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  1. Torenico

    Best citadel farmer for cruisers?

    It depends, a Salem can catch a broadside Mino by surprise and do that mission in no time. But you need a specific combination of factors that would play all in your favor. If I were you, I'd play "normally" until that mission comes out just by chance, I wont be actively seeking to score 10 cit hits in a game because it can get frustrating real quick.
  2. So this effectively means I can run my International Women's Day camo, once I use all 60 of them I can keep buying them back with credits?
  3. Torenico

    Premium Ship Review - Giuseppe Verdi

    Giuseppe Verdi in game can't stand up to the true Giuseppe Verdi !
  4. any german battleship
  5. Torenico

    CV's should not be in ranked

    I barely face CVs in ranked, they continue to be like the least played class lol
  6. Torenico

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    It's barely noticeable in my opinion. The long range kept many Thunderers far from the action, now you can use it in a more active role -- to stick alongside some of your cruisers in support of your destroyers. 12km-ish concealment is excellent for a BB, it's very stealthy, it can disengage almost at will... feels like a cruiser with a lot of firepower and hp! Sure there are times where 21km aren't enough, like when sniping CVs (and the ship doesn't carry spotter plane too), but I think the change of playstyle makes up for it.
  7. Torenico

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    I'm surprised Thunderer isn't S+ tbh. I think it's the best battleship in the game overall, especially for randoms. It can't tank as well as other battleships sure, but it's still coated in 32mm of armor and it means it can bounce off anything but 460mm+. Either way, it has very workable main guns -- very consistent dispersion with 8 barrels, not the greatest in numbers but enough volume to guarantee a hit or two on a standard target. You have 457mm AP that can overmatch 30mm and punish cruisers like DM easily, it works well against battelships too. If the other player knows what he's doing, HE brings the solution, as HE allows the ship to engage all targets. Ship's concealment is also very good, ridiculous if I'm allowed to say it and it's rudder is also excellent, you can actually dodge incoming BB shells that were fired from a far distance. Also it has ridiculous reload for a battleship of that firepower. It's a great support battleship that can do it's fair share of tanking, the range nerf didn't affect it too much in my opinion because now it puts the ship closer to the enemy, the slow shells are no longer a problem because you cut the distance and you are now able to hit more reliably. And now you can even operate not far from your destroyers to give them support, with the good dispersion and the HE you can shove off 12k+ easily from the enemy DD and help yours win the engagement.
  8. Torenico

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    Also I think that Petro needs enemies that are willing to play in favor of it's strenghts for the ship to succeed, like cruisers giving broadside or not angling well enough, battleships sailing full broadside at close ranges and so on. A good player would rarely play in Petro's favour, he or she would seek to mitigate's Petro's strenghts (good ap) and force it into a trade that Petro can't win, especially since HE is bad and the dispersion doesn't help.
  9. I guess you're cool with racism on the internet because it isn't the land of rainbows and unicorns then?
  10. Torenico


    You laugh at people that have horrible win rates yet you don't know how to properly read stats. Interesting.
  11. Torenico

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    Ah it's the resentful testudine! Funnily enough the times I met him in battle he acted normally, like he didn't yell at anybody nor parked his or her ship at A1. He must have days..
  12. I think someone fired a full 460 mm salvo at a Khaba only for that bastard russian cruiser angle at the very last moment to bounce all nine shells. Khaba is barely a destroyer, it's outclassed by ships like Kléber and Marceau which end up being more usable than the old russian gunboat, it can still hold it's own due to it's heal but that's about it. It's big and it's rudder shift time is worse than Zao's, it needs steering upgrades if you want to dodge shells. The speed is nice (yet it's still slower than the mentioned French DDs) but experienced players wont have much issue at reliably hitting Khabarovsk, especially since the Khaba can't dodge shells as well as the other destroyers. From what appears in wowsft.com, Delny significantly improves in the maneuvarability department by having a competitive rudder shift time at the expense of one turret, so on paper it looks like a straight upgrade from Tashkent, while Khaba for some felt like a clear downgrade.
  13. Well you still didn't read the whole sentence and probably don't understand how SAP works either. How can a shell type that doesn't do overpens be "inconsistent"? inconsistent are the AP shells, that can either cit a cruiser or give you full overpens...
  14. You should read the entire sentence.