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  1. I don't know how much more I can keep doing Evenings at this job. I may have hated, no, despised working the store near my home, but my schedule was always the same Open (10 AM) to 5 PM. Always... barring Superbowl then its till end of half time... but this current store. Sure the zone is so much nicer, the customers a lot more grateful and kind but I just can't go from 3 PM to 8 PM to a 3 PM to 9+PM to a 2 PM to 9+PM then Open to 6 the next two days. Also I feel like the Whatever hour+ is such a cop-out to the schedule If you want to 9 then have it to 9, if you want me to 8 or 10 then put it as such, I get it that because how erratic the night customer orders are you don't feel confident in giving a set in stone time but then why not use Rush like the former boss (and my best friend of 27 years) was using. And I just love it when they say some people do close open shifts so why am I complaining. Well good for you that you can function on less than 6 hours of sleep I can't I struggle just getting 8 hours of sleep as it is and you give these may 9 may not shifts it drives me nuts and it severely cuts into what little time I get with Captain-sama. Being in different time zones sucks, being in different countries suck. Being saddled with so much debt sucks so much. It's... so easy to understand why some people crack and end it all... I feel it myself. There isn't much out there for a broken mildly autistic girl who can't stand on her feet for more than 30-60 minutes, deliveries is something I'm good at, something I don't need to talk often on the phone, I don't need to be on my feet for hours and hours and hours *coughshopriteishellcough* Tips are nice... I just wish... I could do something like that and be paid a livable wage... I mean there is Door Dash supposively is pretty decent but according to my brother who does it part time its commission based you basically start getting literally a dollar a successful delivery and tips and as you work faster and get good reviews your base commission and tips go up but... That... just... seems so dodgy to me...


    idk what to do anymore... I just... want time... with Captain-sama...


    I... just.. want to be free...

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    2. Ace6steel



      you're just barely getting by...

      seriously wish i could help you...

      but im across the country

      (quite literally in fact)

    3. Mental_Model_Zao


      I accept paypal donations XD

      (I am joking, please for the love of all that is holy and sacred do not do this.)

    4. Ace6steel


      Still wish i could help

      I can only give moral support at this point

      *alarm blaring again*

      a direct assault!?


      I gotta go!

      *gunfire before transmission cuts off*