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  1. The Forum's best! (Post number #20,000)

    you're a great friend dear ^.^
  2. *Zao is asleep on her bed, smiling. Her data bands active and the coms tab illuminated with a single active contact.* Zao... happy... Captain-sama is... back... Zzz Wub... Zzz Captain-sama... Zzz

    1. Rolkatsuki


      yay~! \ /^,\\ /

    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      *blushes and hugs.*

  3. *sneaks up from behind and hugs tightly.* Kako-sama ^.^

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    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      *smiles brightly, huggling* My Kako-sama~ ^.^

    3. Rolkatsuki


      *giggles then nuzzles her cheek* hehehe~ /^,\\

    4. Mental_Model_Zao


      *giggles and noses her cheek back.* My precious captain ^.^

  4. > 3/7/2XXX

    > Camera feed successfully hacked. We are beyond the firewall and the Model is not aware of the breach.

    >> How long do we have?

    > Not long, a few minutes. Tops

    >> It will do Ibuki, Now lets see what Zao has been doing since she locked herself in that room.

    > Very well, let it be on this record that Ibuki does does not agree with spying on her Model... However her Isolation is unusual and this AI's red flag protocol has been initiated.

    * The room is in disarray. The once neat and folded bed sheets and covers strewn haphazardly on and around the bed, clothes and outfits scattered across the room. Zao herself... She is on top of her bed, curled up in a ball clutching a framed picture.*

    >> What... is she holding onto?

    > Magnifying

    * It's an Older Picture, a photo of her and the captain, looks like some kind of party off-ship.*

    >> Why would she be doing that. The captain is fine... well last we checked right?\

    > Affirmative. The odds are that the captain is-

    >> Why is she freaking out, can you zoom in on that data band, that one, right there, I think... it's the comms tab she always has open

    *the camera swivels around and zooms in on the panel on her data band, it has the captain's signature on it, and it's offline, the date... over 3 days ago.*

    >> Well now I get it.

    > This AI doesn't, elaborate, please.

    >> The captain has been on stuck on the base for months, but Zao and the captain kept in daily contact and now... the abrupt deployment, and lack of contact...

    > The deployment means no internet. But why is our Model deteriorating like this?  

    >> Because Ibuki... Zao... Has been through a lot. like... a lot a lot. This dimension never had the Terminus War, the horrors, the deaths... the experimentation, It damaged her... not physically but left a sort of a emotional scar and the Captain was a stabilizing factor. An amazing stabilizing factor, I've been with her for years but when she met... she smiled, for the first time in a long time, and now without the contact she is drawing up every possible scenario she can conceive in the absence. From the ship sinking to a local killing-

    *a loud crunch sound occurs and the feed turns to static.*

    >> ... Bloody hell! Ibuki encrypt the breach so she can't trace it back to us. And make it snappy!

    > Right away.


    C://ZDD.exe/error_log372.txt created





    1. Rolkatsuki


      *gulps and swallows with some remorse* 

  5. Kako-sama... please... be safe...

  6. > C:// Run Zao_Diary.exe



    > Authentication Required




    > Credentials Accepted

    > Zao_Diary:// Add New_Page

    > Command Accepted

    --- 15/6/2XXX

    --- Morale is low. For the most advanced cruiser the fleet has ever created this model doesn't feel like it...

    --- What is Feeling? This model has done countless scans, numerous diagnostics and this model cannot find a resolution to this apathy, this... lethargy she is experiencing.

    --- What has changed? This model wasn't always like this, drifting in the middle of the Hudson Bay, staring at the clouds, wondering what her purpose was. She used to be

    --- Happy.. Carefree even... She was content being an escort, protecting human transports from rogue FOG vessels still disillusioned by the defunct Admiralty Code. The War

    --- Was over... Is over but the fighting never ends. This model thinks, recalls, the last time she felt... happy... It as April, this model was stationed in Melbourne, in Australia

    --- Escort duties once more but their government required mental models to have at least one human crew member to conduct military operations in their waters, This Model

    --- Was assigned a captain, a human who's -error code 33-  someone this model... I... Grew close to. The patrols and escorts were uneventful but the captain made them...

    --- Enjoyable... -error code 407- days passed. We... really enjoyed each other's company. It was the closest this mod- I felt... human... -error code 33- didn't see me as a robot

    --- A machine, I was just someone -critical error-

    --- Loved. I was... I am loved... but I feel empty being so far away.

    --- I want to go back... I need to go back... I don't want to be -critical error-

    --- Please... Find me... I need -Fatal Error-


    > Compiler found errors. Continue anyway? (Y/N)

    > Y




    > Zao_Diary.exe:// Page_1562 Successfully created

    >Zao_Diary.exe:// Encrypt_exe

    >Command Accepted

    >Zao_Diary.exe:// Exit




    1. Rolkatsuki


      *hugs and snuggles in a tight embrace* 

    2. Mental_Model_Zao
  7. I'm sorry...


    I was never commander material... Specter fleet needs to cut its dead weight, which includes me. I wish you the world Harby, hopefully you can do what I couldn't.


    please forgive me, I just... wasn't strong enough...

    1. The_first_harbinger


      This is certainly a set back for all of us, but we are far from finished.

      I will make this clan a better place in hopes of your return.

    2. Rolkatsuki


      *hugs tightly* 

  8. Hai! you are my tobiko sushi roll~


    1. Mental_Model_Zao
    2. Rolkatsuki


      Zao-chan's sweet sweet like the strawberry icy-pole~ \ /^.\\ / 


  9. Haven't done these in a while, but as some know I did visit Kako aka Rolkatsuki in Australia back in the first week of April.

    It was amazing, it was the first time I ever left the US, and honestly... I really miss it... I'm sure there are just as many things wrong with it as America but... When I was with Kako for those 6 days I felt for the first time in a really, really long time that... I was home, and I was safe...


    I... want to go back...


    it sucks being so far away...



    1. Rolkatsuki


      it was fun being with you Zao, I hope you can visit again soon /^_\\


    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      same. I'd love to visit again. I hope... I can visit again...

  10. Happy Anniversary Kako-sama! 

    We had lots of ups and downs last year, and I'm sure we will have just as many this year, but I can't wait to continue to experience it all with such an amazing soul as you!


    I love you with all my heart,


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    2. Mental_Model_Zao


      mhmmm, I am so glad I make your days better ^.^

    3. khaenn35


      Hmm, if I'm not wrong, it's my second, maybe third anniversary with her as a friend and sister. 

      Both of you are a great couple, I wish only the best for both of you. ^.^

    4. Mental_Model_Zao


      *blushes brightly.*

  11. Hangout by the Sea

    *smiles and cooks the chicken.* I am preparing some chicken tacos for lunch, would you like one?
  12. Hangout by the Sea

    *wakes up more and notices the pale, english girl near her.* sorry... still... waking up *yawns as the smell of cooking seasoned chicken starts to fill the kitchen.*
  13. Hangout by the Sea

    *Yawns again and starts pulling out ingredients to make shredded chicken tacos.* Ohaiyo~...
  14. Hangout by the Sea

    *a Kanmasu wanders by, yawning.*
  15. Hangout by the Sea

    *passes out on a couch.*