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  1. Is HMS Hood worth it?

    Hood needs some love in the MM, concealment, & armor. but she good ship.
  2. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    I'm a CV player. But I split between BB, Heavy Cruiser, Med Cruisers, & Light Cruiser. I don't use DD but have some and rarely use them. I'm wait CV line to better and see new CV line. But in the mean time I use CC as DD hunter & BB as support but more a BC player and brawler.
  3. Where the nerfs the development blog has been posting on ur Facebook page. Are those going to happen or not?
  4. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    Another CV hater. plz go away
  5. French CV's

    I say tier 6 because the aircraft, loadout, & speed hurt it. Aircraft & loadout: 9/1939: 20 D.373 fighters & 5 P.L.7 torpedo bombers or early 1940: 40 LN401 and V-156-F DB. Link below: D.373: http://navypedia.org/arms/france/fr_a_d37.htm P.L.7:http://www.navypedia.org/arms/france/fr_a_pl7.htm LN401: https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=745 V-156-F: http://www.vought.org/products/html/v-156-f.html Speed: 21.5 But all that a side the of her history: 1. At the core of task Force L for the Hunt of Admiral Graft Spree 2. Indochina(Singapore to Vietnam era). Her aircraft didn't see combat at all just scouting just for hunt for Graft Spree that all.
  6. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Here a tier 3 CV HMS Hermes (1924-1941) equip with 7 Flycatcher fighter & 4 Dart Torpedo bombers for start. And u can review her at the link below: http://navypedia.org/ships/uk/brit_cv1_hermes.htm Tell me what u think.
  7. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    WG is to busy with CV rework there haven't release no new CV's or old CV as of yet. And it's hurting the CV players mood on all of this if they want the CV player to back after new CL line just hurry up and start fixing problem at hand.
  8. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Here we go again. There were made more during 1917-1945 so take another look at the navypedia link. Because I'm looking at HMS Glory & Ocean a Colossus class light CV equip with: Glory: 8/1945 21 Corsairs & 18 Barracuda/Ocean: 22 Sea Fury FB.11 & 12 Firefly AS.5 for a tier 8 or 9 CV. Because almost everyone like Ark Royal as premium cv and not on the forums: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/confederate-1/ http://navypedia.org/ships/uk/uk_carriers.htm
  9. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    That is the true
  10. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    This is my option. The AA on CV need to readjusted a little. Give USN Tier VII & VIII there fighters back and give back the Hell cat fighters to Midway just make them tier IX. Defensive fire keep the way it is but rework some of the USN CC & BB so they wont be over powering agents low tier CV when there are compare agents high tier CC & BB. Manual & strafing: well to agree to disagree in my option some manual drop for DB need to be 50/50 not 100% hit. On need to be rework on the TB manual like a set range then torp activate because activating when drop starting to be annoying factor. Now on the strafing needs to be rework or modify: rework drop 100% kill to 50% because board wipes aren't fun. modify: I remember we say we wanted fighter-bombers get rid of strafe and put rocket strike or bomb drop to the fighter.(because I say this I watch a video form Notser: Why CV change and alt a whole lot in the video). Re-armament time is fine to me. Squadron is fine to me. DB are fine.
  11. Midway no fun!

    I saw this on my Facebook

    I saw this my Facebook today.
  13. In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    I like to see Re Umberto class Italian pre-dreadnoughts. http://navypedia.org/ships/italy/it_bb_re_umberto.htm
  14. IJN Shinano (Yamato Hull CV)

    It will be nice IJN CV at tier IX: http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cv_shinano.htm
  15. HOOD

    I'm wondering if Azur lane Collab is going to be available when I going to buy it or HMS CV's.