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  1. Sethanas

    Number of players on...

    ^ this Right this moment: Version: Server: WOWS NA Players: 4840
  2. Sethanas

    3 carriers on a team is to much

    For the most part I'd say play smarter, but the truth is that AA at those bottom tiers has always been a problem, some ships just don't have anything to work with.
  3. The fact that we still need CVs to be treated differently just seems like failed balance to me... I like the more hands on game style, but I've always said that CVs will never be balanced as long as they're treated differently from any other ship class. TL:DR: once again trying to cure a symptom and not the cause.
  4. Sethanas

    Aegis rant time again

    Usually shouldn't matter if the rest of the team can shoot worth a damn tbh... Pretty sure the spawn is on a timer but I could be wrong... either way the only times it'll be a problem is when your BBs and cruisers cant figure out how to LMB...
  5. Sethanas

    Weekend spree

    That's because the CV rework is different..... not better.... just different.
  6. Sethanas

    Help for RU DDs

    Last stand is important, DE is really not a good choice for most DDs when compared with other skills... At higher tiers SE, and SI are both important, also BFT will help you more than DE just think of the math. 10% more shots or 2% more fires, which one ACTUALLY gets you more fires? And in DD on DD fights BFT Is far better than DE.
  7. Sethanas

    Thanks matchmaker

    :\ sounds like a new kind of STD when you put it that way :\ Lost a ranked match with over 200k dmg, it happens, only thing you can do is smack that battle button again.
  8. Sethanas

    Too many standard games

    You mean the least engaging game mode that really shouldn't have been included in the game at all? Yeah, any amount of that is too much of that tbh.
  9. Started losing interest way back in june, its been down hill ever since, still the same game modes, nothing to grab my attention tbh.
  10. Sethanas

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    The XP earned on any premiums wont help you grind a specific Nation of ships, the XP is stocked up on the ship until you decide to spend GOLD to convert it to free XP (that can be used on ANY ship) The advantage you'd get by getting a USN premium (DD or otherwise) is that you can use your USN commanders with it to gain more commander XP, other than that the nation of the ship is a non-issue. The advantage you'd get by getting a non-USN ship is that you'd be able to train up a commander for that nation before starting to grind that nation, so you dont start with a skill-less commander. So, Kidd or Sims if you want to boost your USN commanders, Lo-yang or T-61 if you want to get a head start with either Pan-asian or German commanders. Kidd and lo-yang are both Benson class DDs with their own little quirks, Lo-yang is basically a C hull benson (its actually THE benson) with hydro, whereas the Kidd is a benson that gets heal and an AA that'll make CV's cry (but you give up a torpedo launcher for that AA) Lots of people recommending the Sims, it's OK, it has a magic XP modifier that lets it score boat loads of XP even on mediocre game, and it was recently buffed or is about to be buffed I dont remember if they squeezed that into the updates yet, but overall I always found it to be a pretty mediocre offering game-play wise.
  11. Sethanas


    Just a passing thought.... would be nice to be able to view/manage/delete Screen shots in game... Perhaps even be able to share them ingame?
  12. Sethanas

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    Kidd or Lo-yang would be my first picks. Quite a few nice DDs but those 2 are really stellar. Kidd gets that AA plus that Heal, Lo-yang gets the Hydro which is borderline broken tbh.
  13. Tho you'd never guess it based on server statistics, USN BBs would be my first pick, I had lots of fun with the mid tiers (5-6-7) and the tier 8 threw 10 are all fantastic. Second pick would have been IJN, a very solid mid tier (5-6-7) and well.... YAAA MAAA TOOOO! Honorable mention to the bismark and Alsace for being some really damn good BBs, tho I don't think I'd really recommend lines themselves.
  14. ^ This, except MAYBE on some secondary focused BBs and obviously on some gunboat DDs and light cruisers. Is BFT worth it just for the AA boost? I'd say no.
  15. Sethanas

    How to Atago and Prinz Eurgen as bottom tier?

    Keep a good amount of distance, spam HE, make things burn, and avoid going broadside to loaded guns at all costs. The difference between a good and great player in this case will be that the great player will cycle targets better and get more permanent fires vs the merely "good" player that will just get a bunch of fires that may or may not actually give him/her lots of fire damage. (the bad or average player just wont live long enough to be of use anyways so forget them...) The torps in both cases are more viable later in the match, going out of your way to use torps early on is very risky, the closer you are to the enemy team the more chance that someone somewhere has a shot on your squishy parts. Knowing when you can close into torp distance safely is something that you only learn threw much trial and error tbh, but your bread and butter in both ships will be your HE damage and fire setting potential, even more so in the Atago. An extra tip is that 8 inch guns have pretty fair AP, learning when you can abuse this is valuable.