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  1. CompassRose

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Going to take this at face value and offer my feedback. I suspect the driving motivation behind this is the current state of the game's economy. Since the game's initial release, it has introduced content and rewards into the game that has most likely inflated the game's economy. From campaigns, to collections, to combat missions. That are far more ways to accumulate XP and credit bonuses than ever (not to mention permanent camo). Throughout this time, you've done little to adjust the credit tap in the game. Now we've seen a recent adjustment to the credit earning on certain ships being announced, and right on the heels of this, is the announcement of NTC. You also have certain profit centers that compete against one another. Purchasing a premium boat can make you less reliant on silver purchases and doubloon purchases on the premium shop. In order to get players to make those purchases in your shop, you need a credit sink. A massive one. Or at least, that's what the bean counters are telling you. And it needs to be one that the majority of the community will utilize in order for it to be effective. This is what I see NTC as. A massive credit sink to re-balance the economy. I think there are better ways of doing it than asking the community to take a baseball bat to their progress, re-grind it all, and then take the bat to it again. On the subject of premium consumables, it was stated by WG that 50% of matches are played without premium consumables. Obviously this isn't good enough of a credit sink, and is being done away with. If you are in such a dire need for the community to dump silver, then find more areas in the game that you can add a silver cost to (Maybe free XP ships). I think for a lot of players, what you gain from re-balancing the economy (more silver purchases in the premium shop) will ultimately cost you more in the amount of potential and current customers you drive away from the game with this change. I hope your bean-counters have their pencils sharpened. I'm not one to say 'THIS CHANGE WILL KILL THE GAME', but I will say that this change has the potential to cost you DEARLY if you implement this the wrong way.
  2. CompassRose

    Anime music that will raise your power level up to 9000!

    Full opening to 'Demon Slayer'. 'Gurenge' by LiSA.
  3. I did. We get the test boats when they reach the live server. It's a big 'thank you' from the devs for the work we do. It also allows us to equip the upgraded modules so we can mod ships in advance that we don't own, or are unlikely to own in the near future. It was a big help, and it allowed me to have those done in advance of their official release. Also, the thread has been updated for the German tech tree. Pictures have been added, and a list of German ships in the bundle are correctly noted in the original post.
  4. I'll hvae to update the thread, @2575dave. Currently the Hermes and Audacious are complete, and in the ship bundle. I'll have some pics posted in a bit.
  5. CompassRose

    Warships x Hololive Collab

    Looks like it might be possible. Don't know too much about these virtual youtuber characters though.
  6. CompassRose

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Changelog for Added new graphics for the 'Rogue Wave' event New patches and achievements updated Minor graphics updates to areas like rewards, port selections screen etc. New game loading screens.
  7. Changelog for The Russians are coming! Russian boats added to the thread. Lenningrad, Minsk, Kiev, Tashkent, DM Donskoi, Moskva, Sinop are the featured boats.
  8. CompassRose

    Midway remake

    Midway seems to be a popular theme for movies. This trailer was just released today on Youtube.
  9. CompassRose

    Midway Movie 2019

    Hype hype hype hype.
  10. Changelog for IJN ships have arrived. The thread will now contain both nations going forward. Kantai Yamato is still off-line, pending more changed to the ContentSDK developer toolkit. Stay tuned. She will return. Photos have been added of all the IJN ships, as well as a detailed list of which ones are currently in the ship bundle.
  11. Changelog for Zee Germans are coming! German ships have been added to this thread. It is now a 2-nation post. Z23 (Azur Lane) has been added to the GER ship bundle
  12. CompassRose

    Should I slowly go up the tiers?

    I had the luxury of playing on EU when the game was first released, and then switching to my native timezone in 2017. With the chance to 'do it all over again' on NA, I had an easier time with it. The thing to keep in mind are all the combat missions that are now available to you. As events come and go, you can earn plenty of camos and bonus rewards, which make grinding the higher tiers easier. For the most part, you need at least a tier 5 ship to qualify for the missions. Tier 5 is the key. Establish a solid bank of tier 5 ships. If battleships are your thing, grind up those battleship lines concurrently. Take advantage of the first-win XP bonus of the day on as may of them as you can. It will give you a good start.
  13. CompassRose

    Well I purchased the Enterprise last night and..

