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  1. Porpoisely misspelling ehh?
  2. The trick is to avoid being HE spammed in the first place. Managing your exposure to HE spam is how you protect against fires, know the range of the worst HE spam offenders, make sure you're never in a position to be focused by more than you can handle. It's a team game, if you're in a ship that can not easily disengage make sure you use your team mates to find potential threats. TL:DR: Positioning is everything.
  3. I'm really looking for a reason to play some ships again... this does quite the opposite for me... at least the other collabs were somewhat relevant to ships I don't know how transformers fits into warships... to be fair I haven't listened to most of the transformers movies... but still it just twangs awkwardly in my head.
  4. Sethanas

    Doubloon Swindle!

    Recessions are a pain that way..... But really, forums aren't tech support, you're in the wrong place.
  5. Sethanas

    WG removed premium consumables?

    More importantly you no longer have potatoes trying to save 22k credits by running basic repair/healing consumables on their t10 battleships.
  6. Sethanas

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    1: Yes 2: Yes 3: No...ish, if you need a counter class to the class you're introducing you're likely doing it wrong, tho I have nothing against seeing new destroyers in the game. I'd also add that Subs should not ever be able to spot anything at all not even threw proxy spotting if the subs are in any way untargettable/unsinkable at the time, Risk-Reward, If you can get the reward (Spotting damage) You should have to put your ship at risk, bit the same problem I see with CVs right now, yes you risk planes, but in a decent player's hands the risk is tiny compared with other classes. Cv's biggest risk is pressing the battle button and getting a team of potatoes tbh, that's pretty much where the risk ends for them unless they're horrible players.
  7. There is so much left to explore/fix with the 4 existing classes, Subs are just another way for Wargaming to continue ignoring the problems that exist in their game imho. How many years in are we? And we're still basically stuck with random battles as our only gameplay option since A: Clan battles are only available to those with the "correct" schedule B: Ranked is a poopshow and always has been (and is also basically just randoms lets be honest)
  8. Friesland is absolutely fantastic imho. That said the Moskva is a very good boat, some people don't like the play-style but she's damn good at what she does tbh.
  9. Sethanas

    Smolensk/Colbert.... WHY?

    Only real problem with Smolensk is that people don't pay attention to positioning, they sit in static positions when the other side has Smolensk. Pro tip, at 15+k if you're moving the Smol's DPS goes WAY down even if he's a decent shot, and if he's not a good shot his DPS almost completely evaporates. Also, BB HE can citadel the smol and will not overpen, Cruisers can vaporize it with AP and it's not particularly safe against torpedoes. Is playing against the Smolensk a terrible experience that is not fun? Yes. Is the Smolensk truly OP? Honestly I'd have to go with No. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3655251408,Smolensk/ I mean the thing is actually quite bad statistically on top of it, it's middle of the pack for cruisers with the top 50-25-10 and 5% on NA, and bottom third for the other half of the players. If we absolutely had to be complaining about OP ships right now it would make way more sense to be talking about the Stalingrad, with it's server win-rate fully 3 points above the next ship. Smol is just the best salt farmer right now, that's all it is.
  10. No difference, but I'd assume that there is a variation in how many of each are in the game seeing as they were given out in sequence and not all at once.
  11. Ran into a pair of them in Clan battles, they pointed their bows away from us and it took a whole lot to finally clean them up.
  12. Sethanas

    Ryūjō Japanese carriers are just the worst!!

    And yet the torpedo bombers on the t4 and 6 IJN carrier are what makes those carriers so very good. This is user error.
  13. Sethanas

    Dear WG, please fix clan chat...

    Yeah they still haven't figured out how to make a clan chat that works, don't worry, in 5 years or so it'll still be borked.
  14. Always remember that it's not about who gets the cap first, its about who can hold it the longest. The real key is to make sure to make them pay for the initial cap.
  15. Cant play my DDs at all unless I have my very best cruiser players online, and even then its iffy at best. CV spotting, metric @#$%load of radar, accurate and fast traveling shells at longer ranges... really this season is a DD's greatest nightmare to date. Only real use for a DD against a good team is to sit just in-front of a smoke cruiser's smoke to spot and back up into that smoke at the first sign of rocket planes. So you could almost dual-box a DD in this season if you were able to pump out enough damage in your Smolensk to be worth 2 spots on the team.... Really its just the cumulative of all WG's game balance failures of the last 2 or so years jammed into one game mode. Harsh I know.. but frankly the almost complete lack of any DDs (Usually on both sides) in the games we've played has to be a red flag to someone in the balance department or they really should just be outright fired for incompetence.