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  1. Just singling that out to remind people in this thread that Tashkent was at one point considered absolutely garbage.
  2. I used to play lots of hardbass when I played. Nothing gets you keyed up like that!
  3. okay okay great, but, still, by the middle of the match you're going to be relying mostly on fire damage aren't you? I mean come on, As a BB main I want reliable numbers that don't fall off by the time the match gets critical. Spamming HE and hoping for fires after you've saturated a ship means you're aiming to cause DoT damage that just isn't as reliable as plugging someone with AP and thats where I have trouble following this HE spam hype.
  4. Doesn't HE damage saturation soak up the pen damage as well? You can't roll those big HE damage numbers the whole match
  5. I don't understand why some people find it so hard to use that term. I hear it said for the Dunkerque often as well.
  6. Yup. After I get Conks, Nelson is the next XP goal Thanks mouse!
  7. to avoid all low tier stock hull woes. Even a stock tank is more useful than a 1919 Kongou in a tier 7 match. or a 1918 New Mex in a tier 8 match.
  8. MFW I brought a Warspite into tier 10 and did the last 20k damage to a Yamato to sink it back in CBT. Good times, those
  9. I can only agree, as much as I dislike being a Graf Spee in the presence of Bismarcks, it could be worse! Kirishima (T5) vs. Washington (t8) being the first to mind.
  10. the player dictates the playstyle the player dictates the playstyle the player dictates the playstyle I've been looking at the stats of the UK BBs coming in and all are acceptable for brawling as far as numbers go, if you forego the secondary firepower. As it goes, OP, I'd bank on the guy not giving you what you wanted on purpose. if someone called me out you'd bet I'd be on the other side of the map watching my teammates burn him down while he looks for me.
  11. me too!
  12. I know for a fact its going to have the 1/4th HE pen as the German BB and CA line has if that helps.
  13. You don't need IFHE with BB caliber weaponry, only their secondaries and at that point you are wasting a 4th skill point IMO. I think a lot of users who don't know how to use less-than-awesome AP will be reaching for HE a lot. Not me though, I like the Hood and if its a whole line of Hoods then that line will be in my good hands.
  14. The HE has German typical HE penetration, so they are trying to make that a selling point. I think the AP will be like Hoods and arm quicker so against same-tier BBs they will not be great but against more important targets (literally everyone else not driving a battleship) they will do very well. By right the german BBs have HE superiority (42% fire chance on the 420mm guns with 1/4 penetration? Yeah, can't beat that) even with the UK BBs in the picture. Nah, like their cruisers they will be different and hard to play and to me thats okay. We need a high-skill battleship line.
  15. Congrats, honestly. But really I don't see premiums messing things up too bad (Barring Belfast and Nikolai) I just don't see where you're coming from in your assertion that premiums are messing things up at all, they have a unique play style that can sometimes benefit an average player. For instance I cut my teeth learning battleships with the Warspite back in CBT. I'd probably not be as good if I stuck to the tech tree stuff simply because it didn't interest me like Warspite did. so with all due respect to your opinion, I don't think its well-founded.