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  1. Russian CV's

    Russian's are so amusing. So patriotic. Their little Syrian TF of antiques and mothballed ships. All u need is a match to light that old CV they have since its leaking so much diesel. Anyhow if WG and will make OP alternate universe russiam cv's with strike witches for aircraft. Thats anime thing for you old guys
  2. Cant wait for an american company to make a naval game. AWS will at least give mea beautiful looking game where russian bias dies
  3. I will not purchase any Soviet ships until the real navies are released. I am tired of all the superior communist knock offs and lend lease being better than the Navies they got them from.
  4. I hate dive bombers

    Its funny since dive bombers were way more accurate than top planes
  5. What hard-counters T9-10 USN & IJN DDs?

    Can also reduce dd torp dmg across the board including flooding dmg
  6. What hard-counters T9-10 USN & IJN DDs?

    The solution should be that the faster a ship moves, the easier he is to spot. If slowing improves turning, the same logic should be done for camo vs speed.
  7. Ishizuchi buff + Myogi worries

    I do great with the Ishi, at low tiers effective ranges are around 12km. Play it like a giant Furataka. It can lay out cruisers and has so many secondaries. Low tier dd's are not too problematic. Myogi i need to rebuy I had a tough time due to dispersion
  8. I think a better version would be Chikuma.
  9. Emden Missions

    Actually its not easy. Casual gamers and new players are practically excluded from this event unless you grind. Between the holidays, work and various games , this leaves the event only for the dedicated player base. Much worse is that it is another tier 2 relic
  10. Honestly is the AP girls ate more like the KC girls. I am sure they would be less grumpy.
  11. yup those were some cutting edge tactics.
  12. Its the main character, thats what kills this anime.
  13. I m trying to like this anime but its just terrible. The protagonists are just handed wins, its like WG gave em the russian i win paint.
  14. Getting sick of Cleveland again

    same here. I find the Cleveland not hard to fight at iver 10km. If they are weaving just sail away until they show a broadside. I am actually struggling to use a cleveland but oh well