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  1. BeRzErKeR2

    Game disconnection

    The first week of any major patch I'm faced with major connection issues. It starts with lag spikes then later disconnects from the server. I thought this would be resolved in time, but seems to be reoccurring and consistent to the first week of any major update. I've checked my internet connection and it is not* the issue. Anyone else experience this?
  2. BeRzErKeR2

    anyone else LOSE Credits today?

    I'm still missing 60-70 million credits. No respond from my ticket so far.
  3. BeRzErKeR2

    anyone else LOSE Credits today?

    Yea, I lost about 65 million credits for some odd reason.
  4. Could you clarify on the compensation in regards to permanent camouflage, and accumulated experience on the carrier?
  5. BeRzErKeR2

    Best ships for ranked t6

    The new mexico with the india delta, and november foxtrot signals is like having 5 charges of super heals on super quick cooldowns. its pretty insane.