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  1. Have you tried lining up and dropping your spreads from farther away? You don't have to constantly drag your squadrons into point blank range for torps.
  2. The hunt for a Graf Spee out of a supercontainer continues.

  3. Sirus_Patton

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    A thing to improve the game? Well, lemme drop an idea I had awhile ago. So, we have HSF Harekaze and her ability to switch between guns to change her playstyle. What if we extended something similar to another premium destroyer? Blyskawica was updated to carry 8 101mm dual-purpose batteries, and traded her 8 13mm AA guns for 4 20mm AA guns. I propose a hull switch option for the Blyskawica, in which you trade better HE penetration and speed boost for the early-WWII configuration which grants a higher rate of fire and the defensive fire consumable. This offers players the option to choose how they would prefer to build the ship, and makes the only Polish ship in game even more unique.
  4. Sirus_Patton

    A detailed look at SMS Blucher

    The guns are already in the game for anybody wondering, they're the guns on the Yorck (complete with WWII HE rounds when they were used as coastal defense guns). Turrets also appear to be directly copied (including their original 51.4 second turret traverse) to the Yorck with the exception of the remodel for the range finders.
  5. Sirus_Patton

    OUT OF DATE: Premium Ship Review - HMS Warspite (2.0)

    Should add that Warspite is THE ONLY ship in the game that can repair any (in her case, some percentage of it) citadel damage with it's repair party.
  6. Sirus_Patton

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Okay, shoot the side of the barn. But we're in the barn.... FIRE! *shoots door latch on the front of the barn*
  7. Sirus_Patton

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Similar to my setup. E-2: Haruna Nagato Suzuya Mogami Chitose Junyou / Agano Karishima Ashigara Maya Yuudachi Shigure Cost: 610/740 (Boss Night) Damage: 1 yellow, rest green Really wish I had enough ships to deal with the ship lock of medium though, but I've only been playing for a couple months. Also, NAGATO! QUIT MISSING EVERY SINGLE ATTACK FFS!
  8. Sirus_Patton

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I've got Ashigara running for opening strike as flagship with triple main guns and spotter plane (pretty much insta-nukes whatever she targets), but I'll swap SPKTKM down.
  9. Sirus_Patton

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So, aside from getting a few more levels on Takao, how's this looking for a 2-5 fleet?
  10. So, you want to captain the most powerful ships in the game do you? These here aren't ships for little girls, so pull up your pants and let's do this the right way! Step 1: Load AP. You don't need that pansy HE stuff, and you don't need to use fires. Only people who fear the power of a 16" AP round need HE, and you don't want to be one of those babies. (Seriously, you'll do better with AP than HE once you get used to aiming. Better off not starting with the HE training wheels, and jumping right into the fire.) Step 2: Head straight at your target! Make him (or her) fear your presence, even if it's a bigger BB! (Keeping your armor angled so you never show the flat side of your ship is highly important as it makes your armor considerably stronger, and prevents you from taking citadel damage. Note that it may be wiser to keep up a retreat from your target, still keeping as little of your profile showing as possible.) Step 3: Make that lousy player waste his shells, then show him you POWER!!!!!!!!!! (Wait for your opponent to bounce shells off of your ship before turning to bring your rear guns onto the target, once you fire, turn back again so that your armor is pre-angled against his next attack.) Step 4: See that cruiser? Buy him some cookies and make friends. Keep him around with you, and don't let anyone hurt your little friend. (Cruisers are a major asset for a BB especially when providing you with anti-air fire, destroyer defense, and adding to your firepower when killing other ships. They're fragile though, so you want to be the one soaking up the shots. Don't be afraid to remind any ship who chooses to shoot at him rather than you, that you are in fact the most important target.) Step 5: Cowards hide in the back, shoot at water, do nothing for team. (You're in a ship with the highest HP and armor out of all the ship classes in the game. Just because you can engage at 20+km in some BBs doesn't mean you should engage at that range. Your guns won't reliably hit in general until around 15km or closer, and you don't want to abandon your team and watch them die.) Step 6: Why are you alone? A party isn't any fun if you're holding it for yourself. INVITE GUESTS!! (Always bring friends, a lone BB is a dead BB, and having backup can often be the difference between a crushing defeat and a righteous victory.) Step 7: See pesky torpedo planes? Are they within 7km of you? Then turn towards them! Make them tremble in your AA! (Turning into TBs will make life harder for a CV player as they try to adjust for your new angle of travel. If they're already on a path to drop torps, you can take minimal damage as you pass through the wall rather than the wall passing through you.) Step 8: HALP, THOSE IS TORPEDOES COMING FOR ME! Fear not mighty captain, cut your speed and turn towards them! (Slowing down, while turning into a torpedo wave will at the very least cause you to take considerably fewer hits than if you keep plowing ahead.) Step 9: Blind corner, what do??? Train guns and hit the brakes, await DD food! (Destroyers love to wait for you to poke out around blind corners, so slow down before coming past so any pre-launched torpedoes will miss. Have your guns aimed and ready for him to appear, and remember that 4 or 5 AP rounds dead center will still strip a large amount of HP off a DD. Important note- don't just sit there, slow down and make sure torpedoes aren't coming for you, then hit full speed and keep trucking.) Step 10: Profit, glorious profit! (Follow all these things, and you'll come to find that despite people saying the BB is the weakest class in the game, they are an absolute force to be reckoned with when used by a good player.) You're the biggest baddest ship on the water, and while everyone wants you dead, you've got the tools to kill them all. SO KILL THEM ALL! Pay attention to everything, and keep up your situational awareness at all times. You should never be bored in a BB, as you're always adjusting speed and direction in between releasing devastating salvos from your main guns. You are a dreadnought, ready to lead your team into deep dookey, and you have the firepower and armor to deal with things when excrement hits the rotary air circulator. You will see people telling you you're not a good ship, or that you're a waste of space for another cruiser, BUT GO PROVE THEM WRONG! An aggressive BB can throw the enemy team off guard, forcing them to panic to react to you and your entourage charging at them, while a passive BB can watch their team die and complain that they didn't help. Don't be a passive BB. "Why listen to you though, you're just some forum guy!" says the strawman I just made up for this argument. Well, here's a couple images for proof that I know something about battleships. So remember, get out there and be the one who leads your team to victory! Edits: I fixed a couple spelling and grammar mistakes I noticed. Added appropriate tags to the topic.
  11. Sirus_Patton

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I'm going to sit here and quietly scream "yes" for a little bit. Only needed 5 BBs to finish off the BB collection (minus Italia, Bismarck, and Roma), and threw two 400/200/600/30s in to cook. Now I have a new secretary.
  12. Sirus get outta mah closet.

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