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  1. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    having been on the beach

    ha ha too late for that lol. been playing a coupla weeks now, had some preem time too tho I'l be damned if I knew where that came from. pretty much picked up where I left off from, coop tho did a few random/ranked battles, shoulda mentioned. like riding a bike. tried carriers, tho didn't get the hang of then, and bot carriers seem to ignore me so far, so stayed in battleships. even managed to sink a coupla 9s recently in KGV, which I didn't have then, or Monarch. don't much care for her. great ship for bbqs, KGV is. I'm blaming jingles for getting me back into wows, after watching a vid on this newish mode, operations or whatever it is. he better be easy to get when released as a captain
  2. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    having been on the beach

    for a coupla yrs, what nerfs have Warspite and KGV undergone. I'm sure there were many cuz wg reasons
  3. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    Vanguard Vs. Monarch

    yeah, meant next ship up, Lion and I doubt it'll any easier getting into Conqueror
  4. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    Vanguard Vs. Monarch

    better question is why Monarch is less capable than KG 5. I have both and find KG better, at least in pve. gonna be a painful grind into Vanguard
  5. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    HMS HOOD: Battlecruiser or Battleship?

    Hood, as designed, has the lighter armor of a cruiser and thus the speed with the guns of a battleship, hence battlecruiser. that was her purpose, hit hard and get away fast
  6. ToveyADMCinCHomeFleet

    PayPal Error

    it would seem this needs a bump. can't seem to use paypal either. not ingame or thru the site, same error