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  1. No, leave my new torps alone I can play my Zao as a giant DD now
  2. I think I speak for a lot of people in describing it as one of, if not the most hated ship in the game. I honestly hate the whole British BB line and think WG really screwed that line up with this idiotic HE spam focus. Ideally I would like Cancerqueror just removed from game entirely but that won't happen, so I have on suggestion how how to make this ship less frustrating and brain dead. Remove the 419s, easy, simple, and fixes the most annoying thing about this ship.
  3. Ashitaka

    She will be getting a buff soon so no more of the very iffy AP, so she will be very much worth it.
  4. Ashitaka

    I feel like I'm the only person who likes her, my clan mates rag on me constantly on how she sucks but I quite like her XD
  5. Ashitaka

    Good bote, highly underrated
  6. Only thing I'll concede too the OP is the firing angles, they are bad, that is mostly due too deck clutter from lifeboats on the deck, which in a combat scenario wouldn't probably be put somewhere where they could effect gun angles. Just moving that lifeboat would help Ishi a lot.
  7. Regarding Alaska...

    Here is the thing though, I am American, well technically half American, and while I live in Germany now I was born and spent most of my life in Virginia. Just my extreme cynicism about American politics, government, and society over the years has left me very jaded.
  8. Regarding Alaska...

    Alaska is not a cruiser, I've considered her as such, she is a battlecruiser, same as Kronstadt and Stalingard. The term just was never used for her, because silly naming reasons.
  9. Regarding Alaska...

    I would hardly consider that actual combat, shore bombardment and shooting down a few planes when your side has total air dominance really isn't much I came in and saw whiney fanboys complaining that they may have to put in some extra effort to get a ship they want. If this is true it will be the Alabama fiaso 2.0, because heaven forbid the supertesters have a special ship to themselves.
  10. Regarding Alaska...

    Oh I'm not triggered by anything, you however seem to be. The blind USN fanboy-ism is what annoys me, but I mostly just laugh at that. Oh interesting, I do believe Yamato and Musashi fired their guns in anger at least once and did see actual combat, can't say the same for Alaska now can I?
  11. Regarding Alaska...

    I suppose not, and with how militaristic and overzealously patriotic a lot of Americans seem to be its no surprise. All I'm saying is, one its a rumor, and two if you want it that badly then put in the work to get it, if not, then you must not care that much about a mediocre ship that did pretty much nothing.
  12. Regarding Alaska...

    I speak the truth though, were this any other nations ship, not a single complaint would be heard, but the second Merica ships might be effected in some sort of negative way, its mass hysteria.
  13. Regarding Alaska...

    Typical NA forums 'Oh no muh precious super awesome mega freedom bote of doom Alaska might be somewhat challenging to get, REEEEE! Damn Russian commie bastards, hating on super awesome Merica, best Navy numbuh 1 4ever' This just a rumor, calm down you whiney bastards,
  14. Does Montana need a re-balance?

    It literally looks like the slightly bigger Iowa, even if there are minor design differences, aesthetically it looks like an Iowa with an extra turret plopped on.