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  1. EquinoxCB

    Is this Ranked season toast?

    Maybe WG will realize a combination of having tier 10 CVs and epicenter is incredibly unfun.
  2. EquinoxCB


    Absolute cancer
  3. EquinoxCB

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    Every CC, unicum and anyone with a brain also hates arty in WoT. I dumped WoT like a bad habit, arty being one of them. Sadly warships is following the same trend.
  4. EquinoxCB

    Turret destruction, working as intended?

    Stop complaining the game is fine as is! According to your name why point out anything wrong with the game? About you just dodge the shells aimed at your turret bro.
  5. Pretty much this, you can take cover from HE shells but using terrain just screws your already non existent AA and infinite plane spotting
  6. Wat? If youve been using HE just to start fires you're doing it wrong. HE spam is the reason this game became dumber, consistent damage without worrying about pen angles.
  7. EquinoxCB

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Maybe you lack reading comprehension where I stated our DD was surrounded by me and 2 other ships, planes still make it through our AA and chunked him for 1/4 of his HP. What do you suppose this DD player do?
  8. EquinoxCB

    You ruined CVs

    And getting constantly harassed by planes you have no counter-play isnt toxic? Isnt that the definition of toxic, some CV player can get a hard on for 1 ship and completely make their gaming experience miserable and theres they can do about it.
  9. EquinoxCB

    Ap rockets....CV's in clan battles???

    Pretty much, I lol'd at the notification in WoWs begging me to come back to tanks. They didnt fix arty so I left. If they dont fix CVs Im gone. Played 23.4k battles in WoT and dropped the game like bad habit due to arty, balance issues, and power creep. Same thing is happening in this game. Don't think I wont WG,
  10. This is just ridiculous, there is no strategy in CV game. From the first minute of the game you are spotted getting farmed across the map, everyone knows where you are so things like flanking and stealth are out of the equation. I cant even protect my DDs from getting chunked, 3 friendly ships next to him and I pop Def AA and he still gets chunked for 1/4 of his HP. Put the most powerful class in 7v7 ranked mode yet they wont allow them in 7v7 clan battles, I wonder why.
  11. Just what we need, more broken ships. You CV players never cease to amaze me, the most influential class in the game wants more stuff.
  12. EquinoxCB


    Bad play needs to be called out. I call out bad play all the time, its not raging.
  13. EquinoxCB

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    If anything there should be MORE Dev Strikes. More often than not a CA sailing broadside at a reasonable distance gets away with nothing more than few over pens despite perfect aim because of the RNG nature of BB guns.
  14. EquinoxCB

    A CV Story

    Finding the proper island with the correct height actually requires map knowledge to accomplish. Not to mention the window of most firing positions is VERY narrow. Its not like CVs which can strike anywhere, any time. Also its not like the victim doesnt know where hes getting shot from, once you know where the shots are coming from you can start to get out of the firing window of that island.
  15. EquinoxCB

    Too much bbs...

    Blame CVs, I refuse to grind another DD line until rocket planes are removed.