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  1. treadhead52

    They really screwed up CV's

    I don't run for cap first thing. If CV's are giving my team a hard time, I'll try to take them out. Enemy DD's are the CL's responsibility. There is NO misposition when a DD works his way undetected to with your sight range. Torps and bombers are nothing to a good DD driver and you miss the point about the CV's teammates being either out of range or tied up with their own battles. And it's laughable that you even suggest that bombs or torps "should be enough for you to get away". Of course maybe your coming from the perspective of a fast T10 CV, whereas I tend to play most of my games T5 thru T8. At any rate, you play your style and I'll play mine, but I stand by my claim that the rocket nerf was a disservice to CV's.
  2. treadhead52

    They really screwed up CV's

    As a DD player, I've skirted the map, avoiding contact, to roll up on a CV and launch a torp spread, more than a few times, and the only thing I had to worry about was his rocket planes and how well he could use them. And most of those times, his protection was to far away to help him. As a CV player, more than once I've been surprised by a DD that managed to slip by THE ENTIRE TEAM and the only protection I had was my rocket planes. Let's just agree we have different perspectives on the capabilities of DD's and CV's.
  3. treadhead52

    They really screwed up CV's

    The nerf to the rocket planes is asinine. I play all ship types and with the old system, as a DD, I had a 50/50 chance of avoiding rockets with judicious use of rudder and throttle. As a DD I felt that was fair. Also, while playing as a CV I felt the only protection I had against a ninja DD who skirted my side to show up at my front door, was my rocket planes. Again, it was a 50/50 chance I could take him out before he launched a torp spread that sent me to the bottom. Felt like fair play to me. With this new system, a chimpanzee driving a DD can avoid rocket damage. Under this new system, if you are in a DD and get blasted by rockets, well then, you're just not paying attention to the planes. Let's face it, CV's are rear line ships. They generally are back on their own, with little protection from the fleet. If a fast mover (DD) manages to get past the skirmish line and make it to the rear to engage the CV, as it stands now without the old style rocket planes, the CV is pretty much a sitting duck. There is not another ship type as helpless, on its own, against a DD. That does NOT seem fair play for CV drivers.... And I'm not EVEN counting in the reduced detection of DD's with this latest update. Yep, CV drivers got the shaft on this one.
  4. treadhead52

    subs might be my last hope for this game

    Have to agree. Who thought it was a good idea to give subs a submerged time limit of less than half the round with no way to recharge the batteries?? The last two test runs, the subs were far more enjoyable to play and they actually supported teamplay. I was able to manage my o2/battery by staying on surface or snorkel depth while hunting for BB's and CV's. As soon as I saw a threat, with luck I could dive, avoid them (50/50 chance) and continue on my hunt for the big boys, surfacing when it was clear to recharge and diving again to attack or evade. Now they've pretty much castrated the sub drivers. Might as well take out a canoe with an M79.
  5. treadhead52

    Suggestions for Submarines

    My biggest complaint is the lack of ability to recharge the battery. In my short time testing the subs it seems that for a 20 minute round the sub gets less than half the round to be submerged. After you run out of battery you are forced to surface and just be a target for surface ships. I think you should be able to recharge your battery while surfaced or at snorkel depths. A sub is pretty visible to surface ships at snorkel depths, so why penalize sub drivers with such limited dive capabilities? During the first two sub test runs, I found the subs enjoyable to play. Now with the limited dive capability and no way to recharge... not so much. 7-9 minutes of dive time and then you're just a sitting duck.
  6. treadhead52

    italian token mission 3 code

    Worked. Thanks much!
  7. treadhead52

    So what happened to the subs?

    A few months ago I seem to remember WG saying that subs would be in game before the end of the year. What happened? Maybe they meant the end of this year. lol And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there's a lot of sub haters out there that hope they're never implemented, but I for one enjoyed them. Gave the game a fresh feel with something new to do.
  8. treadhead52


    Well.... it says the server is LIVE and yet I'm still getting the "Error Connecting Server". I can get on the regular server just fine. Gotta say, first time trying to play a test server and not impressed. Waste of time.
  9. treadhead52


    You have to complete the missions to get the subs. This is my first time playing in a test server and WOW, what a convoluted way to run a test. You have to play within a small window of time per day (some people have RL things to attend to during the day) and complete missions to get the subs that they want tested. Which basically means if you have a bad run of luck and are on a losing team for numerous battles, it may take a few days (if you only play a few battles a day) before you get the subs... and the test runs for only 5 days. Hard to see how any solid input could be received with that criteria.
  10. treadhead52


    Ahh thanks, I saw the dates and time of testing period and assumed it was running 24 hours. Was so happy to see subs coming back, I completely overlooked the Prime Times.
  11. treadhead52


    Cant seem to log in to play this evening. I had the same problem yesterday evening. I did manage to get a few games in earlier today. Is the server just being overloaded?
  12. I think it's important to note that WG cares only about revenue, not anyone's health. This is not a slam against WG, but it's just how things are. To keep the machine running, they have to get people to keep grinding, keep playing, and keep wanting the next best thing. All my ships are T4 thru T8 and I've been playing since beta. If everyone were like me, this game would have died out long ago. I've purchased a couple ships to support the game, but I realize that I'm only purchasing ones and zeros that can vanish at any time. It's not like we're building a house that will shelter us, or growing crops that will feed us, this is only a game (which is why I can never understand why some people get so angry while playing) and in the real world a game will not sustain you. It's purely entertainment. For those that become obsessed with gaming (I enjoy quite a few games) I would suggest take a step back, realize that you're time in these games does nothing to help you grow as a person and that your time is limited on this earth. Take up a hobby, learn something new that will enhance your time on this rock. Use this game for entertainment, like watching a movie or reading a fiction novel, but don't let it rule your life. To the OP, good luck and safe travels. May you conquer your demons and one day make it back to enjoy an occasional game. We'll leave a light on for you.
  13. While I agree that a message would be good, especially for newer players, the old axiom still stands. "Never send a projectile down range if the area is not clear". If you're running with 10K torps, then you'd better be damn sure no friendly's are anywhere in that area. Reposition yourself or don't shoot. You are ultimately responsible for anything you send down range.
  14. treadhead52

    The state of WoWs verses Wots.

    Have to agree with you. Been in beta for both WOT and WOWS and I rarely play WOT anymore. WOT is just an arms race. The premium tank you buy today will be so overmatched in a year, it's not even funny. I bought the KV5 when it came out and it was a beast. It even had preferential matchmaking at the time. Not any more. lol It's puny 108mm gun is no match for the tanks it goes up against. Same issue with my Type 59, etc, etc. Wanted to support the game, but refuse to keep playing catch up because my premium tanks become obsolete. So far I haven't gotten that feeling with WOWS. The Warspite and Graff Spee can still hold their own in a battle, and I haven't paid for any other ships. Bought those two to support the game and I hope WOWS stays on the right track. I learned my lesson with WOT and I'm not going to keep pouring money into a game just to stay competitive. And yeah, trying to get a low tier (T1-T2) game is useless, but I've noticed the same thing in WOWS. Really hard to get into a lower tier game.
  15. treadhead52

    That's It

    LOL, in the words of the great G. Marx "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member".