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  1. Bah! Fell asleep early and woke up now and its only 11:30PM 

    baka baka...

    and we're out of sleep aids in the medicine cabinet. oh joy this is gonna be a fun night trying to go back to sleep. =.=


    well at least I get to ponder a bit. whether or not I should cover my coworker's 2-7 shift tomorrow, on one hand more money for the flex pipe job, on the other hand I could do some work on my car... oh who am I kidding I'm not bold enough to do light body work by myself, my problem is just taking the first step alone like if I had my brother or a friend join me in sanding and stuff and just get a feel for doing it I'm sure I'd be fine doing the rest by myself especially if father approves of the job I did but it's that first step. once you sand there is no going back till you are ready to prime and stuff... I mean my car is worthless from an outside prospective but I've had her for over 4 years she means a lot to me plus I wanna take care of her since in those 4 years she not even at 100k miles yet and I would like to atleast get another 100k more out of her.


    This has always been a problem of mine, just thinking and thinking and overthinking, who knows why I'm like this but it's hard to just... Dive into a project even something so simple as rust repair it's not like I'm replacing a head gasket or installing a woofer and amp by myself. who knows how many weeks I'm gonna have till the winter road salts start appearing on the roads once more. I need to get these spots covered especially the small ones near my wheel wells. Plus... It's... more fun doing car stuff with friends I feel less noobish when I have someone equally green helping me. I'd ask father but he has a bad habit of doing things for me rather than doing things with me... Plus our schedules don't even mesh anymore, he's off weekends I work weekends...


    kinda wish my friends here lived close to me...  sorry for rambling... Also go watch "That time I got reincarnated as a slime." it's really really really good so far. Episodes need to come faster T.T

    1. Ace6steel


      again not really an expert...


      but if i lived closer i would find a way to help you out...

      *more explosions*

      a second wave!?

      *tons of gunfire*

      god am i gonna get back from this?

      *transmission cuts out*

    2. Ace6steel


      well you've kind of got something working for you there

      once you commit you've gotta go through with it

      surprisingly I could probably do something complicated despite having limited knowledge on it

      I have already experienced it first hand and the ability definitely comes in handy when im in a pinch

      I would ask what your surprising ability is but i'm gonna be respectful and let you keep your privacy

      maybe this will cheer you up a little:

      Image result for penguin hug gif