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  1. Comic Con is tomorrow, I should be happy... but I feel so depressed... It will be the first time I'm going alone... I mean my mom is joining me for her first time at this con but I've always gone with friends, coworkers, boy/girlfriends but this year all my friends are...


    Twin are trapped in south carolina, Wa... full time teacher, Kiara... has gone off the grid since the summer. Captain-sama...


    I'm... also scared I'll run into my ex.. things... did not end on good terms... Idk why I'm posting this here, maybe because I don't want him to see it or at least here I'm a nobody, maybe a handful of people actually interact with me but I'm just some supertester who does what she can to keep her head above the ever rising tides..


    I wish Captain-sama could be with me...


    I wish... I wasn't so poor..

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    2. Ace6steel


      Sorry just checkin' on you

      you doing ok?

      just wondering because im making sure you're alright :D

    3. Mental_Model_Zao


      I'm alright, just got a lot on my plate.

    4. Ace6steel


      alright just let me know if you're having problems

      I'm just trying to help :)