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  1. Well 8.5 Considerably reduced the value of 3 T8 premium aircraft carriers sitting in my port.
  2. Hate this idea..... Just going to make the game shallower and less immersive. surely not here?
  3. RA6E_

    Bring CVs Back

    All Uni's game exactly like this, find situations where they can farm damage without risk or with very small risk to themselves, ... I believe it's a big part of CV revolt...increased presence of CVs makes it much harder to control engagements... It's what Uni's thrive on and CVs were a direct threat to that...even a potato in a CV is monster threat to stealth if there is enough of them.
  4. RA6E_

    Wait so I lose creds playing cv?

    Relic economy for CVs is still in place for some reason? WGs pre 8.0 attempt to tame the OP RTS CVs was to penalize players for actually playing them. .... I'd guess that's another part of the balancing they haven't gotten around to yet...they have pretty significantly nerf'd the damage they do yet left the old economy in place...especially brutal after 8.5.. I wouldn't expect much to change... all the upcoming reworking of AA is bound to enhance an already pretty crazy AA mechanic fro 8.5.1 and they seem to be pretty much one trick ponies when it comes to the CVs so looks like at least 3 patches before we start seeing any balancing of plane HP? I'd guess CV players are in for a pretty rough go for a while? If I was guessing in two more "Fixes" numbers of CV players will be worse than pre 8.0 at current trend of nerf nerf nerf....
  5. 2nd video is from pre 8.5 (may 20th) ??? Why would this video be relevant to show currently? Its been patched many times since then?
  6. Agreed in some fashions maybe? Of course in 8.0 Haku & Midway were broke AF and spotting of torps and other ships was also a bit over the top but those were easy adjustments.. What really aggravates me the most is we really never got any minor adjustments to any of the patch mechanics?...just sledgehammer complete direction changes to mechanics. IMO any mechanic can be balanced just keep gently moving it inline. WG just keeps completely breaking it and choosing another direction..its crazy. At the rate they are adjusting it will take years before they blindly swing away and get it right.
  7. RA6E_

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Started trying Indy thinking radar would be worth it and could be cautious enough to handle her.. After banging my head against a BB filled wall to about rank 6 I switched to Hood.. British Heal is just too valuable in ranked to not bring, I could run her with a 19 point commander, combination of speed, maneuverability, and consistent firepower worked for me. She can't crush other BBs but if you can support another friendly BB Hood can deal some very consistent damage numbers. Ran her for 7 straight wins to finish it out...
  8. I find ranked Sprints quite enjoyable. Regular ranked on the other hand is nice for short term rewards, but I lack the time and patient for that grind. But no one forces me to do any of them?
  9. Players using them have now relegated them to port...As apparently 8.5.1 has made it such that their sole purpose in game is to allow surface ship players to shoot down aircraft. - No thanks... Further evidence that WG repairing CVs based on "Feels and Whining" has returned their popularity to same level as Pre 8.0 carriers. IOWs... They now suck to play. Good luck with your directive.
  10. RA6E_

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    Contact Customer service...I'm sure they'll happily remove and refund your full sales price.
  11. Bringing this crap to forums and expecting someone to take you seriously? Just another attempt to make a lot of noise and hope to change game mechanics to a point that suits you personally. Laughable. This game always had CVs in it from the day you created your account.. Why are you even still here if you don't want to play against them?
  12. Enjoy the Saipan with the new AA mechanics... Her tiny little plane reserves and slow regen time. It was probably hit the hardest by 8.5 Filling your XP requirements via spotting for others should be a blast!
  13. This is pretty much spot on.. they are "fixing" them to a certain death. I am now pretty much putting mine away as they have become no longer interesting to play. I feel my influence in most matches in a CV is gone. Unfortunately I personally enjoyed this newer CV game play so much that my desire to play & grind other classes has lessened. I have 7 days left on my premium time and have decided to let it expire indefinitely for the 1st time in 1.5 years. I Enjoyed the ranked sprint.. But ranked out in a few matches and pretty much lost zeal for random battles now without CVs. I'll guess i'll check in as they patch this, But watching video from Sub Octavians presentation its clear that AA work will likely just continue to result in more and more powerful AA...looks like the next 3 patches will have AA mechanics adjusted that will almost certainly make life even harder for CV players. Looks like they just want players to bring CVs to matches so other players can use their AA and shoot down planes...I'm really anxious to see numbers from this latest round of AA buffs/CV nerfs? I think the affect on CVs is going to be drastic. Feels like at this point it has nearly failed from both sides of the isle...CV players and surface ship players. Its getting a harder to see them getting this right now with the manner they are adjusting things.
  14. RA6E_

    Jingles on the NTC Debacle

    Not to hijack the subject, but is Jingles really not aware that the damage model for CV planes changed two patches ago? He is literally complaining about 8.4 AA mechanics? Kind of surprising that he is that out of touch? His video literally shows the new AA mechanics working?
  15. You really don't understand the mechanics....we have no control over consumables in a CV.. zero.. Is it correct? No idea.... but you can't give the class the same fire & flooding conditions and then not allow us to manage our consumables..