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  1. iRA6E

    How to stop CVs

    Had this occur against me Yesterday in a T9/T8 match yesterday in Kaga.... exact same division make up on other side. Was moving when it occurred , took me a minute to realize what was happening was dead at 3 mins... GZ had concealment and actually had a fighter squadron behind me which I didn't spot until too late. nothing you can do but tip your hat. Can't see this being a major issue, takes a good bit of coordination.
  2. Applied "fix" but did not solve issue.... downloaded, extracted to desktop...moved file to root directory and applied fix, entered "1" when prompted. after realizing it didn't work tried reinstalling hot-fix and command showed "update applied". game is fine, but any attempt to access external link from port UI sets off massive memory leak - clan pages, naval battles, news feed. Hot patch please!!!
  3. iRA6E

    0.9.2 RAM Usage

    I've applied the update to no effect? Tried reattempting and it shows "update already applied" Still getting massive memory leak with any use of UI link... 100% memory use.
  4. Nice post and very entertaining battle.... OverlordB is very colorful. Epic carry!!
  5. iRA6E

    PSA: Bonus Code

  6. Damn - glad I found this... Been causing me a ton of issues. I'll see if this helps tonight.
  7. iRA6E

    0.9.3 - MM Improvements

    Forums erupting for months on end..."too many CVs ...too many CVs".. WG gives in and adds hard caps.. Forums..." see WG admits CVs are OP" Just lol................ Can't wait to see all the new threads griping about the que dumps soon showing in a theater near you.
  8. iRA6E

    A cv Main question

    I'd personally like to see CV plane weapon damage numbers brought more in line with their previous alpha ability. As a balance for that I'd like to see AA increased across the board in a manor that makes it more complicated and challenging to avoid, thus making it a larger skill check. I would love to see a player controlled effective AA that actually pits the player against the CV pilot, but I don't think this would be realistic for most players. Also CV vs CV interaction has to be made more a factor in CV play... Somehow CVs need a more effective way to provide AA defense for teammates. I'm a big fan of these 1st person mechanics...but, the whole DOT thing with CVs being virtually like some kind of player controlled environmental damage element is not ever going to be popular for opponents.
  9. iRA6E

    PSA MOAR flags on the horizon?

    Hell you'll be able to fulfill an entire FXP/credit directive requirement in 1 losing battle in co-op with 13 economic flags mounted on a premium ship...
  10. iRA6E

    How To Puerto Rico

    8000..wow.... Amazing to think that what this forum labels as a monster debacle was clearly a very profitable event. I think a lot of times our little forums revolts have little connection to what the general player base really thinks of things.
  11. Well.... I think some of this may be the CCs as well... about 1/2 of them seem to think that their job is to just scream and rage at WG all the time. Some of it is deserved and some isn't... It's just click bait most of the time. I think angry Flamu's popularity probably has driven this somewhat. In the past I watched some really chill fun streamers... the minute they become CCs completely change their content to sometimes a lot less entertaining constant berating of things and agenda's. I mean in reality an ever changing WIP ship or mechanic really isn't that something that should be used as a tool, to tap into this communities constant desire to riot just to increase their hits... But unfortunately that's the trend. That said, WG can own some of it... Their rushing some things to release despite feedback telling them its a bad idea is making some scream even louder... in the end it's their product and w/o profits it will cease to exist. They have a lot of markets and cultures to deal with and every decision effects them all differently.
  12. OK.. I'll concede... In 79% of your ranked matches the CV on the enemy team was UP.
  13. Carriers on the red side of 79% those matches seemed to have been balanced just fine? Point not found..................
  14. Saipan probably has most upside of any rework CV if MM gives it an uptiered match. It is ridiculous in a heavy T6 match..literally like swatting flies its planes are so powerful. However, it is the most challenging CV at T10, and even T8 against solid AA ships. It just cannot perform long term with any careless plane losses due to small capacity & horrendous regeneration time. This is not a training CV.... Very very capable in good hands...but incredibly challenging for less experienced. Pretty much polar opposite of Kaga/Enterprise in its play style.
  15. iRA6E

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Man....you really aren't enjoying this game much are you? Not sure this couldn't fuel a lecture for a psychology class somewhere? Games can be some serious shizzle....