    All the carriers were hit pretty hard by the engine boost nerf. Everything just feels slower. But once you get used to the AP bombers you'll see how bad they can wreck cruisers and some battleships. The HVARs just don't have the pen of the tiny tims, so focus DDs and cruisers with them. They tend to bounce off battleships a lot. But low-health DDs in smoke HATE those increased squadron sizes for the rocket planes. Still, the reduced top speed in 8.4 has me moving away from carriers now. They're becoming 'not fun' to play at this point. Enterprise is still a gudbote. But co-op games end too fast. You need those random games that go the distance before you can really judge a carrier. Statistically Kaga and Enterprise are about equal with me, but the fun factor goes to the Enterprise.
  14. CompassRose

    RIP Saipan?

    The HE bomb fire chance is very high, and the torpedo drop is a 4-torp instead of a 3-torp that the enterprise and Lexington have. And the Tiny Tims can carry your damage stats on their own if you use them properly. Your point about the aiming time is valid. I see that specifically on the torp bombers. On average, you should be starting your torp attack from 7-8 km out, and only boost after you're fully aimed. I haven't played her too much after the dive bomber ellipse changes, so I'll have a look at that sometime. The Saipan doesn't begin to really shine until you have a commander with at least 16 points on her. Taking aircraft armor, survivability expert, and demo expert at tier 3, and reducing your aiming time at tier 4 is when you really notice your strikes becoming more effective.
  15. CompassRose

    What Separates A Good CV Captain From A Bad One?

    1) Take your strongest aircraft type for your particular carrier out first. For the Enterprise, it would be the rocket planes, for the Midway, I like to start with the torpedo bombers. You're looking to put the enemy team on notice that you're here, and ready to do damage. Whatever you hit, is likely not to be so eager to contest caps. The first strike is psychological. It's a very good opportunity for you to dictate the pace of play, and do it early. You'd be surprised how many ships will abandon an area once they know the carrier is supporting that side. If you can hit the enemy carrier at the beginning, do it. Even if it's a 1-strike / recall scenario. A lot of times the carrier will head to the back line of the map when that happens, and that means fewer strikes on your teammates. 2) Cycle all three of your aircraft types at the beginning. Your plane regeneration is only active if you're at less than full compliment. Send all your aircraft out there. Maximize your plane regen. 3) Approach vector matters. If you're starting your attack run, you'll lose control of your planes immediately after your drop, and they'll proceed on their last heading for a couple seconds. This is the mechanic behind the 'slingshot drop' but it's not always a benefit. You can fly directly into an AA hornet's nest. So mind your approach vector. If you can approach in such a way, where your course takes you away from the AA bubble, rather than fly you directly into it, then that's your ideal approach. 4) Vary your course and speed when attempting a second drop. The flak bursts calculate your current course and speed when sending their next burst. What a lot of players do is cut their speed, bank hard and attempt the 180 turn in one go. Once your speed bottoms out, and your turn is static, you'll start eating flak at an alarming rate and your planes will melt. Try switching between the 'W' and 'S' keys as your speed approaches minimum and maximum values. It can save you from eating flak, and you'll get multiple drops off in certain situations. 5) Try not to play from the back line. Move your carrier as far forward as you dare, and do everything you can to eliminate long flight times. Your reload is based on your carrier's position, plane speed, and target selection. Strike the closest target to the ships you are supporting. Strike often. You can slow down an enemy's advance when they see repeated aircraft strikes. It has a noticeable, negative effect on an enemy's forward progress. 6) Fighters can still spot, particularly against DDs. They won't spot for long, but often times it ruins their tactic of turning off their AA to make your rocket attacks harder. If you drop your fighters to spot cruisers and battleships, a good tactic is to drop your fighters as soon as your planes spot those ships. They'll stay on the fringe of the AA bubble and last a bit longer. 7) I don't slingshot drop. I think it removes too much of the health pool from your squadron, and you could end up taking more aircraft losses. Now, if the new AA mechanics go into play in 8.5 that theory is subject to change. But for the time being I'm not a fan of the slingshot drop, I don't recommend it. However, I don't criticize people who use it, or find it effective. With the amount of nerfs carriers have been hit with, I think using everything in your bag of tricks has value. You do what works best for you. 8) Upgrade your carrier modules to extend the attack time of your torpedo bombers, and the hit points of your dive bombers. Dive bombers traditionally spend the most time in the AA aura. They benefit most from the hit points. The mistake a lot of players make with the torp bombers is not starting their attack run early enough. It's not uncommon for me to start my run with torp bombers at about 7-8 km from target. The extra time allows me to fine tune my aim and make sure I have my lead correct. It also keeps me underneath the flak wall once it starts. If you need more, I have a lot of vids up on my twitch page. I record quite a bit of carrier play. There's plenty of material to look over, and see how I approach the gameplay.