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  1. on the off chance shes top tier! Ran into you a little while ago, not the best warships day today for me, GG
  2. I will disagree. Fletcher can be built as an awesome gunboat with good torpedoes or a torpedoboat with good guns, and its up to you as the player to decide which you want. This just narrows your options to more of the former than the latter
  3. Well that might just be worth it.
  4. Which, don't forget was launched as a BC. Ishi has a high speed and very thin belt armor. Lion had only an inch more belt than Ishi does, so that pretty much does it for me in terms of defining Ishi. I get that feeling too. I dun like it. Me either, and I dun like that at all...either.
  5. I agree. Are BC's going to be lumped into a cruiser branch? Are they going to be battleship lines? I will admit I'm party to giving them either/or BB or CA MM, but they really need to figure out what goes where, and not try to straddle both sides of the fence. Ishizuchi is a BB, though clearly a BC, Hood is technically a fast BB, but Dunkerque is a BC, listed as a BB. Why, all of a sudden, is a clearly designed BC being shoehorned into a CA slot?
  6. so if you're playing it close the range, and if you're playing against it, close the range. besides being unable to heal as much of that damage back as fires, its more vulnerable to HE alpha strikes and AP pens due to its armor layout, so any alpha it eats does not heal as well as DoTs. So spam AP at it after you've closed the range.
  7. Why have a MegaZao when you can have a SuperWarspite?™
  8. As a 457 Conqueror player I personally thank you, and think you will enjoy your 18" SuperWarspite
  9. There are some fine players in OMNI as far as I know, but they choose to roll with the meta and make a strong case with it VOR seems to know this and chooses a more offensive strategy There was mention of radar cruisers and things of that nature, essentially as soon as torps are incoming they know there's a DD nearby and they can expose you and flay you before you can react.
  10. So the British BBs work more like support battleships than anything else. Hang back from the front lines and lob HE at people. Once you close the range and start working in close your AP will be more effective and functional. Even shells with poor AP fuse performance will overmatch whatever armor they can overmatch. QE can still bow-pen a Dunkerque or an Arizona, perhaps a little less likely to get citadels but it still does good damage. As for the slow turret traverse, it depends on the situation, I tend to pick a flank and try to stay there as lonc as possible, changing sides and direction should be well thought out in advance and carefully considered. I played the Warspite and planning ahead to change sides was my best tactic.
  11. Haaaaa. Called it
  12. Well it is a video game. History is just the groundwork upon which an arcade game has been laid. The minute fires and flooding became a damage over time mechanic is when history took a backseat to playability
  13. It still nukes cruisers. at least with the dispersion nerf some of them get the chance to fire more than a couple salvoes It can still whack a DD it can still hurt carriers all over I can take an 8k damage roll against a higher tier BB, since thats not the only thing I'm shooting at. If RN BBs taught me/us anything, switch to HE and watch the guy cook for a while. 8k is respectable damage for tier 5, or I can torch him and make him burn his DCP. It's not the end of the world that you roll low damage against the same class, especially if he's two tiers higher than you and can hurt you whatever you're doing. Thats just screaming to take the opportunity and use the universal DoT shell and force him to dance the damage party and repair parry jig.
  14. I don't see that as a problem. Battleships in this game were more tuned to take out cruisers, and against battleships it should be an even footing with the more skilled player taking the victory in a heated 1v1. Sometimes I wonder why the community is so focused on shooting at just battleships when there are 3 other classes of ships that a battleship should be concerned about shooting.
  15. I trust this one ^ Honestly I don't think the nerf to dispersion will hurt that bad. Perhaps notch up her sigma or if its intended on being kept then add the module back in. I was kind of excited to see the cruiser dispersion model make it to market but I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to happen. From the looks of her, shes going to eat damage often but not very many citadels, there's a lot of space for those shells to travel before they make it to the citadel location. She's got hella spaced armor, and that means regular pens, which means more repairable damage overall than eating cits. I could be wrong here. I'm still trying to figure out what the Italian flavor is going to be besides having a cathedral between the belt armor and the citadel.