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  1. TacticalOni

    Ships, Nationalities, and You

    So far, I'm up to Duncan, and its her, Rooke, and Renown that I enjoy the most. If St. Vincent is just a slightly better Duncan, I feel I'll enjoy her as well!
  2. TacticalOni

    Ships, Nationalities, and You

    1. Royal Navy ships always vibe with me, don't ask me why. 2. Not nation, but type, as I really work well with battlecruisers regardless of nation, though RN battlecruisers show me the most leg upon request. Runnerup is Constellation. 3 and 4, I dunno, i've thought about it, and I've drawn a blank.
  3. TacticalOni

    Tauntability & how to not fall for it

    It's an interesting concept, for sure. I have certainly had moments where I was having a fine old match when suddenly someone somewhere grabs my attention and holds onto it. When I first got the Siegfried, it seemed like every Pommern was able to absolutely take a blender to my ship and tear it apart no matter how hard I tried, but that might be a digression from the discussion at hand. I got my start in playing combat flight simulations, so I got used to taking a moment to "smoke/sweep the gauges" meaning that you take a look at the situation of your vehicle when you have a moment, so if I do get my attention grabbed onto like you describe, eventually, that habit comes back and I'll take a look at the situation as a whole, scan the map, look at my health and consumables, and take stock of the situation. Actually, there's a good term for it, and its applied just about everywhere. It took me a week to learn and implement and it's called the OODA Loop. (like "buddha") It goes, with an example situation in italics: O - Observe. Take stock of the current situation up to that moment. Where is your team, what is your teams situation, where are you, what is your personal situation, where is the enemy, what is being communicated? I'm on half health, there's a cruiser 10km to my left, and a battleship in front of me. I'm isolated against these two and my team on this flank is focused on another situation developing behind me. O - Orient. Take that information, and parcel it out based on your experience and knowledge. The cruiser has torpedoes that might reach me if I keep this angle, but I'm safe from the battleship for now. D - Decision. Decide on an action. I need to take that cruiser out before he can torpedo me or get in a range where his guns become any more effective. A - Action. Act on your decision and test it against the situation. I'm going to shoot the cruiser and ignore the battleship for now Rinse, and repeat. With enough decisions and actions creating feedback, you will begin to add implicit, instinctual guidance and control, removing the Decision part, and shortening the loop to OOA, which is like turbo mode. In an aircraft, turbo mode lets us out-think and react/act faster than your opponent. In warships, you might catch someone tunnel vision-ing before they do, and you can smack them around before they can react. Not that OODA isn't fine, but with time, effort, and patience, you can work to shorten the loop to OOA and when new situations arise, you don't have to spend the whole time hanging on decisions. perhaps, if you can, set a timer for like 30s or so on your phone, you can force yourself to start the loop. Even if it's just Observing whats going on around you, the rest will follow pretty much naturally, but if you're putting yourself in the headspace to run the loop over and over again, it can be picked up fairly quick.
  4. TacticalOni

    Rarest flag in the game? Is it this one?

    I have a class 2 Volunteer flag, Navy blue save for a white compass rose in the middle. So far I've only seen mine. Got it from helping out on the USS Massachusetts during a Lets Play Games day that they had, brought my own PC in and hooked it up to a projector and talked to folks about Warships for the day in a battleship. Kind of a sense of fulfillment from that!
  5. TacticalOni

    WG: You are driving players away.

    lean on the ones that pay the most to keep things together rarely pans out well.
  6. TacticalOni

    Salmon's Deck gun replaced?

    Yeah, Salmon as built came with a 3" gun, which was woefully underpowered as a deck gun, and once the S-class was getting phased out, their 4" guns were stripped and starting around August 1944 Salmon carried a 4" gun up until the end of her service. Balao and her later sisters started with 4" guns but eventually they got the mighty 5"/25, which is yet to be seen, not that it's of any use in Botes anyway.
  7. TacticalOni

    WG: You are driving players away.

    especially with the blog post insisting the game needs new lines to "evolve" like you can't forge the game to evolve by taking a break from adding new garbage and instead balancing what you have and tuning what's clearly broken. Operation Health did wonders for Rainbow 6, and many of these games (including the competitors made by snails) would benefit from a similar "lets stop pumping new crap into our game and fix it" patch cycle
  8. TacticalOni

    PSA - YouTube video on USS Salem

    I'm upset I missed the day to go meet him while he was there, I have friends who work/volunteer on Salem and it would have been a cool day. Sadly I had to work.
  9. TacticalOni

    Fixing Renown - A suggestion

    It would take too long to elaborate how weirdly full circle this discussion has come for me.
  10. TacticalOni

    war gaming priceing

    Not bad!! And believe me, I have a shelf full of them! But my point was that beyond looking and almost never touching, thats all you get from a model, while in ships, we can play with our beloved warships beyond what we can do as model builders!
  11. TacticalOni

    war gaming priceing

    The way I've always viewed it, is that I build models as a more relaxing hobby. I have a 1/700 HMS Hood kit that I've yet to build that cost, with all its additional photoetch and brass turned barrels, about 50 bucks. Now, when I finish that model, it is complete, I can't really do much else with it, as it is fragile, I can enjoy her history and all that, but the thrill is in the build. I can go to the shop and buy Hood to play in Warships for a modest and similar price, and I get to see her in action again, I can build skills that allow me to play her to the best I can play her, and derive enjoyment from that. It continues to pay off as long as I play the game
  12. TacticalOni

