten so much unnecessary damage because after I click the airstrike it returns me to a camera view as if I had selected to zoom in on my front gun turrets. This creates such a loss of orientation that I often spend up to 20 seconds trying to reorient myself to get the camera back to the full zoom out camera view. Please fix this issue. My 2nd issue I have not related to the 1st one is constant FPS hickups were the game will actually hang for a seond or two with noticable FPS drops. I run 144-147 fps then boom hang, skip down to 120-133 fps which delays my reaction to incoming fire which causes me to take more damage it happens at least 3-4 games and it is throughout the game to. Even with less ships on the board. I am running an RTX 3070 with i7-7700K with 16 gig of ram. Usually happens at the start of action when the first salvos start flying then will continually pop on and off during that same battle. Was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue?
  14. Condor_Legion

    2021 Results in World of Warships

    The critical thing missing from this recap is the lack of "true" needed content which is maps. Simple put you are devaluing the game for us long time players by creating the same outcomes based on strategies that can only be applied in limited settings. By not evolving the creation of new maps you are devaluing the release of new ships in the game. When players start to feel this such as in my case it makes me not want to spend money anymore because the "new" feeling wares of quickly. It would be wise to keep adding value as a game to sustain players intrest but while creating the ability for you to change the meta of game play. This would greatly enhance the strategy side of the game which is in desperate need of some changes. We want to feel like we can grow with a game as we progress. When I dedicate many hours to something and see the same results over and over eventhough I am the one constant thing along with the other players that responsibility lies with you. This is only something we can ask for. Your desire to extend the games life should be in the content that can be enjoyed for years to come not in the moment of continued releases. It is my ardent wish that you would feel the same by allowing those of us the benefit of our time and money to be well spent. Enjoyment is subject to experience and time is something we freely give. If it was not for some of the other features of this game like clans and friends then you would have driven players away by not allowing the addition of new environments to be enjoyed by those who are dedicated to the success of the game. The opportunity is there for you to take advantage of and fundamentally impact not only the understanding of the game but the enjoyment of that time. That is why we play.
  15. A welcomed change and good variety. The 20km torps with the 8km ones are hard to use unless you go all in on torp skills on your captain getting the 20km to 68 knots.