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  1. I work shifts, so I was off this morning and easily got to 5 of 6 for the first one using a Massachusetts with a secondary spec. Of course in Co-Op so I could get in as many games as I could before work. I'll finish the 6th tomorrow
  2. Siegewolf

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Fly on every ship I own. Pretty much when all lines have only one or two choices, why fly any other flag?
  3. Siegewolf

    Mouse's Super Quick Updated Review of Harekaze

    I already have the Harekaze, but I am glad to see her back in shop for those that missed her. No Kitty Captain though. Think we had to earn the Cat captain but its been awhile. At least that's who I have captaining mine.
  4. Siegewolf

    Who have you seen in game

    I do this too from time to time, but I call them senior moments. Happens too when my cat hops in front of the screen to say "Hey! Pay attention to me!" He's got great timing too
  5. Siegewolf

    Happy Remembrance Day To All

    To you as well. Here in the United States, Veteran's Day is Monday. Sadly there are no Poppy pins like there are overseas. Flags fly and I believe many Americans understand the day, but they don't understand the sacrifice made by the men, women and families of armed forces members. Here is hoping that this improves and our current and past serving vets have a wonderful weekend.
  6. Siegewolf


    Kinda funny, that here in the US Azure Lane is streaming now not HS Fleet. But free for a bit of time is always nice +1 OP for the heads up
  7. Siegewolf

    Will this impact WG Asian player base?

    China can enforce it by leaning heavily on companies to police it for them. Look at the people speaking out for Hong Kong and then companies back peddling to keep in the Chinese government's good graces.
  8. ..and they were surprised when the first thing Skynet did, after it was given control of the nukes, was to launch them against its own side. Let this bot lesson sink in :) I think :Moore: is a hacker though. Grinding through these missions and I saw him pink at the end of one match only he was not pink the following match. I call hacks ;)
  9. 22 sadly. Bud then as pointed out by someone in this thread, its free stuff, so no loss.
  10. Siegewolf

    Car on Bourgogne's Deck

    German ships need to add the VW Bug to their decks, well basically because they float :)
  11. Siegewolf

    Fix Halloween Event

    Fem already stated truces are ok and expected. She also implied that not honoring those truces is also fine. Welcome to Eve, er well I mean World of Warships :)
  12. Siegewolf

    stop ruining COOPs

    Co-Op is a nice mode to grind out things you need quickly. Randoms are great for more exp and money but Co-Op is king for just getting it done. Since I personally don't have a lot of time to play some nights this is very convenient. General rule in Co-Op has always been to smartly "Leroy Jenkins" to where bot ships are, get damage and kills and repeat. If you get a cap, then great, but they are not the objective. Its always damage and kills. Since the game counter is also based on this and not caps, its easy to end early a lot of time. I see many people just trying to be leisurely in Co-Op, not realizing they are going to get basically nothing for the match.
  13. Siegewolf

    Map-Edge Targets

    I have also seen the never ending torps. Meaning once they past the edge of the map they seemed to go on forever into the abyss. I have seen this happen more than once. Since it is a visual affect that doesnt impact anyone I never reported it as a bug.
  14. Siegewolf

    How soon until Russian carriers?

    <jest> New Soviet Carriers are released You shoot it anywhere with your T10 non-Soviet ship Result: Ricochets and RNG dispersion Answer? </jest>
  15. Siegewolf

    New Bonus Code

    Not knocking you. Too much ;). But there is already a earlier thread about the code. Spreading the word is definitely a +1. I just questioning whether necroing an old thread to do so.