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  1. Richelieu thoughts

    So I've been tooling around with the Riche and I really like her so far. first couple matches with her guns I was shocked at how bad they were, then they started functioning really well. Actually, surprisingly well. I landed a hit on an Alabama, 1 pen, and 1 or 2 overpens and still did 14k. There may be something about these shells that lets Riche punch over her weight. I don't know. I love it so far!
  2. French BB Missions

    I got Bretagne and Normandie. Normandie has a 1,000 doubloon premium camo, but its not free. There may be a credit earning potential baked into the ship since they are technically premium as they stand right now. Once they release they may unbake the credit earning and just have the camo available.
  3. Premium Ships You Would Like to See

    HMS Repulse, save me (Renown) for a RN BC tree, and give us Repulse as a T5 premium with the shell's soft stats nerfed to be compteitive at tier 5.
  4. Will the toothless lady be on sale this xmas?

    Hood is not the easiest battleship to play. The speed is easy to forget about and you overextend. The AP is not the finest but its workable if you know how to hit weaker parts of ships, DFAA means you might get hurt but they won't be coming back. I refuse to believe she is a toothless lady.
  5. So who’s excited to earn DoY?

    I was until they changed her identity. While I know premiums are supposed to be not quite as good as their tree counterparts...the change they did to Duke was just wrong, and turned what could have been a fun, challenging premium into one that has no benefit over a KGV, really.
  6. Most Accurate BB Line

    I find the British battleships overall more consistently accurate over the IJN, but that's because Warspite is second only to Yamato in terms of Sigma. Hood is a consistent shooter, heck, every RN BB I play tends to land shots where I aim them High tier US battleships are awesome too.
  7. Most fun Tier VIII Battleship

    I've been enjoying my Kii more lately. I need to take it out more often but shes always been a solid performer. Playing a Bismarck, Tirp, or Alabama seems to get me focused more often than not >_>
  8. Duke of York Adjustments

    Except that she is a BB and would get treated by MM as a BB and it wouldn't have had all the strengths of a BB, just the armor and guns. Thus we would be looking at her as a BB, not a CA. This is a much nicer version of my comment on the FB page. I think the people who cried about it getting a heal are the ones behind it. Its like the WG Rep at Lesta Studios said "Okay, you want a heal? Here's your heal. Now lets nerf this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this. Oh and lets just get rid of that too." Congratulations, heal-holics, you got what you wanted, but the witch got to take the soul of the ship you wanted so badly (from one dimension of its character) and replaced it with something uglier. It could have been a sleek, fast battleship with impressive hitting power and the ability to work the second line like a maniac, but, nope. Here's your stupid heal. I genuinely hope they hit the undo button on these changes. I'm beyond pissed. Livid even.
  9. I'm a little late to the party but here's my chance to weigh in and I'm taking it. What I personally would like to see is Repulse as she was sunk as a tier 5 premium. She would work well there with her early war AA and current British AP. Stats wise she would be very well balanced. Make her a free XP ship or something of that nature. Fit her with Hydro maybe but a spotter or floatplane fighter for sure. Renown would be a perfect tier 6 tech tree ship in a Battlecruiser branch. Start with Invincible at tier 3, Lion/Princess Royal at tier 4, Tiger at tier 5, then Renown at tier 6. Give Tiger a faux refit to bring her in line with NYs AA power, then bring in Renown as fitted 1942 as her A hull. Give the A hull Hoods AP fusing and Warspites HE. Give the A hull a spotter plane ONLY. Then for her B hull go for her 1944-45 fit. At this point her catapult was built over with a platform carrying single and dual oerlikons, so drop the spotter and give her DFAA and nail her down as a high speed AA platform. Her AP characteristics would now match Warspite's, and give her 1.9-2.0 sigma to balance her lack of volume of fire. From there, merge the line to KGV at tier 7, where the Battlecruiser capabilities give way to their next evolutionary step, the fast battleships. Also since we have some Renown pic spam flying around have a shot of me leaving Trincomalee in 45.
  10. Changes to Richelieu and Gascogne

    I don't recall there being one when I was cruising the hidden ships pipeline. Though I found it interesting that the Tier 8 KGV that was first teased was the same hull configuration as the current Duke Of York. Can't let that model go to waste.
  11. Changes to Richelieu and Gascogne

    Yeah, I've been peeking at her, shes as cute as a french girl could be :3
  12. Molotov's name is 100% accurate

    Oh I know, just poking fun at the fact that Molotov's name stands for more than an improvised incendiary weapon.
  13. Molotov's name is 100% accurate

    Correct, it is named after Vyacheslav Molotov, which is the name of an upgraded Kirov-class cruiser, which is in the game as a premium ship!
  14. Most and least intimidating battleship

    Thank you! Though, for being built in 1916, The initial build wasn't that much more "dainty" as any other battleship or battlecruiser in the fleet at that time, it was quite the norm, and though I prefer the fully upgraded version, the original superstructure has grown on me quite a bit. The only battlecruiser I find any more stylistically attractive is Hood. The photo you posted, BTW, was probably in '45. Quad Flak pom-pom on turret B, the catapult's been removed and the hangars abreast the second funnel have been converted into recreation and a cinema. Prolly taken in Trincomalee.
  15. Most and least intimidating battleship

    >:| If you think that stick in the mud looks scary you should see what the Italians did the first time I shot at them...