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  1. Sledgehammer427

    Hood: Yes please or thanks anyway?

    I think shes a great ship, due to get a Burf soon (Buff or nerf, depending on how you like your battleships) Hood's planned changes include a .1 sigma increase, putting her on par with the current Colorado, and a change to her fuse delay time, from 0.015 to 0.033, like other battleships. A lot of talk is going on about whether its a nerf or not, I'll always take better accuracy over the slight increase in overpens. Shes fast, she can actually tank pretty well if you're smart with it, and she is absolutely GORGEOUS in the game, I say go for it. I can only play on my carpet going "pew-pew" for so long anymore
  2. Sledgehammer427

    Need a premium RN cruiser

    I was about to say, Exeter is coming, and looks like a promising premium.
  3. Sledgehammer427

    The best advise I have been given. (beginner) the "money boat"

    I've been playing Ships long enough now that I feel confident in just about every ship I play, there are a handful in my port that twist my stomach in knots but for the most part, With premium time, I can always make money. I'm sitting on 40,000,000 credits and resisting the urge to buy anything back.
  4. Sledgehammer427

    I want to like the Warspite. I really do. Help?

    She has 2,0 sigma and righteous dispersion, its your shooting, not the ship ehhh, 24 knots isn't terrible for a battleship, its not great but its a battleship, not a battlecruiser, pick a flank and stick to it. History has no bearing on range, its a balance thing. Warspite's history (Assuming you mean her 24km hit on Giulio Cesare) is reflected in her sigma and accuracy overall, not her range. IF you spec into secondaries, they become quite fearsome and respectable, you also get a little buff to your AA as well. Granted, she's been eclipsed by all the new German battleships in terms of secondary power but you have ranged hitting prowess where they don't. I can comfortably work over a Gneisenau at range and leave them an easy kill for other teammates or for getting the job done myself later on, while taking little damage in return. And you have a fast resetting DCP timer, with proper captain skills you can get that number down to 47 seconds IIRC. The reason she burns so much is due to her superstructure, which is large and easy to hit, especially with all the high volume-of-fire ships that lurk at that tier. you have a good DCP and a good heal. Add to that her cruiser-like mobility and its a winning package. Warspite is all about taking shots of opportunity and balancing aggression with brief retreats to lick your wounds and dive back into the fight. She's a great ship and 98% of complaints surrounding her are due to player misuse and not the ship itself.
  5. Sledgehammer427

    Does the Vanguard belong at tier 8?

    Vanguard is fine at tier 8, its just a Bismarck without the secondaries, same reload, same turret rotation, just poorer turret angles and poor secondaries, but the AA firepower is a little better. That said, her heal is pretty nice, her accuracy is astounding, the main thing that holds her back is the fact shes rolling 15" guns, but they are the apex of 15" naval gunnery and are fine rifles. Vanguard really benefits from mid-long range work where she can wiggle to angle against incomings from all sorts of angles. I've had some success playing in a div with or sticking with a German BB on my team who can take some of the heat off of me and I can flank/punish enemies who think they're safe against my buddy.
  6. I'll throw another hat in the ring for Le Terrible. It's a very non-standard way to play a destroyer and the only DDs I truly fear in a brawl are the IJN gunboats and the Gearing/Yueyang. Everything else I can smack with rapid fire and get out before they realize what hit them. I can usually dump some torpedoes too since the reload isn't that bad. I really enjoy mine. Most people see it as a liability, I see it as a rocketship that can bamboozle people early match that think they're safe.
  7. Sledgehammer427

    Your very first Premium was?

  8. Sledgehammer427

    Your very first Premium was?

    Warspite. when the game went live I almost cried when I saw her in the shop. She was my first premium and the first ship I did well in. She's one of the few ships I can say made me think I could do well in this game.
  9. Sledgehammer427

    re: Proposed changes to HMS Hood

    People will always look for an easy out to vent their feelings while staying safe from rebuttal. I'm 50/50 about the buffs, since the change to DD/AP interactions, I wasn't going to get the damage I got on DDs anyway, so I'll try the change as it is now,
  10. Sledgehammer427

    Theorycrafting the upcoming USSR BB Line

    Hence why I said they will be like German-Russian-French hybrids. I fully agree with your ideas. I hope they ill get implemented as you describe.
  11. Sledgehammer427

    Neustrashimy Preview - A Russian Fletcher? Sort of.

    Not true in the slightest. The VMF maintained a very traditional gun-navy even after the advent of ship-borne surface-to-surface missiles. The Neustrashimiy is not much different from the Ognevoi, if you really look into it. It doesn't have missiles, it doesn't have anything out of the ordinary. Because the Kotlin class is one of the last traditional destroyers the USSR built, doesn't mean its some super futuristic starship.
  12. Sledgehammer427

    Actual photos of Neustrashimy?

    the VMF had a tendency to cycle banner numbers based on which squadron the ship is in, which fleet, etc. On the outside observing it can give the impression that they have more ships than it appears to actually be.
  13. Sledgehammer427

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    I'm totally stealing this. Great writeup that I agree with on most points, specifically: I've said for a while now that high tier is entirely dependent on volume of fire over caliber. It became even more apparent to see once the 419mm guns won the popular user vote over the 457s on Conqueror. The fact that every other new high tier ship added into the game seems to prioritize rate of fire over anything else just corroborates my thinking. High tier used to be a kind of chess, where forethought and good aim would net you great numbers and more often than not, wins. Now its just holding down M1 on everyone and watching those numbers tick up slowly but surely while the old hats like me still think we are playing chess instead of Call of Duty on water.
  14. Sledgehammer427

    Countermeasures Hack

  15. Sledgehammer427

    Countermeasures Hack

    imagining is one thing, trying to hit a Le Terrible is another in practice. I've never had to shoot at one due to its rarity but sometimes I feel as though players have to aim a gridsquare in front of me to hit mine.