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  1. and what are these good IJN premos I'm missing? Fine lets address them, Musashi, Georgia can arguably considered better, better cit, faster, and stupid secondaries. Yoshino, yeah Stalin is way better in virtually every way. See even the good IJN premos, get out classed by someone else, the IJN is never the best in anything.
  2. Okay let me address a few things First off Musashi, yeah its good but you earned through fxp, when I'm saying premium, that means you spend actual money for it. In the same vain, Yoshino also doesn't count. Those two ships are actually decent, Musashi's issue I have it got the the typical IJN BB premo treatment, aka stock hull down tiered. Yoshino is what Azuma should have been from the start, and Azuma as is currently should just not exist. Ashitaka, is actually okay, especially after her buff, but its still the whole down tiered stock hull treatment which the IJN constantly gets saddled with. Asashio, yeah a torp focused DD that can only torp two classes, two of those being the multitude of gun bote DDs and HE spamming cruisers are the things it can't torp. So you are more at mercy of rng then even the other T8s. Kii.... Kii makes me mad, the half-assed refit, its a 20's hull with mid to late 40's AA on. Seriously look at Amagi's refit, you just had to do something similar for Kii and it could have been really good. Azuma, yeah no need to beat a dead horse, we know why its bad but they won't fix it. I'm almost certain someone high up in weegee is a baguetteaboo, its kinda of absurd how many good ships they get for a nation who's navy did less then Italy's.
  3. How long has it been since Atago? How many premiums have followed since then? I won't be counting Kaga and Harekaze, since CVs were and still are kinda niche and NA is a haven for the weeb haters. Subtracting those two it has been a near endless stream of bad to mediocre premiums for the IJN. All the while everyone else gets, Lenins, Massholes, Georgias, Belfasts, Thunderers, Scharnhorsts, T-61s, hell even the Italians, the other nation weegee seems to hate even got GC. So why is the IJN constantly left in the dust? I'm hoping the fallout of Yahagi's piss poor release will convince weegee to finally shape up and give the IJN something good for once.
  4. MutsuKaiNi

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Problem with Ooyodo is she really wasn't meant to be a frontline combat ship, she only has six guns in total, two turrets both in the front and no torpedos. She was mean't to be a command ship for submarine flotillas.
  5. MutsuKaiNi

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    This is a troll thread right.... please tell me this is a troll thread
  6. MutsuKaiNi

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Yahagi doesn't have Mogami's guns, Mogami's guns are 155mm, Yahagi's are 152mm guns that were secondaries on the Kongous before their refits. The ship you are thinking of that got Mogami's guns and turrets is Ooyodo.
  7. MutsuKaiNi

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Its an IJN premium, lets be honest are we surprised Yahagi is bad, weegee loves to make the IJN premos bad. Nobody cares though, only time people care if the premium is bad is if its American. Which is why nearly every American premium, especially the BBs are braindead easy.
  8. Imagine complaining about something you can get for free
  9. MutsuKaiNi

    Not a single fighter was seen...

    As a CV player I wouldn't be using my fighters on a Donskoi, Donskoi AA is decent especially against T8 CVs. Fighters for the most part are useless for actually protecting teammates, late game they are more suited for that but mostly they are best used to keep a DD spotted, either for a second strike with rockets or to keep him lighted up for teammates.
  10. Basically it comes down to stacking dot damage and looking for lone ships. Also lots of WASD hacks when it comes to dodging flak. Early in the game its best to avoid striking with full squadrons. Dump one wing of planes and use the rest to pick on a DD or a cruiser. Keep an eye on your damage numbers when you strike, if its stop ticking after you got a flood or fire, they used DCP and its best to strike again. Also look out for low HP retreating targets, those are the ideal targets for CVs. CVs are also at their strongest late game, so preserve your squadrons for then, going back to using half squadrons early game.
  11. If you want to make it harder for me to rocket plane you all you to do is
  12. MutsuKaiNi

    Yahagi = Half Baked Effort

    Its an IJN premo and this is WG, so expect it to be bad. Look what they have done to, Mutsu and Yuudachi. Ashitaka used to be pretty bad as well till she got a better AP shell. WG really has it in for IJN premos and just constantly wants to see them be bad. We get it WG, you lost at Tsushima, get over it
  13. MutsuKaiNi

    German BB's need some buffs

    Okay boomer, have a nice day leeching off the resources for future generations.
  14. MutsuKaiNi

    German BB's need some buffs

    Yeah calling people in their 20s and 30s kids is somewhat derogatory because in all parts of the world they are adults both legally and physically. But by saying you have kids that age proves I'm right, boomer.
  15. MutsuKaiNi

    German BB's need some buffs

    Normally I'd back the OP in this regard, but the stupid quip about Russian BBs make me think otherwise. Only Russian BB that is OP is Kremlin, I'd say the rest of them are fairly balanced. Let me guess you are one of those boomers who goes off and gets him self moronically killed and making just that bit harder to win.