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  1. Broncoman1980

    Last Chance to Obtain Pommern and Erich Loewenhardt

    Pretty glad I just started playing again and saving coal for the Pommern, just to see it disappear in a few days. Fun times.
  2. Looks like some had nice quarters as well ;)
  3. Broncoman1980

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    This. I always thought that the CTRL+click the individual squadrons worked the best. Then they did away with that. Then they replaced with the manual selection of port and starboard AA sectors. Did away with that. "Too much micro-managing" a lot of people say? Hahaha. If that's too much micro-managing, how do you people make it through real life and jobs, etc? I just want keyboards with 1-3 buttons so I don't actually have to do anything...
  4. Broncoman1980

    WG Overview on New CV Play

    Wasn't much of a CV player before, but I thought it was alright and enjoyed the RTS scheme. And being a mainly BB player I wasn't even bothered by the incessant torpedo runs. Sure it sucked a little but that's life. But they way it seems this new CV rework is, I doubt I will even have the ambition to go any further up the CV lines. I guess I'll just have to wait and see when I finally do get around to trying it, but I think the rework from the RTS sort to the new style was not the best way to go.
  5. Broncoman1980

    Clan names

    We're living in a social justice world of political correctness to coddle the fragility of our youth. The future looks promising... for some hahaha. Hell, a while back I tried to change my name to something with "420" in it, but number r bads.