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  1. EquinoxCB


    Bad play needs to be called out. I call out bad play all the time, its not raging.
  2. EquinoxCB

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    If anything there should be MORE Dev Strikes. More often than not a CA sailing broadside at a reasonable distance gets away with nothing more than few over pens despite perfect aim because of the RNG nature of BB guns.
  3. EquinoxCB

    A CV Story

    Finding the proper island with the correct height actually requires map knowledge to accomplish. Not to mention the window of most firing positions is VERY narrow. Its not like CVs which can strike anywhere, any time. Also its not like the victim doesnt know where hes getting shot from, once you know where the shots are coming from you can start to get out of the firing window of that island.
  4. EquinoxCB

    Too much bbs...

    Blame CVs, I refuse to grind another DD line until rocket planes are removed.
  5. EquinoxCB

    A CV Story

    Then you arent playing the CV right, if you die in a CV then you did something horribly wrong. You have amazing tankiness and enough speed to out run most ships. A tier 10 CV can literally kite 3-4 ships for several minutes. EDIT: you most likely are playing the CV horribly wrong User Snargfargle has marked his account as private
  6. EquinoxCB

    A CV Story

    If anything they didnt buff AA ENOUGH, strikes still get through heavy AA screens. Sorry if you can still derp a squadron through heavy AA even if you lose all those planes on the way out CVs are still broken. Either provide a meaningful way to ACTUALLY STOP strikes or remove them from the game. Also CV tears are delicious.
  7. EquinoxCB

    -45%'ers - Would you pay for a WOWS Tutor?

    No because players in the 45% bracket only "play for fun" and "dont care about stats" or "players only have high WR because they cheat".
  8. This game doesnt need CVs, PERIOD. Stopping adding more and start removing them.
  9. Allowing CVs was a stupid idea in a 7v7. Rentals just made it worse.
  10. EquinoxCB

    Stop complaining about CVs

    Because you are such a master at this game that obviously understands the mechanics so well and knows whats best for the player base
  11. EquinoxCB

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    There are def a few players in rank 2-5 bracket who play to just save stars, usually they're in rental Conqs sitting in spawn farming damage Ive rarely seen players do that in a yammy. Its far easier to farm fire damage in a conq than it is a yammy. If anything they need to devalue fire damage in the XP calculation to prevent people from exploiting it.
  12. EquinoxCB

    Rank 1 again...

    Finally ranked out with using the Yammy ranks 12-5 and Stalingrad ranks 5-1. Thank you WG for most frustrating season ever filled with CV dodging and rental noobs who have never played tier 10 before. And for giving me the motivation to reach rank 1 so I can NOT give you another penny for your poor CV rework decisions. Fi
  13. EquinoxCB

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    Thats noob tier, in high ranked games everyone wants to win to rank out. No nobody in ranks 2-5 is stupid enough to think spamming battles will get you rank 1 faster.
  14. EquinoxCB

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    Half those things dont go into the XP calculation. If none of it is so easy why are there so many Conqs sitting in back spamming HE who more often than not save their star?
  15. EquinoxCB

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    Try playing DD that actually tries to cap and win, it's very hard to save a star yet is the most important class on your team.