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  1. (Is a lil rusty when it comes to proper writing so bear with me please.)

    The Bearing Strait Incident

    tags: Dark, Kancolle, Abyssals, OCs, Alt Universe


    Chapter 1: That Mission


    Ring ring... ring ring... I'm sorry the number you are trying to reach does not have you on it's whitelist. Goodbye. I couldn't help but curse under my breath as I am running from one room in this sterile labs to another, "Winona-chan why you do this to me..." I duck into another open room and attempt to call another friend this time I get an answer "Who is this" a sweet young girl picked up "The police, who do you bloody hell think it is." I retort back

    "R-Rukia-sama why aren't you using your phone?!" She manages to stammer before I cut her off, "because the scientists took it, look don't have time, going to find out what happen to Takkun-san and the rest of our crew who were brought here, remember where that opening was in the perimeter where we could fit?"


    "Grab Winona-chan and meet me there in twenty Hitomi-chan, and grab my meds too while your at, I have no idea how long I've been here and I can start hearing the voices stirring again." I shake my head, trying to collect my thoughts as I look for an open computer

    "O-on it captain!" The line goes dead.

    A few minutes of wandering the halls, making mental notes of signs and exits, and I find an unlocked office with a computer. Some typing later and I find what I was looking for... and promptly wish I didn't... experiment 301, subject name Takkun Tysukino, inoculation went well, subject responded poorly, He has turned into a Re class abyssal and was taken to the dock 42 for disposal. There is more clips, some with sound, some with video all of them either turned it eldritch abyssal horrors or awakened as Kanmusu all of our friends, some of our family too, can't even find out why they're doing this the files are too encrypted for my skills. I grab as much as I can onto a thumb drive I managed to stash and a few minutes as I get close to the exit the alarms finally go off. Looks like probably one of the docs I knocked out finally came too. I'm already outside and at the extraction point when lockdown was called. Guess they didn't read my file enough if they did they would have known cuffs alone aren't enough to keep me restrained for long. Three long minutes pass before the hum of two bikes draw closer, and two familiar faces with them.

    "Captain-sama" The younger one shouts and promptly hugs me, I wince and yelp out of impulse as she squeezed the arm that had the IV in, and still dripping blood and she quickly notices, "Y-you okay Rukia-sama?"

    I nod get on my bike and take my meds in the saddlebag, "Yeah they Injected me with some weird black crap but they didn't get a full dose, other than hearing a new voice in my head I am more or less okay. But our friends..."

    "What happened to them?" the older and taller one asked.

      I sigh and can't help but not look at them directly when I respond. "It... will be easier to show you, we need to get to a safe house, they're looking for me, can't go to the one in Aki they'll be looking which means..."

    "No!" Winona exclaims, "Nope, absolutely not, no way no how I am not crawling to tha-that... Harpy!"

    Sirens can be heard as I rev the engine, "Stuff it, plus they owe us since I completed her bounty on what happened to several of her minions. They will have no choice but to give us shelter till it blows over."

    Winona grunts and shakes her head before conceding defeat and gets on her bike with Hitomi riding shotgun and we all sail off about fifty kilos out, the pain in my arm still there but I just ignore it, I've had worse so far I've had no effects like the others did in those vids and it was almost instantaneous. So.. odd... Takes a good forty five to get over to their base, it's pretty well hidden to be honest one of the old World War 2 bunkers that was built into the ground with an access tunnel to the beach and ocean. Kinda wish our gang had found something half as neat as that. We dismount and stash the bikes, quickly heading to the hatch entrance to the base, a few quick rasps and a voice echos.  "What's the password"

    I sigh and give the answer, "Rikka-sama is the... best leader in the world."

    "Rikka-what" the voice replies back, almost with a sense of indignation.

    "Rikka-tama is the best leader in the world" as I nearly vomit in my mouth uttering such filth.

    "Welcome to the Eagle's nest!" With a loud creaking of a wheel, the hatch opens and we all go in and are all grabbed almost immediately by her crew. Laughter can be heard as the sound gets louder and the source appears before us. The gaudy gold jewelery, clashing purple and red ganguro uniform and her raven black hair tied into a loose bun. "You have some nerve coming here, why not go to your play pen filth."

    "Yeah, this filth has intel on your missing crew, on our missing crew." I shot back, giving her the biggest grin in defiance.

    "Bull!" Rikka fires back, "no one that has entered that base has come out."

    "Tell your bloody goons to let go of me and I'll show you, and get me a freaking dressing this stupid wound hasn't stopped bleeding."

