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  1. RA6E_

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    The raw ego ooze of most the the detractors of the rework can be perfectly exemplified by this post.. Clearly any opinion that is not their own is put down by any means necessary because of course...anything else is ignorant or....influenced somehow by WG. Getting pretty tired of some of the abuse shown toward CCs & testers who offer any opinion or advice besides the Negative outpouring that the more "educated" Naysayers desire to be spammed to forums. Please just go away..If its so bad now..why are you still here?
  2. RA6E_

    IJN CV Collapse

    As with most WG adjustments....sledgehammer strength.
  3. T8 on live server against 9/10 AA you better pick your spots carefully.. Insta-erase is a thing with any bad decision.
  4. No change.. Enjoying carriers finally. Looking forward to trying out Lexington which I researched last night. I suspect that is going to be a long grind with lots of T10 misery involved.
  5. RA6E_

    Why You May Not Be Doing Good In Ranked

    Sado-Masochistic forum posting.... Best case scenario.
  6. RA6E_

    Best HEAVY CRUISER at Tier V - VII

    best CA's at 5-7 Farutaka Tier 5 T6...?? is there one? T7 Scharnhorst w/ honorable mention to Hood
  7. RA6E_

    DD population in Randoms?

    And this is a problem why? More CVs in randoms meant population sampling would be changed somewhat.. Before rework there was mostly no cvs in randoms... the spots filled with them had to dip other classes somehow? Wasn't this the goal?
  8. RA6E_

    Winning Effort Wednesday - Your Mission

    Pretty much become my plan... Its been ugly. However I did finish my grind out in my DM Donskoi to put Moskova in my port.
  9. RA6E_

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    Have a good game in anything but a CV and come to forums to complain about how OP CV's are? All the cool kids are doing it. Anyhow - good game.
  10. Perhaps the answer you seek is in your signature "World of Warships is not realistic, deal with it... (Myself included) "
  11. SMH -- I really don't enjoy being the target of a a stealthy DD, I can't see it to fire back and Torpedoes are just too fast to dodge when finally spotted. As a matter of fact, this would be a much better game if there was just one class of ships, because the diversity and depth is just game breaking!!!
  12. RA6E_

    Good Spot! Good Dog!

    One of the things that i think that's giving DDs such a hard time about he rework, IMO, is that in early game the DDs are about the only thing that will actually be separated or alone enough to warrant an attack. I really don't like them as a target from a damage standpoint, in a CV, but of course they are always a valuable strategic target. So DDs are going to have to adjust due to presence of more CVs and now More AA/Radar cruisers. I have feeling radar shifts of 8.1 are going to be a decent QOL improvement for capping DDs, despite the rhetoric over that.
  13. RA6E_

    Good Spot! Good Dog!

    I've just about got to the point where I spend the first several minutes spotting or providing fighter cap as needed. Slowly realizing that I can generate a lot more damage by being able to put up planes consistently late in the game when the blobs start breaking up. ( I'm thick like this) Just too many planes being wacked in 1st 3-4 mins when everything is grouped up and it costs so much down the road in plane reloading to get that early damage.
  14. I got blapped by a Musashi in my Neptune last night less than a minute into a match.... never fired a shot...Did get off a single drop of Torpedoes that never found a home....Couldn't have fired a shot at the Mush if I wanted to..out of range Sucked, but didn't feel like it warranted a forum post about mechanics I may or may not understand. Managed to shoot down 42 planes and never fired a shot? Its amazing the resentment the CV has in this game... they've always been here and in much worse shape balance wise.