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  1. Sethanas

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    I had that same thought, but I'm pretty sure you can dump some of those Ship art/model employees onto remodeling older things or have them work on other general improvements for a while. They REALLY need to hire some talent to develop the GAME rather than sticking to developing ships. I think once the currently announced ships are out they really should pump the breaks and give some more thought to the longevity of the game rather than just "what ship do we make next"
  2. I feel like the combo with the new module and the shima's UU will almost make the 20kms viable. Quicker reload and better speed might be all you need, now days everyone and their mothers are running hydro anyways so the terrible detection of the 20ks is less of an issue I guess... also when launching from far enough away the traverse penalty is significantly less punishing. Just a thought...
  3. Sethanas

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    ^ Very Very much this ^ Less new ships more new content. Game modes mostly IMHO, dont care for the pve junk, I want ACTUAL GAME MODES: Team battles, King of the hill etc etc etc... Not just a reskin of random battles for gods sake, this random battle thing just gets so damn old no matter how you dress it up.
  4. Sethanas

    DD CV interaction

    I think that CV vs DD is too vague, If I'm in say a Kidd or that ridiculous monstrosity that is the Friesland, CVs will seem very underpowered... however if I'm in some of the low tier DDs with a whopping 0 to 10 AA rating? yeah CVs are a PITA. I think that we're at the point where it's no longer the CV or DD Class that need to be buffed or nerfed, but there are definitely individual CVs or DDs that need to be looked at.
  5. Sethanas

    This Is Outrageous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has nothing to do with the changes.... CVs have ALWAYS been downright soul crushing to play against unless you're in one of those golden goose AA ships. But I'll agree that Wargaming in general don't have the slightest clue what they're doing in the balance department, I even tried to go back to tanks this week.... Uninstalled it again after just a handful of games, its worse than ever over there and that is likely to be the fate of ships in the next few years.
  6. It does seem to flow generously....
  7. Well... you had det flags after the first one... maybe you should have used them? Win rate is very meaningful, so long as it is measured over a large sample size. A player with 100 games and 60% win rate doesn't mean much, one with thousands of games and a 60% win rate, does mean a lot. Most people who complain about winrates just have the wrong expectations, really the value that is important isn't your win % its your win % relative to the playerbase.
  8. Sethanas

    Just gonna leave this here

  9. Sethanas

    When a CV attacks, what should I do?

    Only one thing to do bro...
  10. Sethanas

    Unique upgrades: clarification and changes

    Great more content to add to my "not in a million years" list. Research Bureau is the most disgusting thing Wargaming ever came up with tbqfh.
  11. Any idea on How to do Directive 6 - 7 Tasks?
  12. Sethanas

    Is the game going in a good direction?

    Even If we completely disregard the current money grubbing shenanigans... It's still been downhill for quite a while now. Gameplay is growing more and more stale "New" content feels like more of the same "Old" content feels dated and power creeped Same boring game modes we've been playing since beta really, unless you consider epicenter to be a big innovation (Hey what if we dump all the caps in the middle... Ohhh yeah new game!) Directives and combat missions are all grindy AF, no skill involved, just continue smashing face on keyboard till completion... much the same for ranked skill based MM is still sorely lacking Some kind of consistent Team based game mode is badly needed I could go on and on but no-one is going to read this really so bleh I will give them some points on tier/class/ship balanced match making, it generally works well... but that's not much to show for the last 1-2 years I'd say.
  13. This mostly, ill get a few containers (snowflakes) and some steel for playing normally, but this will be the first year in a while where I'll even skip the santa containers.
  14. Sethanas

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    With all due, I think that's exactly the point, much of the player-base has plenty of grind in their daily life, coming home and feeling the need to grind some more on something that is supposed to be fun isn't going to motivate them. I think player-base wanted a challenge, not a whole month of "smash face on keyboard to continue" style grind. Grinding absurd quantities of XP or credits isn't a challenge, it's merely mind numbing, no real skill involved, you can be the worst player in the game and eventually you'll get it. And yes I understand what you meant about them not wanting to play the same game they worked on all day, I just feel that the statement completely misses the point here.
  15. Just like in randoms, you have an impact on the game, the more impact you have, the more you win. Does that mean you can carry every game? no. A bad player will probably win less than 50% while a good one can get upwards of 70%, that +/- 20% margin, That's what YOU bring to the game.