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  1. CV rework twitch reactions

    Same. And a lot of RTS players are going to leave WOWS or/& WG itself all together. What attracted me to WoWS was a chance of a fresh start because WoT started to tank. At start I thought it was another WoT but when I tried out the CV's it changed in a big way and I had fun for the first time and not being shot at all the time. This is some of my stories. But this rework is going to change everything from RTS to a RGP. Doesn't sit well with me and I think it's time for me to leave WG it's not of change I welcome it. It's because WoT players are being a negative influence on the game and community that I can't stand for. So that's why I leaving the game when the rework happens.

    I already said what I have to say on that video. So good bye WG
  3. CV rework twitch reactions

    Look like trying to do when Battle stations games where out. We all know what happen to those games it die.
  4. Notser on CV rework

    New video from notser. Witch I agree with him on some of thing he said in the video.
  5. Russian CVs

    I put up load a app today on phone it's warship game not going to say what it is. I will just say USSR CV: Project 72: Displacement 30,755 tons, length 250.7m, width 31.4m, Speed 30K, capacity 2,200. Armament 16*130mm cannon, 16*85 Aerogun, 24*37mm Aerogun, 48*20mm AA cannon. Information: Was a design proposal put up by the USSR navy in 1944 to build a large scale CV. The design was the most mature and well thought plan produced by the USSR navy prior to WWII. Due to changes in construction by the USSR navy Project 72 finally abandoned. Project 71 A & B: A class: Displacement 10,600 length 195m, width 18.7m, speed 33.8K capacity 1,000 Armament 8*100mm aerogun, 16*37mm Aerogun, 20*12.7mm AA cannon. B class: Displacement 24,050tons, length 230m, width 28m, speed 31.5K, capacity 1800 Armament 8*130mm cannon, 32*37mm cannon, 32*12.7mm MG. information: A: Light CV originally came from the proposal to design a series of CV by Soviet Union in 1939. Using design from the Ark Royal, and work began in 1941. Because outbreak of war between the USSR & Germany, the ship was never built. B: Based on modification on A to upgrade it. But it not approved due to the outbreak of war with Germany, this was abandon. Kronstadt or Project 69: Displacement 32,000 tons, length 240m, width 29.4, Speed 32K, Capacity 2,000, Armament 16*130mm cannon, 32*45mm cannon, 32*25mm AA cannon information: it was AV-CV mod plan to convert the unfinish Kronstadt CC into an CV, but it was not authorized. Izmail: Displacement 20,000 tons, length 223.9m, width 30.5m, Speed 27K, Capacity 1,175 Armament 8*183mm cannon, 8*102mm Aerogun, 16*40 AA cannon Information: Trying to convert Izmail class BC into CV in March 1925. But due to massive economic and tech difficulties it was abandoned & scrape in March 1926. Komsomolets: Displacement 12,000 tons, length 143m, width 19.6m, Speed 15K, Capacity 1,000, Armament 16*102mm Aerogun, 20*40mm AA cannon information: In 1927 trying to build the first training CV by Communist Youth League Class. But due to the military strategy shift to a defense line and it was eventually scrapped.
  6. I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    I was using my Kaga yesterday to sink a BB & he said there no way my torp bombers could hit him at any angle and accuse me of cheating and having no skill at all then hit me with -1 to my Karma. With is [edited] to me. I know how to adjust my trop planes to guarantee a 50%-75% hit ratio in a selected target. Same thing as my DB but there % is 25%-50% hit ratio. The only time I use ALT when I need to use it but with fighters. That form tier 6-10.
  7. Carrier Rework Update

    Well WG can say something at PAX West.
  8. Russian CVs

    Found some more: http://thekristoffersuniverseinwar.wikia.com/wiki/Project_72 EU: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/1647-list-of-soviet-cvs-projects/
  9. Russian CVs

    This is one of Project USSR CV. Trying to find others is going be a pain. Project 71 class
  10. What can I do with Yamato

    Same here every time I use my yamato when team lose I'm losing karma points. I think no one like to play her or let me practicing any long range gunnery.
  11. Junyo if is possible?

    When CV rework is done can we have Junyo?
  12. Starting today I have left 116th panzer division for good. And now just a mercenary Just get what he wants and nothing more or less.

  13. Who going to see this movie?:


  14. Carrier Rework Update

    I'm trying to put out some of firestorm that everyone creating without any outside pressure. I'm saying is having a 2 part developer diary (the 1st part can put at any time & 2nd part when going to release) would put some of us at ease for a while. That all trying to ask from WG no more or lets and slowly douse this firestorm that keep growing.
  15. Carrier Rework Update

    I agree. WG need to put a video on the progress of cv rework. I'm sure agree on seeing some of it can lift some our spirts and some of us can use are cv better on the game.