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  1. Yes, even now the RNG can royaly screw you from a perfect drop.
  2. Jumarka

    game just not FUN anymore

    You are describing the gameplay that this game has since launch. Main difference with the CV rework, you need 2 CVs to really influence the game.
  3. Jumarka

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    Like hell it is. It's so defensive ships can fire with pinpoint accuracy from it and their AAA can shoot down your planes that can see them.
  4. Jumarka

    No love for Graf

    Same here, Graff Spee needs some love.
  5. Jumarka

    ST: New Ships!

    My reaction: T10 Cruiser T10 Cruiser T10 Destroyer T5 Destroyer oh, it is a USA ship
  6. How about no? then NO, followed by another NO. Sorry for the childlike response, but JFC guys, stop nerfing the CV gameplay! Also its only more time for the dds to isolate themselves from the rest of their team. Because that is going to happen.
  7. 1 - It doesnt need correcting, you get punished for going yolo in every ship and you dont need a CV in the match for that. 2 - If you are going to give us "manual" controlled AA, you better do the same with the secondaries to (thats going to be a rally cry if WG ever implements manual AA) 3 - Flak burst are OK. The main problem with the CVs is not the CV gameplay but the MATCHMAKING, Tier 8 CVs face MURDEROUS AAA facing T9-10 ships. Even going after a isolated T9 Battleship will get your squadrons terminated no matter how skillfully you move them.
  8. Jumarka

    CV Reality Check

    Or maybe the Autopilot sets you on a reverse course and left you exposed, or turned the wrong way and nailed you against the map border.
  9. Nope, nothing. But from I have seen, all the reasons I left the game are still there, so no free premiun tank is making me come back.
  10. No Tomahwak, No Sea Sparrow. Exocet all year around :)
  11. That is very dissapointing. We could use a German ship for coal, quite a lot of japanese premiuns around.
  12. Jumarka

    So no German ship for coal?

    I think this would make a very good T7 Cruiser, lacking all the AAA upgrades of her sister ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Blücher Or they could move Spee to T5 and put Deutschland with all the late war improvements at T6 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Deutschland
  13. Jumarka

    2 CVs per game

    Normal thing when a new line is launched, should come back to normal in a few days.
  14. Jumarka

    Space Battles Sucks

    Yes I tried, everyone was hiding behind an island. I will give it another try when there are more people playing.
  15. Jumarka

    So no German ship for coal?

    IF I could choose, some of Graff Spee sister ships with improved AAA