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  1. Sledgehammer427

    REVELL Schnellboot S-100

    Yeah! That was a really slick idea. I'll have to try that out someday. I thought that was odd too. I usually do the major sub-assemblies and paint the small parts separately. But I can't argue with the end product!
  2. Project 707 was birthed from a design competition that was spawned just at the end or right after WWI. The designer with the best/winning iteration was the same gentleman who helped design the Mackensen class (as he was German) and as you may tell, the Mackensen takes heavily from the Tiger/Kongou class battlecruisers. It's not a ripoff, in the sense the design was "stolen" This is more the occasion of a vocalist leaving the popular band they were in because they were tired of making the same music, and starting a new band that plays the same type of music the old one played anyway
  3. Sledgehammer427


    Not a Nelson-exclusive trait, all tier 7 BBs have that achilles heel. "Basically everything" is really only 15" guns and larger.... I'm agreeable to this, I suppose its that way for balance since anything that's not a citadel is going to get healed back anyway. The Dispersion is not bad but its not earth-shatteringly great. 1.8 sigma and guns grouped tightly together tends to get me the hits I want. The AP shells are that weird British short-fuse shell that decreases overpens on light targets and increases shatters on faraway battleship belts. I'm not here or there on it, personally, before the AP penetration mechanic change on DDs I landed an 11,000 HP hit on an HSF Harekaze, and similar to a Gaede once. The shells can do work. Either way, I'd say it takes a better understanding of how those short fuses work to get the best out of them and staying flexible with your ammo choices. First, only Richielieu and JB get that nice little trait, I don't see the problem there. And second, you can, and you don't have to angle much to do it, but yes, you cannot firs straight backwards but thats a trait of the ship and not a balancing choice by WG, so I fail to recognize its relevance to its downsides. Compared to the Germans and the french yes, but at least it isn't USN Standard slow
  4. Sledgehammer427

    Salem Impression - From Below Average Player

    IT used to be. But much like WOT the regular folks are starting to catch up to the heavy grinders and highly skilled players so tier 10 is now just the cream of the ship statistics crop. Do you like to see one of your ship stat numbers reach 100? Tier 10
  5. Sledgehammer427

    A question about fictional ships

    So here's my thought, and I've expressed it before elsewhere. Paper ships are not good nor bad for the game. In fact, I think they are better for the game than any real ship implemented so far. Lets take two Battleships, same tier. Iowa and Sovetsky Soyuz. One is real steel, and the other was scrapped on the slipway. Lets say both are overperforming by any margin. The devs announce a nerf to Sovetsky Soyuz. Nobody cares. Its Russian, it probably deserved to be nerfed anyway. Life goes on. The devs announce a nerf to Iowa..... Do you hear that? It's the sound of a charging stampede of Burgerboos in angry mob form coming to tear down the doors of Lesta Studios to the tune of "Ballroom Blitz." AS much as some people hate blueprint ships with a burning passion, which I can understand, Blueprint ships overall are easier to buff or nerf without worrying about riots in the streets. I think blueprint ships are great too because even though this is an arcade game with all sorts of misgivings to history and its consequences, we get to see ships like Moskva and Montana doing what we always wanted them to do with no worry of the actual, terrible, real-world consequences of sending a powerful ship like that to battle. Real ships are great too, really. The history behind all of them is awesome. They are exquisitely modeled and look amazing floating on the digital seas. But again, if you change anything about them, reddit and the forums light up in a bad way.
  6. Sledgehammer427

    I carried and but i still get moaned at.

    nope, you get a lifetime of back pain and crotchiness!
  7. Sledgehammer427

    Moskva Garbage

    This ^ Moskva is a long range attacker, you have the shell velocity to keep enemies at arms reach and still pepper them with good fire. She's the pinnacle of the playstyle, and if you've failed all the way up the line with bad damage and bad survivability, then Moskva will do you no favors. But if you can succeed with Molotov, Moskva should come easy
  8. Sledgehammer427

    Just a pic I like

    Those pics remind me of the China clippers, some of them would have pressed so much sail the wind would submerge the lee railing.
  9. Sledgehammer427

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    Renown, Repulse. If those two ships come into the game in this decade I would be a happy camper.
  10. Sledgehammer427

    Is win rate really a valid estimator of a players skill?

    For me "skill" is how well an individual player does in a specific choice. If you're a BB main, you're a good shooter and can take big chunks out of enemy ships and mitigate incoming damage well enough to make a lasting impact in a match. DD mains skill revolves around those tight skirmishes at close range and good sense of prediction for torpedoes and so on down the class tree. If you're a BB main and your winrate is 55% but you're not pulling a per-tier average damage equivalent to the HP of your BB plus some then I'd say you are probably decent but your individual skillset needs some shine. (EDIT: Ironically that's about where I'm at in most tiers as a BB player :/ ) Just my opinion.
  11. Sledgehammer427

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    The best way to describe Spee is "Custom Heavy Cruiser," not battlecruiser or anything. If you replaced the 11" guns with 8" guns it would basically be a fat Hipper class.
  12. Sledgehammer427

    HBO's Chernobyl

    aha! Thank you for your input and explanation. I've always had an interest in nuclear power, just thought it was so fascinating growing up.
  13. Sledgehammer427

    HBO's Chernobyl

    but QFT. There is absolutely no way Chernobyl could have happened here in the US, because a reactor that unstable wouldn't have been licensed here. The issue was a stuck open Pilot Operated Valve, there was no way to tell the valve was open but the release of radioactive particles was contained within the enclosure, thus it was a successful accident, to say. There's a video I really enjoyed watching by a guy who was the Director of Nuclear Regulatory Research and he goes over TMI, Chernobyl, Fukushima, all that, and explains a lot of how his department operated in response to those incidents
  14. Sledgehammer427

    HBO's Chernobyl

    The whole article seems to try to weaponize an opinion about a great show that uses artistic license to skip over certain explanations or anything else, and diminish the shine of the whole series. Craig Mazin even states in one of the Chernobyl podcast episodes that the idea of the show was not to demonize nuclear energy but accurately portray the literal worst it could do, and has done. Lyudmilla Ignatenko stated personally that she was told her baby absorbed the radiation in "Voices From Chernobyl". The firefighters were still "hot" and that plastic screen worked both ways. Radioactivity clings to your dying flesh just as good as it clings to your outfit that you wore when you were standing around blocks of graphite from the core. The bridge of death is riding the fine line of sensational storytelling and urban legend, yes. The three engineers didn't "volunteer" as it was shown, they were "volun-told" and that scene was done for the sake of telling a story. The article by Forbes tries too hard to be contradictory, and its clear its author pinpointed a handful of things that were not quite true about the show and used that as a means to denounce the entire thing, and its just silly. But let me say this, even though the PWR reactors that we use here in the US are that much more safer than any in the world, the boogeyman is there, nuclear power is safe and clean and great but it is never not dangerous and understanding the danger of it is key to understanding it at all.