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  1. STO has this "shipyard" concept. You can also expand it but cost real money. Useful for those ships that get power crept or you don't want to ditch. You would think this is something WG could implement
  2. I would guess she will be eventually. WG may wait a little for the new earned ship smell to wear off. Then they will sell her to pick up collectors who didn't finish the missions enough, weren't willing to spend 3500 dbls or she gets buffed to make her a sought after ship.
  3. While I am more interested in Siegfried and Aegir I won't complain about the free mission items. ~3700 doubloons for the Odin at the end I may or may not spend. I agree with others that the build process is interesting (at least to me) and the amount of detail that these developers put into the port and process truly deserves kudos. Even if you don't like the end pixel product.
  4. I am real confused at this point. So I have the Moskva and the Kirov. Is there any advantage to keeping them in port during the update or is it a complete loss of credits?
  5. Siegewolf

    Rank 10; keep going or call it a day

    For me his season has been a real slog. It doesn't usually take me that long to get to 10, then quit like OP is thinking about. This season is just brutal and truly I don't know why. I had one match with two AFKs, several others were one ship would just sail off into the sunset toward the edge of the map. Certainly I have had my doh! moments (overextend or miss someone on the map) but wow, it has been a test to just hit battle.
  6. Siegewolf

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    <jest> I have my cat grinding the PR for me and ranking out while I'm at work </jest>
  7. Siegewolf

    Georgia Build Recommendation

    I also have a secondary build with her and it has been effective in trying to finish some of these missions for the PR in randoms. Nothing like a Friesland trying to out daka my secondaries, so funny.
  8. What I typically see, in this mission, is too many ships peeling off to go get the transports. The objective is a team objective not one persons right to kills/damages etc. No ships are owned by anyone and it is up to the team to prioritize their shots. Usually for the many that peel off for the transports I typically will remind them there only needs to be one (and get ignored). Then 90% of the time I need to peel off for the carrier because no one seems to go that direction (not sure way). Also typically I am in a BB (must be karma). I, in this case, ask the cruiser if he can take care of the CV (ignored again). Doing this part of the mission results in three ships, a DD first, then cruiser along with a carrier. Not a big deal but as a BB if can be frustrating if RNG Jesus decides to frown on you shooting the DD. End results are always team driven, too many fly off in one direction because they want to pew pew one DD and transports = loss/few stars. People ignore the DD, CA and CV = loss/few stars. Its the nature of PUGs of course.
  9. Siegewolf

    Free2Rico done in 104h 42s total.

    Wow OP gratz, Well as thing go, it just proves that earning the ship for free was pretty much a bridge too far for most of us. I am certain that there is a large portion of the player base that could do it. However it takes a certain amount of persistence to grind out the missions needed. After finishing four and looking at five, I had met my abuse and need to go to work threshold
  10. Siegewolf

    Unique/Legendary Upgrades

    Yeah, There are several that aren't worth it IMHO. However there are many videos that can help players decide what to grind. Myself I finished Hindenburg and Yammy. Almost done with Zao. I am in varying states with the others but I expect that I too will need to focus on what I really want before the change to how they are obtained. Love the Hindenburg's feuer frei legendary
  11. Siegewolf

    1 steel = 10 coal?

    As others have mentioned, definitely be careful. With Google Translate (Russian to English) sometimes the explanation of what you are buying off on is sometimes not clear. Also as mentioned, don't be tempted to convert Steel, which is not always offered, unless particular events and some ranked seasons
  12. Siegewolf

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Finished Directive 4 and have 2 Doubloon boosters. I started on 5 but I believe I should be done with the PR before the deadline
  13. Definitely, the more power to you man. My wallet agrees with you, its just my sanity wouldn't allow me to grind that much :)
  14. <mirth> Anyone who can actually grind the PR for free must be: a. Unemployed b. Retired c. No family d. No GF / BF e. Brain in a jar </mirth> - well sorta true too
  15. Siegewolf

    Question about UI/Camos

    Well, it has changed a little over time but its typically by stats. In the current UI its by better to worse. Now by better it varies on what you are trying to help. Meaning do you want more EXP, money, Captain EXP etc. If you look at the bottom ones they should be the single bonus flags, such as dispersion % etc. Strangely enough, not too long ago it was flipped. Meaning worse to better. I typically will sell the single bonus flags for silver, They just aren't worth mounting if you have a stock of 3+ bonus flags.