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  1. TheHunter2_EAD

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    Coming back to the question. I like too see last modernization & aircraft load out. 8/1944, Zuikaku: aircraft fuel tanks received additional concrete protection; + 5 x 2 - 25/60 96-shiki, 26 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki, 8 x 28 - 120 AA rockets, 13-go radar. Let's have two type of Attacker A6M2 & A6M5,DB D4Y, & TB B6N
  2. TheHunter2_EAD

    Tier 4 CVs - Seem rather ineffectual

    Keep ur tier IV u don't when WG bring back the other CV that where odd tier helpfully soon.
  3. TheHunter2_EAD

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    But I want me to have the zuikaku as premium carrier.
  4. TheHunter2_EAD

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    I don't know let's see what WG come up with. I'm honestly petty disappointed with 1/2 of cv in the rework. The GZ needs help, the Enterprise attackers need to rename or swap, and others need some work.
  5. TheHunter2_EAD

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    Can the Zuikaku as a tier VIII premium CV with a different load out? Why I'm ask because "Kaku" is a crane and have one without the other means incomplete cane set. If it come to the game give it a cane camouflage . So we have both twin canes. http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cv_shokaku.htm
  6. TheHunter2_EAD

    Why not bring ARP back for a second round?

    WG should make a Anime Collection with APR, HSF, and Azur lane that give us a container form each one so some of us can start or finish.
  7. TheHunter2_EAD

    Italian Cruiser Lineup

    next use navypedia. http://navypedia.org/ships/italy/it_cr.htm And there's a forum for this tech tree:
  8. TheHunter2_EAD


    Unryu and Junyo will be a nice addition to premium CV line or possible a third CV line for IJN after we get back the other IJN CV. And I found a video for ur entertainment. http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cv_unryu.htm
  9. TheHunter2_EAD

    Junyo if is possible?

    Now the CV rework is done and still a few thing that need to be work on. But let's get to back on the Junyo topic I agree with the fact it going to be a tier VI now when it comes out is the question.
  10. TheHunter2_EAD

    Will the Missouri come back?

    Plz so I can sell mine for credit or gold.
  11. TheHunter2_EAD

    British / UK Carriers Clases

    Same here
  12. TheHunter2_EAD

    British / UK Carriers Clases

  13. TheHunter2_EAD

    Roma Needs Some Love

    Yea I agree. With the rework going on.
  14. TheHunter2_EAD

    Japanese CL line?

    After that change I like to add Mogami CV version: http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cr_mogami.htm just look at last pic. I will place at tier VIII or VII . Move Tone down to tier VI. And BB Ise at tier VIII or IX. Properly make this line of ships more inserting
  15. TheHunter2_EAD

    Ise in game

    We could use Ise sister ship: Hyuga as a premium. And let Ise be part of the tech tree.