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  1. Siegewolf

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    Thank you all for your input, its a bit to digest and maybe Ill take a couple builds out to test. Not to many, then it gets expensive ;)
  2. Siegewolf

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    Heh, I wish they would allow us to get more than 19 points in our captains but I understand that that may lead to really over buffed captains compared to new players. As I mentioned, I would love to have RPF, but I am leaning towards the survivability build. The one issue then is to take a hit with the gun traverse or fragility to torp tubes due to torp mod 3 or main battery mod 3 you take in the sixth ship slot. I had envisioned reducing the fragility using PM. I may have to rethink this.
  3. Siegewolf

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    Well BFT is really to reduce the 113mm gun reload time. Certainly the difference is small when you are looking at 3-4 second reloads. AFT would increase the range of the guns but for this ranked season, doesn't make much sense.
  4. Siegewolf

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    So what I am seeing is some are taking survivability builds over increasing ROF. Makes sense. I will have to ponder this.
  5. Siegewolf

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    One thing I messed up. The incapicitation50% penalty is due to the Torp Tubes Modification 3. Not Torp Armament Expertise Superintendent is a consideration as well as Survivability Expert but they would be at the expense of BFT and TAE
  6. While it could be argued that this belongs with the British DD section since I am specifically looking at the next ranked season, I wanted to take into account particular captain skills. For the next season, DD wise, I wanted to focus on the Jutland. I don't have a Black (yes I have the steel but I have been saving it. I don't have enough for a Stalingrad but maybe will before it vanishes). I do have the Kitakaze, but wanted to focus on a particular build for this Ranked season for the UK DD. So for this season here is what you are looking at: Close engagements - So extending firing range doesn't seem as important (No Advance firing Training) Fast Guns - Since the DDs will be the primary cappers for buffs fast reload seems important. Fast Torp reload - Denying/deterring the enemy from the caps through torps is another role DDs must perform Health - You will get hurt. Having heal and smoke are needed. The Jutland has both, albeit the smoke is short (but enough to screen your escape when you aren't radared) With this in mind, for the Jutland, I was looking at the following: Priority Target ( 1) - Always want to know when someone is aiming at you Last Stand (2) - Always want to be able to turn/move when your fragile DD is hit Torpedo Armament Expertise (3) - Brings the Jutland to 148 second reload but at a 50% increased incapacitation risk Basic Firing Training (3) - Brings the reload down to 3.2 seconds Concealment Expert (4) - Because stealth is good and the Jutland is sneaky Inertia Fuse for HE Shells (4) - Because the Jutland's 113mm guns need it. Here's the problem with the last two points, do I take: Preventative Maintenance (1) - to reduce the 50% incapacitate penalty to 20% to torp tubes Expert Loader (1) - Due to only one point left and switching ammo quick is usually a good thing. or Expert Marksman (2) - to increase traverse. For the Jutland this really doesn't seem to be an issue due to her guns go 360. But may others think otherwise I really wanted someway to take RPF, but its just too costly IMHO. I know RPF will be real useful in the next ranked but I can't see a way to do it without seriously impacting things like Torp reload. Thoughts and comments, memes appreciated.
  7. Siegewolf

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    Yeah, Ill throw my hat into this poll ;) I selected Missouri as well. Unfortunately its really the only choice. I wish the contenders were closer in what they could bring to ranked but the Might Mo is just so much better for that mode.
  8. Siegewolf

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    I think, the road to the Minotaur is a rough one. Some good ships along the way but as you mentioned many that are floating citadels. Heck I went into port once and my Neptune spontaneously exploded after clicking on her (kidding). Several fun to play ships in the line (Fiji, Belfast, Minotaur), but as you said Mouse, with the balance players need to realize that a stiff breeze is dangerous to these ships :)
  9. Well, any poll with Bacon in it will get my Bacon vote.
  10. Siegewolf

    This will get me in trouble but IDK

    The purpose of the rework was supposed to resolve the issue on how much impact a bad/good CV player could have on a match (WG own words). IMHO, after watching many videos and reading through comments here in the forums, I don't think WG achieved the objective of fixing the impact bad/good players have on randoms.
  11. Siegewolf

    Mighty Prinz Campaign Step 6 - Final

    Yeah, the Nurnberg is my last as well. Several kills to go. Seems Im either on the wrong side of the map or people die before I can put the last hit in.
  12. Siegewolf

    Mighty Prinz Campaign Step 6 - Final

    I actually was able to complete this in Randoms finally. I was trying to get through the Hatsuharu mission. Got it done with a lot less effort than co-op grinding. I did more damage and capped in coop (I thought) while grinding. But I did get a devastating strike with the DD so maybe that put me over
  13. Meanwhile the OP visits his internet provider (yes they still use Mac Classics) <just kidding>
  14. Are you saying a skill based MM? Which will never happen, example : WoT or - Are you saying display peoples stats on the loading screen? Of which I would say no. For two reasons, the first is that it would cause some to just give up and use this as an excuse. The second is that I am certain that if you want this information there is a mod for it. I use mods just not any that color or show percentages