    She waves her hands and her gaudy mooks let go of us and one of them fetches me a gauze. They lead me to an equally cringy gold and pink laptop as I dress my arm. A few quick key strokes, a brief update to their media player to it can read the files and everyone looks on in object horror, several just outright lose their dinner on the ground and queenie herself just hunched in a corner in complete denial. "I completed your bounty, but... honestly I wish I could say they're okay and we could bust them out, but we know what happens to those who become Abyssals or Kanmusu. They just... lose all memory of their past life as the so called ship spirit takes over. Your gang as well as mine are the only thing keeping most of our brothers and sisters out of this war and our numbers just keep dropping one by one." I pause and help Rikka up and motion to her to join me by the beach, Winona and Hitomi also join me. "I don't understand this war, I don't get the forced conscription, but... what I do get is we deserve a choice, the earth be damned. I'm sure there are enough noble souls out there to win but forcing people like you and me, the ones that don't have family that care or ties to home, it's just not right."

    "W-why such... experiments?" Rikka asks.

    I shrug and just look at her, still crying over the loss of her sister and several of her crew. I may hate her and her choices but we're all we have left and we need to hold on. "If.. I had to make an educated guess Rikka-san, it's probably because maybe the JDF aren't doing as hot as they claim, maybe the propaganda is just that, all bluster and they're looking for some kind of edge. We just gotta hope that when the dust clears our brother and sisters will return." She just looses it and starts crying into my shoulder, ugly crying her makeup bleeding into the near pristine lab coat I borrowed from the tech I knocked out earlier. Luckily its the good arm this time. "We may be rivals but we do have enough in common, how about a truce in lieu of payment of the bounty, with our numbers dwindling we need every edge we can get."

    "Rukia-sama you ca-"

    "Shush Winona," I cut her off, "You saw the clips, they're gonna keep picking us off one by one, no one cares about the ghosts of Japan, we're just easy cattle to them. We can fight after the war is over."

    She sighs and relents, and Hitomi just nods silently in agreement. I look out at the sea and the stars and just sigh, I got out of the installation in one piece and got some dirt on the JDF, not bad for one ganguro captain. The phone in my coat pocket vibrates and I pull it out to notice it's searching for a signal, without the SIM card its a pretty paperweight so I pass it to Rikka. "Your crew is the more tech savvy ones, think you can root this and flash a custom firmware on it. It would be a sin to be forced to destroy such a nice phone."

    "Sure Ru-ru-chan, give me an hour," I wince at her pet name for me as she giggles and gets up, heading back inside, but not before sticking her tongue out at me in jest, "and you'll have a phone to envy the government. Want me to waterproof it as well?"

    I nod and she vanishes into the bowels of her base. It's kinda funny it was her 3D printed freedom key I stashed in the knot of one of my twin-tails that was the sole reason I got out so easily. If I didn't nick it off one of her goons a few days back I'd probably still in that lab as god knows what. I just gaze at the sky and lay down on the sand. "It almost felt... too easy."

    "Hey captain-sama look at those stars over there, they're so bright." I jolt up and look, those stars are getting brighter and brighter I just barely had enough time to turn around and slam both my friends into the sand as the bright light explodes in front of us. The heat, the shrapnel, the explosion of sand and salt scrap across my clothes and flesh as we are thrown into the base, a loud whistle sound goes past us, so loud my ears ring as it zips and explodes in the tunnel. I lose sight and hearing, it all goes black for what feels like an eternity before I see them. A Wo-class and a Ri-class walking onto the beach and grabs both of my friends. The Ri looks at me, I see her eyes, those glowing blue eye and she goes for me but the carrier stops her. "Leave her, our sister will join us soon enough." I crawl towards them as the leave with my friends, "You can't... take..." My vision starts to blur as I just keep pushing but my limbs give out. I black out and I can hear my name but I can't move, why can't I move, god let me move! I need to save them! I...

    "Ru-ru wake up!"

    "C'mon wake up Ru-ru, you're tougher than this"

    "Wake up dangit"

    "C'mon Zao wake up, we're gonna be late"

    "I'm sorry Zao-chan"

    SWHOOSH! i jump out of my bunk soaking wet, and a Maya, an Akizuki, and a Kako all staring at me, Kako quickly hiding the cup behind her back as my vision begins to come back. "W-what happened?"

    "You were having a nightmare..."

    "Again." Maya finishes Akizuki's sentence.

