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  1. I love this game, I really do, but as I keep playing more and more it feels like its just not fun anymore. I don't even blame WG for this, has the CV rework been a major disaster, sure. However its nothing WG does that will kill this game, rather its the game's own awful playerbase. Ever since 8.0 hit, the better players have been leaving the game in droves, and you know who that leaves. The average and bad players, I'd put myself in that average range, and even for average players like me, the teams are so unbelievably bad that it makes me just not want to play, especially solo. I try to division as much as possible and even that its still not enough. More and more matches are total blowouts, which ever team has the slightly more competent players will win and the other will get stomped badly. So in a way it is kinda WG's fault for chasing away the best players, but at the same time its the worst players who remain in mass numbers and its them who kill this game, one can only tolerate incompetence so much.
  2. No, I only use a cosmetic UI mod, and sometimes matchmaking monitor
  3. lul, uh no, you don't need a mod to see if a BB is using SE. Just requires basic game knowledge, if I see a Yamato with 100k HP I know he has SE due to fact that standard Yamato HP is 97k
  4. Seriously, seeing people who takes this skill for BBs, just shows that said player is a frankly a [edited], since anyone who has half a mind on how to properly build a captain will not take this skill. So to perhaps incentivize people to take better skills for BBs, have SE crossed out for BBs, like with torpedo skills.
  5. I wasn't able to get it in time due to bank issues but those should be resolved in the near future. Then much to my disappointment I see the Azur Lane stuff is now gone, will it be coming back anytime soon? I really wanted to pick it up and now I'm not sure if I've now missed the chance...
  6. I'm fine with more T9 premos being added, as having more T9s in queue could potentially help make the lives of the T8s less miserable. As for T10s.... eh iffy, T10 is already the 2nd highest tier in terms of player numbers, only behind T8. Which is where the issue of all T8 matchmaking comes from.
  7. MutsuKaiNi

    Regarding Hakuryuu's torpedo bombers

    Enterprise can get away with AP bombs due to sheer volume. Enterprise drops six bombs compared to Haku's three
  8. MutsuKaiNi

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    Oh boy one of these ignorant comments, first off, the entire Russian BB line comes from real designs, none of them are fabricated by WG, you want that, look at Roon, Hinden, Henri IV, and Republique. Secondly the Russian BBs are actually balanced, not some 15 gun monstrosity drawn up by some guys because an angry senator was tried of the navy asking for a bigger budget and just said 'f*** it, what is the biggest BB you are gonna want'.
  9. MutsuKaiNi

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    Even by NA standards this forum post is so mind bogglingly stupid I can't even some up a proper reply
  10. With the announcement that that the four torp\stealth torp loud out will be dropped could it then be possible to buff Haku's current TBs? As they stand currently they are awkward to use, they squad is too big for only dropping two torps each, you will never be able to drop the entire squadron of torps unless the target's AA is truly pathetic, IE Musashi. Secondly for only dropping two torps the drop reticle is absurd, the slightest deviation and it totally screws up the drop, similar to Midway's TBs. The difference being Midway drops six torps compared to Haku's two. Thus I suggest Haku's squadron drop three torps in a run rather then two or just cut down on the size of the squadron, perhaps to six or eight planes at most. Also to make the drop reticle more in line with the TBs on Audacious, so that you can still have some wiggle room when it comes to using the TBs.
  11. MutsuKaiNi

    Non-CV players are toxic.

    I know that feel Had a clown use up all his reports on me because I'm a 'unicum' Haku players
  12. MutsuKaiNi

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Lets address the elephant in the room here, CVs were never fun to play against arguably less so pre-rework. Pre-rework a good CV could just out right nuke you but pre-rework CVs were rare to encounter. I don't think the issue is the CV rework itself, the problem is we aren't used to having CVs be a common part of the game, since they used to be so rare. Just my two cents
  13. MutsuKaiNi


    Eh no they aren't, the T4 Gangut is the same exact ship as Oktober Revolution, Izmail was a class of battlecruiser designed and laided down in a similar manner but with a larger gun caliber
  14. I agree Imperial Russia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Soviet Russia any day, I'm merely speaking from a historical plausibility stand point. Now if the T10 was called Pytor Veliky, that I could maybe understand. Since that ship is 1950s and the Great Patriotic War very much reinvigorated a sense of Russian nationalism. The T5 however seems to be so early-mid 30s refit and at that point in history the regime was all about trying to wipe out the non-communist past.