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  1. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    I find it very funny
  2. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Looks at HMS Kaboom, Prince of Wales, Repulse, Royal Oak, and Ark Royal Sooooo goooooood :p
  3. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Fixed it for ya, baka :p
  4. I'll just say this, Kronstadt would have weighed the same as Nagato class battleships. So why are they being called cruisers?
  5. With these two 'cruisers' coming to the game soon, I feel a few other ships have received the wrong class type designation. So I purpose that, Kongo, Amagi, Ashitaka, Ishizuichi, and Hood also be labeled as 'cruisers' because if Stalingrad and Kronstadt are 'cruisers' then so are these ships of course...
  6. Ashitaki worth getting???

    I bought Ashitaka when she was first released and I really enjoy her, she the amazing Amagi firepower combined with the great T7 MM. Best advice I can give for her is, she is a battle cruiser in the purist sense and should be played as such.
  7. Asashio Incoming!

    Does this look like the face of mercy to you!
  8. WOWS Underworld War

    No bulli! Plus my torps aren't very useful... Kii's are better :p
  9. Yamato is not that scary

    You must not be facing good yammie players, Montana are the least feared BB to me when I play my yammie, I can't cit GK or Conq, and the Frenchie can speediy get to my flank, but Monty I just cit and lolpen him to death while their shells bounce off my angled bow
  10. HMS Dreadnought vs SMS Nassaua

    ... Did you realize this thread hadn't been active in nearly four years...
  11. There really is no need for this ship to be in the game, we already have Alabama and there is no need for a copy-pasta Alabama ala Prinz Eugen. I'd rather Wargaming focus on bring us more interesting premium ships, more Japanese, German, British, and Russian premiums would be nice
  12. Dev Blog - New Port Kronshtadt

    Uh oh something new that is Russian related being added, prepare for incoming triggered NA forums
  13. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    Oh boy the anti-Russian bias of so many on these forums is out in force XD Personally I look forward to seeing Sovetsky Soyuz as a T9 BB
  14. While in testing T6 Pepsi is being called Salt Lake City. That is the perfect name for a ship that creates so much salt with people XD So sign the petition to give us Salt Lake City!