    Fixing Renown - A suggestion

    You ain't wrong, but the reaction from the US playerbase would be about the same as mine for Renown as the way she is and folks would be like "Oni, you were right" and I would be like "yes, I was" and that's all I live for sometimes :P Edit: my goodness, who lost their sense of humor and downvoted this comment?
  13. TacticalOni

    End of match survey

    I always get them either when my team absolutely stomps the reds or vice versa, like it wasn't even a match. My interpretation is that there's a threshold where the match ends so quickly that it sets off a tripwire somewhere to poll the users of the match, see how folks with various statistics and playtime felt about it
  14. Now I know what you're thinking, "Oni, you already posted about this, what gives?" My initial post was very reactionary, I was upset because the devblog revealed Renown '44 in the way it did. However, after some thought and some discussion on that thread, I thought I'd make a new post, reflecting what fruit that discussion bore, and propose a fix to the whole situation that benefits everyone, including the Wargaming overlords. This will re-hash a lot of what I mentioned in the other post near the end, but mainly, I want to put together something that starts less inflammatory and more solutions-based. So lets go. To start: Renown as she is presented in the tech tree (Both A-and-B-hulls) are reminiscent of when she was laid up near the end of her career, as shown here at Devonport, 1945 To me and a group of other users, it's frustrating to see a proud ship released into the tech tree looking like this, it would be the same as putting North Carolina in her mothballs configuration as a top hull. Renown, like North Carolina, is worth more than that. Renown was the other Galloper, her class represents Fisher's last battlecruisers (which, importantly, remained battlecruisers and weren't converted to aircraft carriers.) Now, in my initial post, @Ahskance was kind enough to drop in and explain the rationale behind leaving the ship to look this way. The interpretation I and many other users got from that reply was that Renown's full secondary battery complement was "too much" in terms of her AA performance, the developers have a baseline of performance that was measured for each gun and mount, and that Renown, in her 1944 late war configuration, had too strong of an AA power that she would disrupt a linear progression in AA power through the tiers. So, I offer, once again, in its own thread to not get lost amongst all the hurt feelings, what, in my mind would fix the problem. So, for the A-hull, there's two options we can go for. 1. Leave her A-hull as it is, 1945 configuration. Except, I would propose reducing the short range AA mounts. This would tone down her AA power significantly to only medium and long-range options. Some ships do alright with this option, mechanics to be discussed later. 2. HMS Renown as she was, post-refit in 1939. This is my preferred option, as it does the same thing, just with a touch more remodeling work to be done to make her fit. At this point, Renown has all of her 113mm secondary battery, but, note that she has almost no short range AA. What she carries is 4x quad Vickers 12.7mm mounts, and 3x Octuple 40mm pom-poms, and that's it. That's respectable AA, but still pretty far underneath what, say, New Mexico fully upgraded has. Better than NM's A-hull, but this is the hull that begins to show the AA-centric focus of the British battlecruiser line. Now, for Renown's B-hull, the answer is pretty simple. HMS Renown, 1942! What we see here is a marginal but smooth increase in AA power, her long-and-medium range AA mounts stay the same but now we have roughly 8x single 20mm Oerlikons (I don't think anyone would complain if a couple were twins) added into the mix. And to boot, she gets this beautiful camouflage! I mean come on look at her! This is how I was introduced to Renown when I was a kid, what a lovely ship, tall and proud, she looked fast, even sitting idly at anchor. Then there's the stories, like how when she was carrying Churchill she ran at her top speed for so long the paint melted off her funnels....(or the handful of times she was chasing Italians in the med and her torpedo bulges would decide to start leaving the ship) anyway, Mechanics. Renown is a bit of an odd duck in the line to start with, she has twice the number of torpedoes compared to Tiger or Rooke and she has the smallest broadside in terms of guns. While she is blessed with DFAA, it's clear that the introduction of this consumable has neutered Renown in terms of her AA according to the developer's wishes for consistent, linear AA firepower increases. So, as another member has proposed, remove her DFAA and let Rooke introduce it instead. Renown's base AA in her 1942 fit would be enough to not require it, in my opinion, and strengthening the AA sector can be tuned behind the scenes to still not be too powerful. The clever of you all may also notice that her mid-deck also has a catapult, which was removed in 1943. In her 1939 and 1942 fit this would give her the option (very strong emphasis on option) to mount a floatplane fighter. In keeping with the intent of the line to be shorter range cruiser-interceptor types, I won't bother suggesting a spotter aircraft. And as an added bonus to the whole thing, Renown 1944 can still exist as a tier VII premium! But that's it, that's my suggestion. I hope it makes sense and I'd be happy to discuss it with folks in the comments. I just think Renown deserves better than she has in the tech tree. If this was done to an American Battleship for any reason I feel there would be riots. TL;DR Instead of two weird variations of Renown 1945 as presented in the tech tree, Renown A-hull as in 1939, B-hull as in 1942.
  15. TacticalOni

    Borodino??? Constellation???

    I'm a Constellation simp so that's where my vote goes, if you can play support (or at least you're good at dodging/not getting pummeled in the first few minutes) you will prosper. And the radar is a lot of fun to shock DDs with, either as a supporter or as a late game surprise party bus that comes zooming around a corner with HE loaded.