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  1. BDNeon

    IFHE and the Kurfurst

    Not any. Just the tier VII and the Tier X. The tier VIII and IX have 105mm secondaries, even with IFHE they don't exceed the 32mm breakpoint. Edit: Now it's reversed since the IFHE rework in 9.3. The 128mm secondaries no longer need IFHE to penetrate 32mm of armor, however the 105mm guns now CAN penetrate 32mm WITH IFHE. Kurfurst and Gneisenau no longer have a reason to use IFHE.
  2. BDNeon


    No fix for the rudder always showing as being past full-port bug? It only just started with the last update. I've heard other players mention it occuring for them too.
  3. Yup, it's resolved, they are refunding the amount spent, I just went ahead and bought from the correct shop. Just for the sake of helping others avoid making this mistake, I'd like to point out that it's starting to become a common occurrence for certain browsers like Firefox to consistently try to connect to other regions instead of your own, like even just now as I type this, I try googling for Wargaming Customer support, first result is https://wargaming.net › support . I click it, it takes me to https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/ I try going to the URL bar, I highlight asia, delete it, enter NA, I press enter. It refreshes. STILL asia.wargaming.net. I'm in California. California is not asia. And yet it keeps taking me there. Or sometimes EU. Or sometimes NA. Pretty sure something like that is how I ended up buying something in the wrong premium shop This is definitely something that the people in charge of maintaining the website should probably look into. I'll be more wary in future.
  4. NA responded to my ticket first, and said to wait for the EU ticket to resolve. The EU ticket is still unanswered. I'm flying away from my computer in 2 days and I need those tokens so I can buy that french captain in time...
  5. What about the EU, since apparently that's where this purchase was made?
  6. Oddly enough, I DO have EU accounts, dating back to 2011 for TAnks and Warplanes. I just found that out, but I don't think I ever made them, and they're completely unused. STrangely they work with my email login too. This is really weird and disconcerting. I fly out in 2 days and I really want to take care of this before then.
  7. But I had the North American shop open when I made the purchase. I don't have an EU account.
  8. I bought the 5 pack of Legion of Honor containers, and received the email confirming my purchase (oddly, from the EU shop team, in the past my emails always said it was from NA), but nothing was credited to my account. When I try to open a support ticket, it just says "Something went wrong Sorry, we are having technical issues at the moment. Please try again later." What the heck can I do?
  9. BDNeon

    Submarines are Coming

    As usual the drama-babies of the official forums cry doom and gloom. "No one asked for this!" When pretty much f--king everyone was asking for this constantly.
  10. BDNeon

    Why is the FPS still capped at 75?

    Again, did we get kicked through a timewarp and go back to 2003? What rock have you been living under, 144hz monitors have been sold for the last 7 years.
  11. Yeah that's total [edited], I was nearly done with the 4th directive too. I don't think I'm giving Wargaming any money anytime soon after that.
  12. BDNeon

    *sigh* Submarines...

    I disagree with the pessimists. I'm seeing a lot of promise with subs after trying this mode, and they'll add a nice extra dimension to the rock/paper/scissors meta of the game.
  13. BDNeon

    My 40 Halloween Premium Container Haul

    I've been watching the unbox videos and reading the threads, and so far the figure I'm getting for the drop rate of the permacamos seems to range between 1-in-5 to 1-in-8. Definitely worse then last year, I love the halloween camos but with droprates like that I have to question the value. Last year it seemed more like 1-in-4 on your worst streaks.