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  1. treadhead52

    The state of WoWs verses Wots.

    Have to agree with you. Been in beta for both WOT and WOWS and I rarely play WOT anymore. WOT is just an arms race. The premium tank you buy today will be so overmatched in a year, it's not even funny. I bought the KV5 when it came out and it was a beast. It even had preferential matchmaking at the time. Not any more. lol It's puny 108mm gun is no match for the tanks it goes up against. Same issue with my Type 59, etc, etc. Wanted to support the game, but refuse to keep playing catch up because my premium tanks become obsolete. So far I haven't gotten that feeling with WOWS. The Warspite and Graff Spee can still hold their own in a battle, and I haven't paid for any other ships. Bought those two to support the game and I hope WOWS stays on the right track. I learned my lesson with WOT and I'm not going to keep pouring money into a game just to stay competitive. And yeah, trying to get a low tier (T1-T2) game is useless, but I've noticed the same thing in WOWS. Really hard to get into a lower tier game.
  2. treadhead52

    That's It

    LOL, in the words of the great G. Marx "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member".
  3. treadhead52

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    As one who enjoyed playing the subs, I find it disappointing that there has not been any more word from WG about Subs coming back to the game. Guess they're too busy with making anime ships.
  4. USN 1970 - 1974 Radioman 1971-1972 Dong Tam RVN 1972-1974 USS Papago ATF 160
  5. treadhead52

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Actually, once my rental time for the subs was over, I found it quite fun to hunt them in my Budy and Dallas. Was a real cat and mouse type of game. Had to keep an eye on incoming from enemy surface ships, while at the same time try to hunt down the subs.Taking out a sub was a pretty rewarding experience. I don't think a lot of people gave it a real chance. Playing with subs required a different mindset. Knowing a subs location required patience, because a depth charge run too soon generally ended up with being piled on by the subs friendly surface ships, if he was smart enough to stay close to them for fire support. The subs who wanted to lone wolf it had to play it smart, because once they were located, a good CA and DD team made short work of them. It was a whole different style of game play. Guess that's why I enjoyed it so much.
  6. treadhead52

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Same here. I played them almost exclusively when they were out and checking every day for news of their return. Going back to the surface ships is almost boring now.
  7. treadhead52

    Results of Submarines event on Public test

    Well said. I enjoyed playing the subs also and while it took awhile to figure out, I learned to "run silent, run deep" whenever a DD would start to bear down on me. 50% of the time I could escape. The real threats were the Cruisers with Hydro. I think the subs force more teamwork. The BB's and CV's need to take out the DD's and CA's, while the CA's and DD's job is to protect the fleet and hunt the SS's. The SS's and DD's job is to hunt down the BB's and CV's. It's really a rock, paper, scissors type of game, with each ship dependent on the other. About the only player that can lone wolf it is the sub, and if he gets caught by a pair of CA and DD's working together, the sub driver is in for a hard time. Looking forward to the subs coming back and I agree, I hope they are brought back with levels 1 thru 10 to work through. USN 70-74
  8. I for one enjoy the change of pace playing subs. It's a real game of cat and mouse, trying to ping, fire off shots and not be detected. It's a more intense style of game play and situational awareness is essential. Making a good kill is immensely rewarding because if the other side is decent and works together, a sub driver stands a very good chance of ending up on the bottom. One thing I would like to see implemented is a better sight, similar to surface ships. Vertical hash marks to help lead ping and torp shots would go a long way in this regard. Thanks WG for this new ship style.
  9. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    Hey folks, didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest. As I said, it's been so long since I played I was wondering if they had made any major changes to DD's or Torps that I should be aware of. I'm a solo player, not part of a clan and I dont get a chance to read about every change that comes up. Not wanting any nerfs or buffs, just wondering how to adapt my play style for all the change logs I missed. I regularly zig zag, but sometimes get lax. I also drive DD's and CA's. Just got a lot of catching up to do. Fair winds and following seas gents.
  10. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    A bit rusty and appreciate all the advice. Thanks all. Mustang, your showing your age. " planes are not Tattoo's friend anymore". LOL Unfortunately I fully get the reference. USN 70-74
  11. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    Yeah, I've already trained all my Captains in Torp Acquisition. Guess they dropped the distance for torp acquisition.
  12. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    Ahhh good to know as the last few times have been without escort, either everyone else killed off, or me trying to get in a position to provide fire support.... without escorts. Guess I'lll be sticking closer to the Cruisers from now on.
  13. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    For BB's I usually play anywhere from Tier 4 thru 8 but my last game was in a Fuso. I was on the side of the map with no enemy visible, no smoke showing, recon plane up and I had two sets of torps pop up about 100 yds. Yeah, I realize the Fuso (and pretty much every BB) is a bear to turn but WOW!
  14. treadhead52

    Invisibe DD's?

    I've played this game since beta, but have been away from it for the last year or so. Recently got back to playing and wondering WTH is going on with the invisible DD's? When I drive one of my BB's I don't see any ships close and suddenly torps are on me without any way to avoid them. I've got all Captains trained in "Torp Acquisition", yet I dont see any ship (even with recon plane flying) or torps until it's too late to do anything but die. Used to be I could drive my BB's and avoid 75% of the fish shot at me. Now they pop up 100yds from my ship and I'm headed to Davy Jones Locker. Did they change the game this much? Gotta say it's taken most of the fun out of driving BB's.