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  1. Gwennifer

    Kansas-Vermont Branch Changes

    This is only really a problem because the whole line's hulls were designed to eat shells, which is very uncharacteristic for the USN. Given that the Vermont is basically a floating port city, you'd think you'd be able to fit the largest guns and shells you could build onto the thing. It reads as if St. Petersburg was upset that the whole line they built to get shot up was not, in fact, being shot up, and so any and all changes to rectify this mistake are justified.
  2. Gwennifer

    Premium Ship Review: Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya

    I'd really like to buy it, but the lack of gun traverse and A-hull is puttting me off. Maybe they'll come to their senses on the next wave.
  3. Gwennifer

    LIke the new tech tree visuals

    The extended tech tree mod won't be around for a few days. The author has to remake almost all of it as the tech tree changes were substantial, apparently.
  4. Gwennifer

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    I don't have a 19-pt yet, but I move Captains around as many times as is sensible. I like to use *comfortable* ships as trainers. For example, Indianapolis's enhanced turret traverse--at first--felt slow. Once I got deeper into the USN CA line, however, I began to appreciate how much more flexible Indianapolis was (despite being made of tissue paper and wet socks), and the flexibility lets me play much more actively while staying safe. In the Pepsi-Cola and New Orleans, I have to be much more careful about which direction my guns and I face, and that's not as fun.