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  1. Her aircraft load out for the Junyo: 6/1944 Junyo 9 A6M2, 18 A6M5 9 D3A, 9 D4Y 9 B6N
  2. Simply I can not wait.
  3. LOL. All alt players all a like and tell some players learn to strafe. All ur fault for being OP & using ALT on random battles instead on Rank & Clan.
  4. I can agree with HazeGrayUderway. But in my option: saipan needs to be nerf or move to a higher tier or fix Kaga planes to match in the same tier. So Kaga can have a chance in it's tier.
  5. I like to see Slava or Borodino or both. Come WG get some more pre-dreadnoughts in the game.
  6. Midway is load of crap. It has worst MM. Need a fix MM on it with the update with nerf cv. It's waste of my time, money, & exp.
  7. I think it great getting to Commander to skill 19 in US or IJN. But let u know there are bugs in the tier X Midway. As far I exp bad MM, crash with mod players, really bad Lag, & more crash for unknown reason.
  8. I'm glad that u approve.
  9. Here is some one forum for HMS CV line: There is my idea of a line for them in there.
  10. This a guess here Junyo coming next year?
  11. Well IJN CV player including myself been complaining about the tier V Bogue. But I didn't predict this to happen.
  12. NP
  13. Well that true
  14. Same here.