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  1. Jumarka

    Coming back

    I dont now, maybe the subs will force some players from camping behind islands and the BBs that run circles in the back of the map. It really seems to screw with the DDs do. Not sure if Hate is the right word (at least for me). But it really grind my gears the stuff I mentioned.
  2. Jumarka

    Coming back

    Yeah, like I said, going to be around to see how the introduction of submarines changes the meta.
  3. Jumarka

    Coming back

    Will try to.
  4. Jumarka

    Bring Back Ocean Map

    Yes, like yesterday.
  5. Jumarka

    Coming back

    Well, after letting the game rest for some time I have come back. And I feel, should have waited for the relesase of subs A few battles in, and every thing that chased me out of the game is still present: Radar still goes trought solid rock. Fire chance and damage continue to be some major [edited] Ships sniping you from inside smoke screens with perfect aim. Ships sitting in the smoke screen while their AAA wipe out planes. NO GERMAN SHIP FOR COAL Thera are things I like: CVs rework, MM balance, all the containers collection on the arsenal and the new autopilot, I think I am going to stay a little longer to see if the introduction of subs forces WG to make other changes (nice to see that you apparently cant Sonar Ping ships trought islands)
  6. Jumarka

    Armory Ships

    Also, were are the german ships for coal? GERMAN SHIPS FOR COAL!
  7. Jumarka

    Small rant

    A T6/8 CV player is not going to launch a squadron of planes at a group of ships, you just loose them all. Most of the time you are so uptiered that even a lonely T10 DD can wipe you clean. Most of the time you can clearly see were the planes are and most dds have really small aircraft detection radius. Watching both from my CV and BB, most of the DD playes would rather rush foward and trow the dice that wait a few moments.
  8. Jumarka

    Small rant

    I find that even in 2 CVs games, playing DD is still fun. You just have to stay closer to the main body of the team and dont be afraid to double back into some friendly aaa cover. As a CV player I see a lot of DD going foward to fast, either to try a flank or to cap. What is the rush? you can see that its a 2 cvs match, why are you rushing foward? Then when you focus on them, they complain.
  9. Jumarka

    Small rant

    Yes, and still grind my gears baddly, Smoke should be a defensive mesaure not an offensive one.
  10. Jumarka

    Small rant

    This is me venting here so I don't do it on chat in the game and annoy people. These things break the game for me, they totally ruin my enjoyment of it. Every time I get radared trough an island that should conceal my ship ( and by ship i mean dd ) Every time my planes get blotted out of the sky by a ship sitting in a smoke screen. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get shot with pinpoint accuracy from inside a smoke screen. So, just some, simple ideas that would improve the game for me, a great deal. 1 - Radar won't work trough islands. 2 - Ships inside smoke can't see or target ships outside of it. You can still track them in the minimap. 3 - AAA can't work inside smoke. A lot of me me me here, but like I said, these things ruin the game for me, If you enjoy those things OK I am not against you.
  11. Jumarka

    Ships you feel guilty playing?

    Katori, but for different reasons
  12. Yes, even now the RNG can royaly screw you from a perfect drop.
  13. Jumarka

    game just not FUN anymore

    You are describing the gameplay that this game has since launch. Main difference with the CV rework, you need 2 CVs to really influence the game.
  14. Jumarka

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    Like hell it is. It's so defensive ships can fire with pinpoint accuracy from it and their AAA can shoot down your planes that can see them.
  15. Jumarka

    No love for Graf

    Same here, Graff Spee needs some love.