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  1. TheHunter2_EAD

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Are we about done WG version Water world meets Mad Max(PS4 video game). Or WG version of a Ork ship.
  2. TheHunter2_EAD

    Itailains are coming!!!!!

    Sry it's to long of steam for me. Because I don't time for a long steam
  3. TheHunter2_EAD

    Itailains are coming!!!!!

    A brief look at Italian CC.
  4. TheHunter2_EAD

    Akagi if is possible?

    Can we plz continue with this topic? https://worldwartwo.wikia.org/wiki/Japanese_aircraft_carrier_Akagi
  5. TheHunter2_EAD

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    NoZoupForYou said same thing:
  6. TheHunter2_EAD


    If WG development add Hornet to the game We might have carpet bombing & torp bombing with the B-25 and high number of wildcat as a attacker. It may join enterprise at tier VIII.
  7. TheHunter2_EAD

    T-22 — German Tier V destroyer.

    My only issue it the torps G7a T1 it's said 7.5 km which is fine. But on form tier V-X CC and on 3 BB that use them said 6 km . My question why can't be all the same range?
  8. TheHunter2_EAD

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    Best time to buy it.
  9. TheHunter2_EAD

    Junyo if is possible?

    It's time to put a nail in the coffin for this forum. Since nobody including WG development cares for the Junyo. So close it up.
  10. TheHunter2_EAD

    Junyo if is possible?

  11. TheHunter2_EAD

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    Well the aim to get Tone first then get Aircraft carrying Cruiser Mogami the CCV version: http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cr_mogami.htm
  12. TheHunter2_EAD

    How do you "drop a Fighter" to provide Air Support?

    Now the question is is when the drop them? A lot of times people dropping way too early when early game when the team is group up. As for me mid to late in game is when the team is broken up. That is when easy Pickens after team AA mostly destroyed or low HP just cleaning up.
  13. TheHunter2_EAD

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    I can live with that.
  14. TheHunter2_EAD

    Video - Furutaka, what a ship

    I like as a CL. but it need some love.