    "You were scaring us, something about Abyssals taking your friends." Kako adds, clearly the most concerned of the trio. "That must be super scary b-but we need to go, the Admiral called all hands on deck. Apparently some really pretty captain from America is here with some important message, maybe its some cool mission where we team up, ooh I hope we get to go to America~"

    I sigh and look at my friends and then my clothes and then back at my friends. "Do... I have time for a shower?" and Akizuki chucks a can at me which I catch, and... its a can of bodyspray for women. Well I got my answer... "Fine I get the hint, give me a minute, I need to at least put on a fresh pair of underwear, these are soaked..." Kako cracks a smile while the other two sigh and all 3 leave eyesight so I can change. "A captain from America eh?" I mutter under my breath, "must be serious if he came in person rather than just using a line like any normal Captain." some clean underwear and one uniform later I've caught up and taking bites out of a granola bar I had stashed in my desk while they just talk about their morning, I nod along to their conversation as we head to where the meeting is but I'm just lost in my thoughts.

    "Its okay Rukia. It was only a nightmare" The soft almost angelic voice in my head says, trying to calm me down, "Easy for you to say Zao. That event may be over but the consequences of my choices still haunt me."

    The voice manifests herself as a sort of ghost doppelganger of me and stares me down. "At least you aren't fighting this alone Ru-ru, you have me, and you have all the friends you made here. We'll find a way back home."

    "You've been saying that for months and the war here hasn't been dragging on as long as it has home. I doubt the tech that brought us here will ever come to light but..." I let out a small sigh, "At least the Admiral cuts us some slack."

    "He treats us like a trophy, a prized possession." She glares at me, arms crossed against her chest. "I'd rather be treated like that then thrown into one suicide mission after an other. Look at poor Kiso and Abukuma, they get run like dogs on a track."

    "Attention everyone." The Admiral pipes up as the fifty or so of us all gather in the room around him and the American who brought an posse of his own Kanmusu with him, all of them in what could barely be called uniforms. They look more like a cheer squad than trained military personnel but who am I to judge. "Captain Halsey as brought some interesting intel with him and our fight against the Abyssals."

    Wait, that tan beefcake is the Halsey we keep hearing about on the comms?! I always pictured him to be this lithe stoic genius not... "Thanks to our spy on the inside we know now for certainty that we have pushed the Abyssals back to their base out in the Bearing Sea, they are regrouping and plan on sieging our Russian and Pan-Asian Allies in Two weeks time." He pauses and lays out a map on the table in front of us and I swear he is flexing intentionally as he does so. "So here is a map of the Pacific, as you can see here we have knocked out most of the bases along the Pan-Asia and Russian coasts as well our American Coasts. However to crush this last bastion we need to capture this area" and points to the port outside Anchorage, Alaska. "This has always been a point of contention between our two forces but this time," he points to a tiny island west of the cost of British Columbia. "We have an LBAS secured here, We clear out their defenses in Anchorage and restore the strip there and bang we have all the ground and air support to crush them for good on the west coast. This is where y'all come in. I'm sure you're aware your Admiral here as already dispatched a joint fleet to Russia to bolster their numbers and why y'all have been summoned today. There are going to be two fleets from here that are going to link up my fleets on the west coast and make two attacks, one will focus on Anchorage itself, and the other the AA installations that surround it a few miles out. And that is basically it, pretty straightforward, we've got a short window before Anchorage is at full strength and the plan will be a wash so Admiral, get your fastest girls on deck we'll ship out first light. Any questions?"

    "Well Kako always wanted to see America though I doubt she is gonna pi-" "Zao, Maya, Kako, Abukuma, Akizuki, and Hatsuki get your rigging in order you are going to be the AA fleet." The Admiral remarked and I just... I wanted to make a rebuttal, a snarky reason to opt out, but Kako is so excited and practically dragging me by the arm to the docks to prepare our rigs. I mean how am I supposed to react to that.. "You've never been able to say no to her Ru-ru" The ghost haunting my mind off-handingly comments

    "Mind your business Zao." I can't help but shout in my mind, "You're blushing Ru-ru, you can lie to yourself all you want but you can't lie to me dear. Think of it as an opportunity to get some quality time with her"

    "What am I even suppos-" and she vanishes once more leaving alone with my thoughts and an overly excited Kanmusu.

    "At least the Admiral is sparing no expense and giving us the whole armory to work with. Nuke some Wo and some escorts, shouldn't be too hard right, plus Iowa and Missouri are going to part of our task force as well. What could possibly go wrong?"

    1. Rolkatsuki


      okaiis this is decently stellar for a first written up story in a long while, your fictional kancolle universe has potential and I would like to see this further expanded.