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  1. It is in the RES or RES updatr folder under the higher numbered folder. You will find the engine.ini to edit. That is off the top of my head.
  2. Condor_Legion

    How good are the new German DD's?

    This line does not fit the typical DD playstyle and is a line that takes time to learn. Once you figure it out and apply that formula on a consistent basis you feel very rewarded for your efforts. In games with light cruisers you can easily manhandle them with your AP shells. In back to back games against UK Neptunes I took out both of them in a matter of minutes inside their own smoke screens. The shell placement on the tier 9 is a godsend to a good player who can aim well. You have to play selfish and give up chasing waterfalls in these ships but they will teach you a new playstyle which can be very rewarding and learning new tactics for players is a great thing. The shell arcs are direct and will make shooting other DDs a bad exchange for them in some cases. I would encourage you to play them more with the mind set of surviving at first being the DD who scouts first around the edge of the cap. I wish I could show you the stats of the tier 9 so far. I have had games with 150k plus and the top one game is 195-210k. The AA is more of a contribute to your team mates at 6.9km at tier 9. They are as good as you learn to play them to the strength for which they are designed for.
  3. Condor_Legion

    Turret traverse issues IJN

    Good afternoon, I am avid fan of the Shikishima/Musahsi have loved theses ships and played them more than the Yammy. When you play these ships you expect the turret traverse to be bad but now after the rework it is crippling the game play of these ships so much so that I do not enjoy playing them any more. WG has made these ships a limited platform and taken away the versatility of game play they used to offer without fairly compensating the loss in other performance gains to minimize the impacts it has on functionality. 180 turn times without commanders: Musashi 82.8 seconds this is with reload module Shikishima 69 seconds this is with reload module Yamato 69 seconds this is with reload module These turn times are 2 times as long as other ships in their tiers, some DDs torpedoes reload faster than the turrets can make a full turn You may argue the gun caliber is greater so this is a valid counter balance but since the rework it has taken it to far. Plus with the addition of the 457's on both USA/Russian this argument does not have any validity.This is also a disparity to two premium ships which I understand for balance purposes may change but this should not cost me the enjoyment of these ships. My suggestion for this fix is to remove or bake in the turret traverse back to how it was before the rework. I would prefer to to just lower the turret traverse times to more reasonable standards rather than make me chose modules to compensate for something that was at no fault of my own prior to the rework. Can there still be a valid argument for why IJN has x2 slower turrets than any other nation? If Germany can get a dispersion buff then its time to fix the IJN turret traverse as power creep and other nations have shown that high caliber guns can have better turret traverse but it should not make a ship unplayable or unable to perform a roll it was designed for. When you strip away the ability for a ship to make reasonable gains in ship to ship combat and totally remove any ability to fight at close range then you have removed the purpose for which they were created originally and prior to the rework.
  4. Condor_Legion

    Firing Delay on Jean Bart + Bourgogne

    I have had this issue mainly with battleships and some with dds. The bell is also not ringing after all the guns reload as well. It seems to be in the tight engagement situations were scoring that salvo matters the most. In my opinion it seems those stutters and hangs have been reported more as well as late. Had 3 yesterday, fps drops or hang in loading and one stutter. You need to do the test live with other players. I would guess its server side not reporting fast enough to the game. It is only going to happen when there are more inputs in the same area asking to relay the same commands.
  5. I think this topic is great because we all care about this game we play. The issues are starting to show cracks in the system that have far reaching consequences for the future of WoWs and that is a big problem considering the amount of time and money we all have invested. Right now we are on the treadmill of content without the realization that we are actually not getting anywhere. We are forced into the same cookie cutter system that WOT is in which is why the game is crashing into the ground. When you can see the roots of the tree and those are supposed to be underground then there is an issue below what your not supposed to see. Until WG accepts responsibility for changing the game meta by implementing broken systems then we are only speaking into deaf ears. We have all given solutions to this game and none have been accepted. That in itself is enough to tell you that they do not care enough for us and want to continue to control the narrative of the game. Without accepting true responsibility for game play and fixing the cycles we are in this game will and should be dead in less than 5 years. Some said the same thing about WOT and it has gone on longer. The problem is the death will be to the loyal gamers who have stuck by and watched as their dream we once shared us slowly and is turning into the nightmare we once escaped when this game came out. I am not saying this in spite or to through shade and I can only share how I feel. When bots start going into tier 5 games consistently then the game is dead.
  6. When one does not admit to a problem that prohibits a class of ships from having meaningful interactions to defend ones self from aircraft then they have to at least pretend to offer a solution for problem that does actually exists. The issue is it offers no true defense or value in a game with limited captain points.
  7. This maybe the issue but you might have hit the free camera command. RCTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE.
  8. I believe you place your target marker the one you use to aim at ships on the ship you want to message then hit the function key you want.
  9. Yes we need like 10 new maps at least.
  10. The getting hit after going undetected has been happening more and more. Even after i turn or drop speed and turn then I get hit as if I was never undetected. This is an issue that they need to work on. Clan mates also say the same thing.
  11. Condor_Legion

    Gamma setting, resetting

    I am not sure and I have had to adjust it through my video card so it would work all the time. Even then it seems to not work sometimes.
  12. Condor_Legion

    Game graphics Glitch-Hiccups

    Having same issues and FPS also have been dipping down up to 14 FPS for no reason. Most of those jitters are server side.
  13. Condor_Legion

    Bouncing in aiming view

    20200928_180726_PJSD108-Akizuki_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay towards the end on this one I believe
  14. Condor_Legion

    Confusion about Dockyard ending

    Yes I had the same reaction when I watched the video.