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  1. I like that explanation, and thanks to @Avalon304for pointing out the file rename solution.
  2. Skins not working in Ver 0.7.9?

    Thanks for joining my Discord. I hope I explained the issue to you in clear detail. I'd still like to talk to some forum staff for more info but for now at least there's a path I can follow to get fixing.
  3. Now that works, which gives me hope. Still leaves the question as to why the format, which I would still like an answer to.
  4. You're welcome, @Queen_Elsa_of_Arendale. That may be it for the skins unfortunately. Wargaming is locking down their files it seems. And the ship textures are off limits in a lot of cases. Enjoy my work while you can. It could be coming to an end.
  5. Right now it's a wait-and-see. I've made a topic in general about it. If it gets enough attention and becomes a hot-topic maybe the staff gets on and gives us some info. But it's pretty clear this is premium boat specific and presently, none of them have a chance of working with the new file system. Unless you want to shrink a 4096 x 4096 graphic down to 512 x 512.
  6. I noticed a change in the file structure when I unpacked the ship components today with the Unpacker Tool. It seems that the standard DDS files (normally 4096 x 4096) for the premium boats have been replaced with 512 x 512 versions, and dd0, dd1, and dd2 files of various sizes have been added. If the premium boat has a premium camo, then that DDS file remains unchanged. From my vantage point it looks like Wargaming doesn't want us making custom skins for premium boats unless it's placed on a premium camo that can be purchased from the shop. So my questions to some of the community staff, either @Radar_X, or @Gneisenau013 are the following: Why the change? Is this the beginning of a global change to the file structure for technical reasons? Is this a sign from Wargaming that they don't want us modding premium boats with custom skins unless they can make money off it? Can we get Wargaming's position on this, or more information on the subject? Right now all I am is puzzled but the longer this drags on this could become a hot button issue for a lot of people that enjoy our work as a whole.
  7. It's both. Some out-of-date textures just need a fresh save or even getting pasted on top of the newer texture and just combined. That's not a big thing to track down. The biggest issue, and the one that can break a lot of past and current work are the premium boats. The file structure is being changed almost to the point where Wargaming is 'locking-down' the premium boats behind a wall where we can no longer modify them. I'm seeing dd0, dd1, and dd2 files now with standard file sizes and a smaller, 512 x 512 representation of the texture map as the standard dds file now. This is either intentional, and is meant to protect the custom camos they sell in the premium shop (THOSE textures have remained untouched); or this was necessary in a larger picture that they haven't announced to the community yet. So I'm waiting to see what the deal is.
  8. @Mammoth_Tank_MKI When I was testing the mods on the PTS I saw this early on and knew there was something in the file structure that 7.9 didn't like. But I only narrowed it down today after seeing which ships were prone to crashing when you selected them in your dockyard. For the UK ships it was the projectile directory, main guns and secondary guns. For the US tree it's a little different. They're also starting to change the file structure for the carriers, so I'm seeing rough waters ahead for the modders. I think this patch is going to render an awful lot of past efforts obsolete.
  9. Ship skins

    I make a lot of custom skins and I came across this same issue. I don't know if it applies to everyone @Razorwyrebut here's what I know so far. The projectile directory in content\gameplay\uk was one of the issues. I had to remove it for the Monarch to load properly. But there's still an issue with ships that share main gun textures. I'm going to try removing just the main guns and see what happens. Hope it helps.
  10. Change log for Added main UK destroyer line to the pack, along with the ship preview icons. Added HMS Nelson although it is still a work-in-progress and may be updated shortly removed the projectile directory as this was causing an exception error within the game client
  11. Azur Lane anime announced

    @Blorgh2017Believe it or not, looks like Wargaming and DMM are going to collab. It's just not with Kancolle.
  12. Azur Lane anime announced

    If Sandy can dance, then Enterprise will sing. Even if she is on the Saipan while doing it.
  13. Azur Lane anime announced

    Correct, but it's close enough not to quibble for me. The German tech tree isn't nearly as prolific as some of the other nations. So I have to get what I can. And let's face it. Z-35 is a cutie and deserves a boat.
  14. Azur Lane anime announced

    I'm putting your avatar on the Z-39 btw.
  15. Azur Lane anime announced

    I hope it doesn't touch off a holy war. I enjoy both and have done modified skins for both. I favor Azur Lane at this point, but I'm not anti-anything. However, if I post a picture of an Azur Lane skin I've done and the audience is primarily Kantai it doesn't go well. The hate goes BOTH ways I've found. Never understood the hate thing. I've learned to accept adorable shipgirls in any form.