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  1. Siegewolf

    Get Your Orange Out

    Actually I think it will be
  2. Siegewolf

    Oh, 200% first-win days, how I will miss you.

    Aww, I have to agree. It was nice. Also have to agree about grinding three crates each day without it. Maybe I'll be wrong. Certainly tonight will tell.
  3. Siegewolf

    Get Your Orange Out

    Wow, ST DD (one that Lert brought to my attention at least) and the ST is Orange. Hmmm ok
  4. Siegewolf

    KMS Siegfried

    I hear the KMS Siegfried is going to be bundled with the KMS Roy. The Siegfried will come with Tiger camo ;)
  5. Siegewolf

    I finished Ranked Sprint, Fifth season

    It was the Lyon for me. I have always liked the Lyon but given the introduction of Soviet BBs (and I was seeing a lot of them) I started to wonder. Sure she has 16 barrels (what's not to like there) but he has low HP compared to other BBs. I was surprised to see A LOT of Hoods. I didn't expect that. For the most part the Lyon is a good fire starter at range and dodging 16 shells in a DD must not be fun as I was hitting them consistently. AP against a Sinop at under 10KM works just fine.
  6. Anyone else remember Sensurround?
  7. Siegewolf

    An NTC perk I'd want

    I have always said, with WoT as well as WoWS, that I always found it annoying that a commander working their way up ships would "forget" everything about the prior ships (tanks) they captained. Why can't we have a system where commanders (crews) remember ships that have ground through? Yes I know the answer is that WG wants you to spend real money to transfer them back and forth (or you can grind them back to usefulness)
  8. My DD's tends to have the issue that if a shell comes anywhere near the ship, without actually making contact, both my engine and rudder die of fright right there. I guess that truck didn't have Last Stand to carry on. Looked like the engine decided enough is enough and decided to leave the vehicle intact.
  9. Siegewolf

    Admiral Graf Spee's eagle to be sold off

    Well, most likely true. There are a lot of collectors out there with deep pockets and this is truly a very unique item. Hopefully it does end up in a German museum somewhere (we can hope).
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned. Its relatively old news given the article came out the June 21. I thought it was interesting with a little bit of history: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2019/06/21/hidden-for-more-than-a-decade-warships-nazi-eagle-to-be-sold/?utm_source=clavis
  11. Siegewolf

    Made a post here, instantly deleted?

    Yah, agree or disagree with the rule. I would say sometimes it maybe pertinent to the discussion but WG has always come down on don't include names. I have though seen names fuzzed out in the pics but they include a replay so go figure. WG forum mods see your post and press a button :
  12. Think this has happened to all of us during our WoWS gaming life. My worst one was long ago in an ibuki. Game starts, maybe after a few minutes I was detected (most likely a DD spotting) within a second or two of me turning I was hit and detonated. Didn't even see the shells.
  13. Siegewolf

    Ship proposal: The Tillmans

    Wow that thing was probably designed to have not only a bowling alley and a theater but a small shopping mall in it as well
  14. Got to 9 and stopped. Too tired of getting to a rank, fall back three ranks, then get back to the rank/stars you had before. I do have a life and all this adds is frustration. Kudos to those who have the persistence/masochism to get rank 1 :)
  15. Wow CB at T8. Don't think I have ever seen that even in WoT (albeit I haven't been in CB forever) :)