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  1. MutsuKaiNi

    So close, yet so far...

    no u baka
  2. MutsuKaiNi

    So close, yet so far...

    REEEE, OP Balansgrad is so OP REEEEE, doesn't weegee know Merica won the war so only Merican botes should be OP not fake paper Russsian botes….. Good job though poirene
  3. MutsuKaiNi

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Perhaps some might think logically like, its possible. But most won't xD But I've learned anything on NA, its that if you dare to nerf anything American, this place goes up in flames
  4. MutsuKaiNi

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Haha, okay mods feel free to close this thread down, I got want I wanted So many salty USN fanbois so angry that I dare purpose to nerf a Merica ship xD
  5. From what I can gather, Montana in her final form would have had 28knt speed instead of the 30knt speed she has in game. If WG wants to stick to the design philosophy they have for this game and keep the ships the same as their historical counterparts or to their designed blueprints, this should be changed.
  6. We really could start using some T8 ops, I have lots of T8s I need to grind but with the matchmaker really loving to dump on T8, some ops would be the perfect way to grind out these ships.
  7. What the title says, what ship do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing to look at For me, its without a doubt, Amagi especially with her perma camo She is such a beautiful looking ship, WG did a great job with her model and coming up with a very plausible, circa 1944 refitted Amagi.
  8. MutsuKaiNi

    The Russophobia on NA

    So a nation that claims an area that is full of Russians and wants to be part of Russia and a bunch of Islamist extremists consider Russia their enemy? Mmm, I think I'll take Russia's side on the matter, thanks
  9. MutsuKaiNi

    The Russophobia on NA

    ... I think you're the troll here, with the sort of nonsensical baseless dribble I'm hearing from you
  10. MutsuKaiNi

    The Russophobia on NA

    If by current events you mean this election hacking nonsense, yes I have and its nonsense.
  11. MutsuKaiNi

    The Russophobia on NA

    I've noticed NA is always very dismissive at best and outright hostile at worst, towards Russian ships, Russian ports, Russian anything, my question is..... why? What is NA's problem with Russia? Lingering Cold War paranoia? If so, let it go. Russia is not the 'enemy' anymore.