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  1. Sethanas

    It's been a year or 2, what's changed?

    You have to play differently with the new CVs, if you don't adapt you will absolutely hate it. Other than that, doesn't feel any better or worse than 2 years ago imho... Players will make or ruin games for you, not much that can be done about that.
  2. Sethanas

    torpedos lmbo

    So long, have fun, no need to write.
  3. Sethanas

    Are french BB ever gonna get a buff to armor?

    130 / 6 x 1.333=28.88 Barking up the wrong tree doesn't help anyone. Especially with the french BBs people don't have much excuse for being caught out by a Smolensk long enough for it to be a problem tbh. Bad plays are to be punished, that's how the game is supposed to be tbh.
  4. Sethanas

    WG, I’m DONE!!!

    So that left you with 750 MN hits 30 Fires, 2 Achievements 12000 Base xp 5000000 Tanked 4 Wins 30000 Commander XP Thats the 7 you needed.... Only complaint I have for this event is that my friend with only the omaha and pensacola is having a tough time getting threw it. I get what they're trying to do with the europe/pan-america/commonwealth missions, but really there should be a bigger selection of them before they start putting in missions for those groups... especially pan-america... I mean really....
  5. Sethanas

    IFHE on BB's

    Mixed results... Fun fact, out of all the tier 10 BBs it's only the Montana that can't citadel a Smolensk with stock HE....
  6. Sethanas

    Ctrl + F function in the port

    Just making it a premium time feature would probably be dirty enough tbh...
  7. Sethanas

    Saint-Louis question

    She's a martel with a heal, if you pick your flank properly and have people to spot for you and take some of the heat off of you it does quite well. I still preferred the Martel tier for tier tho.
  8. Sethanas

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    Bayard or Fantasque for me... if I cared enough to play the sprint, especially that little speed demon of a DD, you can really mess up cruisers with that reload booster and some AP if they make a mistake.
  9. Sethanas

    Second BB line to go for?

    No love for the Monty? USN BBs are my go to line for sure, close range, long range, mid range, doesn't matter you get american piercing shells...
  10. Sethanas

    DDs and CVs, a tale of misery

    I've been playing tier 3-4-5 with a friend who just started the game, I find even 1 Hosho is insanely oppressive unless you happen to be in one of the tiny handful of ships with workable AA at the tier (and many of those are premium). That's with thousands of games under my belt and I'd say an above average understanding of the game. Thrusting new players head first into the mess that is tier 3-4-5 battles right now is questionable at best. Also my biggest pet peeve with the CV rework as of now.... The Atlanta AA is so dang bad compared to the old system :(
  11. Sethanas

    This is why I get fed up....

    5850/3= 1950 1950X6= 11700 Assuming that any part that you hit had been saturated you'd lose damage. Really I cant believe you're all worked up over hitting near 9k on a DD with one salvo.... most people would be ecstatic :\
  12. Sethanas

    Best DD for TX Clan Brawl

    Decent smoke will be important YY might do but I think that if it's your first DD I'd go for the Gearing. Best smoke, Good torps, Decent Concealment (Even better if you grind out the legendary mod) Workable guns. Pretty much the universal DD.
  13. Sethanas

    Can we get rid of Balensk?

    70MM citadel armor.. Pro tip for the BBabies... your HE pen value is indicated in port...
  14. Sethanas

    Tips for Henri?

    Use your speed to dictate range and chose your fights, throw that over-sized HE at things and watch them burn... Just about all there is to it.
  15. Thats a given, you cant do good in it if your game is cut short by bad decisions, takes a good deal of time to rack up that damage with no torps and only 4 guns, even tho the RoF is good. The Azuma gets alot of flak, but those guns are actually pretty nasty, I think that people really don't give it a chance before badmouthing it.