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  1. (Is a lil rusty when it comes to proper writing so bear with me please.)

    The Bearing Strait Incident

    tags: Dark, Kancolle, Abyssals, OCs, Alt Universe


    Prologue: Project Nightfall


    The year is 2057, six years since the final Abyssal has been slain and peace returns to the planet as the countries of the world slowly recover from the global crisis. One by one things return to normal as the Kanmusu Naval forces slowly retire and fade into legend. However, this war was not without it's dark moments and it is not without precedence some nations resorted to extreme mean to save their homes... save their livelihoods. For 6 years any information about the mysterious Project Nightfall has been scoured and purged from newspapers and other medias but slowly as the shattered internet slowly recovers it becomes harder and harder for the powers in play to keep such sordid information secret and today a retired Kanmusu only going by the name of "Montana" has leaked every shred of information about it, the human experimentation, the butchering and harvesting of Living... if you can call them that, Abyssals. So many gains were made, but at what cost? Project Nightfall was a series of experiments and tests to find out what makes Kanmusus and Abyssals tick, what conditions cause a Kanmusu to turn into an Abyssal, and the most vile, finding ways to incorporate Abyssals traits into the Kanmusu forces to bolster their strengths and resilience. Almost 2000 poor souls were subjected to these horrific tests and only 3 presented the traits the Joint Taskforce was looking for.


    Before we get into those three souls that were spared worse or better fates depending whom you ask, We must understand how it all began. You see we frankly don't know when exactly the Abyssals appeared but what we do know that a huge mass of them appeared around the same time as a meteor was confirmed to have struck a cruise liner in the Pacific, as far as we were aware or we thought at first... that there were no survivors but as we found later there were. Something about this event kicked off the chain reaction that lead to the Abyssal crisis and eventually the Abyssal war. What we found out was while can't confirm with one hundred percent accuracy we believe something on this space rock mutated a whole class of bacterium that thrive in the salt waters and this bacterium is found in every tissue sample we had of the Abyssals. Then it gets odd the Kanmusu we took blood samples from had an unknown virus floating in their system, completely ignored by the immune system and yet there are clear mental impacts on those individuals, they call themselves ships of the past and have no memory of their normal human lives before awakening as the current Kanmusu form, even their weapons seem to manifest from out of nowhere during the first awakening though the best guess we have is that it has something to do with reconstructing nanoparticles around the person but some strands of rogue DNA does this is beyond us. What we do know is that their weapon can permanently kill the Abyssals and yet when Kanmusu are killed or sunk they end up returning as Abyssals. Hindsight tells us it should have been obvious but it took us this long just to figure this little bit out. So there it is, an endless fight between virus and bacteria scaled up and using us humans as giant meat puppets... but we did break the stalemate.


    Project Nightfall, a nightmare for the subject and a bountiful feast of information for the morally questionable. It's quite horrific frankly once we isolated the bacteria that caused Abyssalification (try saying that five times fast) the first thing we did was inject it into animals just to see what happened and honestly... nothing, HIV all over again whatever this microbe was it only affected humans and of course the moment a human was injected with it the transformation was swift and... violent also men who were infected turned into those... abominations you see the bigger and sentient ones keep around like those I-Class or Ha-class monstrosities. The women and female-ish men were spared that but still being a Ri or Chi class wasn't much better fate but it seems those classes had better luck being restored to their human state once defeated by the hands of a Kanmusu. Though the feminine men or "traps" as they are called in some circles were changed forever though it's not something I'd wish on even my worst enemies. However being female isn't all that bad if I do say so myself but I'm drifting off topic here. When Kanmusu were given injections of the pathogen interesting things happened even by my standards. Full health and happy ones showed absolutely no symptoms and when tested hours later found no trace in their blood but remains of the bacteria in the first urine sample after the test. Kanmusu who weren't so positive and upbeat did have a reaction, Flu like symptoms but again their bodies would destroy the pathogen as the first group. When Kanmusu who were on death's door given the injection the change would happen and... Ever seen what an Ancient DD Princess can do to a room of unarmed scientists behind a blast screen? well even with all the "precautions" they took that subject... Well lets just say that scene would even make someone like me question their sanity... if I had any. Then there is Awakening which is the exact opposite of Abyssalification but there were some subjects that no matter how many inoculations we gave would change. It was about a year before we found out it was a cluster of DNA on the X-chromosome and rarely Y, and everyone given that injection would Awaken if those DNA fragments were present. Yes some men and transgender women could awaken but the process is irreversible so even when now the virus is working their way out of their systems and their memories slowly return... I'd hate to be the government official having to deal with that mess. I'm a scientist I just explain what the heck is going on the aftermath of it all is not my problem.  So once we figured out all this we tried different ways to incorporate those desirable Abyssal traits into the Kanmusu and what we quickly learned is that it won't work on those who are already Kanmusus and trying to make the bacteria inert for a sort of vaccine was a lot harder than you would expect since these things were mutating much faster than any pathogen we have come across. Though if you know anything about humanity is if there is a way we find it, and find it we did. The trick to it all was once the bacteria was inert we start the Awakening process and we get lucky we get a Kanmusu with super crazy defense or in my case, superior regeneration, not Deadpool level of regen but still pretty good when staring down 6 or more Abyssals alone. Even with a success like me there were a lot of side effects, most ending in what you expect... But there were 3 that showed no ill effects as far as they knew, Enterprise, Myself, and the one who escaped, Zao. But there were side effects, these much more devious and subtle than the scientists knew. What those effects were, well what fun would that be spoiling it here in the prologue. As we know Zao was from here during the tail end of the war but in a base siege off the cost of Sidney ended up in a parallel word that was 20 years behind us. Unlike me her story is so much more interesting unless you wanna hear about the time accidentally leveled a Naval port because of a clerical error. Trust me its more interesting. I do hope so anyway.

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      this is a very good introduction and plot setting up /^_\\

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      Who's this "Montana" character?

      great story btw

      in other news on my new grind account...

      got to phoenix, luckily had enough free XP to get C-hull straight off

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