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  1. I have all three and I like Ashitaka the most Her buffed AP and T7MM make her quite powerful
  2. I don't like the look of this ship, same conceal as Shima basically and more or less Mino guns... Yup WG just screwing over Shima and torp bote IJN line ever more
  3. Ideally I would like this ship to be renamed and we get a proper T7 premo Mutsu but getting the buffed shells or just better accuracy would help her a lot.
  4. DMs and Hindens can bow tank this thing, much less the other BBs... its really not that OP
  5. I literally just did in what you quoted me in. Those skills know as Superintendent and Basics of Survivability
  6. My logic is more then sound, its a total waste of a skill. You could get another heal or have repair up quicker, both much more useful skills to surviving in a BB then having a sliver of HP that will let you survive one BB AP pen
  7. Very well, lets take a T10 BB for example. 350x10=3500 That lets you survive one penetration from any other T10BB Not a cit, not an overpen, one penetration. That is in no way worth 3 captain points
  8. Every time I see a BB on my team with this skill I just sigh in frustration, I'm glad WG finally put in a system to discourage people from taking certain skills but they really need to put more effort into helping new players build their captains properly. I really want to stop seeing T10 BBs taking this useless skill, a total waste of three valuable points
  9. Kii is a totally different class from Amagi, Kii could honestly have been T9 and could/should have been the tech tree T9 IJN BB, rather then that piece of hot garbage we call Izumo. Kii just got her armor majorly gimmped so that they could stuff her into T9
  10. So with the recent controversy of West Virginia, and the past issues of ships like Mutsu, Ashitaka, and Kii. I've figured the best way to do these downtiered stock hulls they can suit both sides. Lets take West Virginia for starters since she is the most recent member of this practice. If we want a WW1 era stock Colorado at T6 then the best way to do it would be to name her something else, lets name her Vermont. That way fans of the dreadnought era can get the BB we want and an a historical ship isn't gimmped into a role they weren't meant for. Lets take another example, Mutsu, a ship I really really like. I was quite... disappointed lets say when I heard what they were doing with her. I really wanted her to be at T7 with her sister. So how do we fix Mutsu, easy, rename her Sagami and thus the name is open for a future T7 premo. This could easily be done if WG wants to release at T4 Kongou, a T5 Fusou, so on and so forth.
  11. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    The biggest problem with the current MM is that some ships can handle being down tiered better then others. Lets take some of the T5s for example T5 being the major source for MM woes Kongou and Ceasre can handle going up against T7s fairly well, however ships like New York, Omaha, and Emerald on the other hand.... well they don't stand a chance
  12. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    To be fair I actually like the look of the old dreadnought type BBs. The best way to put them into the game without downtiering a historical ship is simply, rename the ship into a hypothetical member of the class. IE want WW1 era Fusou at T5, name her Sagami and plop her in. Want a WW1 era Kongou at T4, name her Shiomi Want a WW1 era Nex Mex at T5, name her Vermont Would be a compromise to suite both sides
  13. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Her biggest flaw is she is stuck using the terrible stock shells which are very inconsistent penetration wise, she either needs an accuracy buff or she needs to have those old shells removed like Ashitaka had.
  14. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Mutsu in her 1943 refit could easily be made a secondary BB, the Nagato class has excellent secondaries, boost the range and have all the AP secondaries fire HE, boom, you got a good ship that can play a different role then her sister.