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  1. Badges Are Frustrating

    Wasn't this the whole argument about XVM? I like XVM personally, but I agree the badges should be on the side of the screen. There is other stuff going on in battle to pay attention too. It will be an issue in team play when watching shots/torps etc.
  2. umm what?

    Anime is a mistake and shouldn't be in this game.
  3. Looking across the horizon

    No worries. Potato Kings was our Supremacy League team name.
  4. Looking across the horizon

    I've only been in one clan... not sure where you got clan hopping from.
  5. Looking across the horizon

    Just seeing what's out there. Interested in CW and SL clans I was a team captain for SF-6 Potato Kings, we won Bronze league and Silver league the last 2 seasons. Was active in CW battles with SF-6. Looking for my next chapter in WoWs. See you guys/girls on the water. Rev
  6. And they will have HE torpedoes
  7. They get HE torpedoes too
  8. "Message from Beyond" solution

    Didn't receive any mission either, if that was what the email was for.
  9. "Message from Beyond" solution

    what's that red figure underneath the defended ribbons?
  10. "Message from Beyond" solution

    I blame global warming
  11. It WAS beat. https://replayswows.com/replay/7481#teams Cancer lineups can be beat, just got to outwit the Cancer, in this case beat the radar. SF-6 went 6-1 tonight in CW, and yes we are recruiting.
  12. What is this in-game?

    Pray to RNGesus before it's too late
  13. What is this in-game?

    Halloween will consume us all when Satan sails through the portal