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  1. iRA6E

    Rocket Queens trash can

    LOL.. I guess you're talking about general discussion.. because that's where all the OP- remove-CV moaning is located? Dbl LOl at the "CV main" with 53 battles.... go away sock puppet!
  2. ROTFL...... what does it take to get past t5?.. about 3-4 days of playing? it's not about keeping players at that tier. its about getting new ones to fill it.
  3. Not completely sure you should get overly hyped about those results in a Grand battle? In the right situations FDR can be an absolute beast. A grand battle is certainly one of those. X 2. question I would ask - would you be here posting about how OP your t10 ship was with 172K damage if it was anything besides a CV? Because if it was a BB ...would we be doing anything but Yawning and laughing at this post? ...... I mean why shouldn't a late period CV not be at least capable of doing the damage of a well played BB?
  4. I stand corrected... You are right. All the captains I had in those premium/special ships previously have been 100% reset for their BB skills.
  5. Really? i didn't think so? I wonder if i have checked any of them? I only had it on a few.. I think Roma, Slava, Maybe Thunderer.. I haven't played them since I don't think.. I'll check tonight.
  6. You are absolutely right OP.. This is a terribly "clunky" mechanic to use! But, do we really feel like ships should see where planes are aiming? Just slow the rocket speed way down and/or make planes launch them from further away. Make a plane pilot have to actually lead and predict where the target is going or will be. reward the pilot for good prediction and the DD captain for effectively juking? Take away the ability to point blank fire the rockets and it should be problem solved?
  7. iRA6E

    the rewrite

    I think I would REWRITE that title.
  8. iRA6E

    Upon login... WoWS Survey

    Makes you wonder why there's not a few that disqualify you from further participation if you answer too positively? I mean if I ran a company that sold things.. I'd also like to know why they didn't like it? I suspect it may be a cultural thing?
  9. iRA6E

    Undo the rocket nerf WG

    1st thing.. Rocket Planes did need an adjustment or elimination. With that out of the way, I'll say this.. I had a chance to play a few CVs live action last night. The new mechanics for rocket plane attacks is about the most annoying, unlogical, non-ergonomic, adjustment they have made to any ship in this game in my memory. I can't believe super testers didn't warn about this and let it slide through? This was really the best that can be come up with? This isn't about them being hard to use for me... Can they still be used.. sure.. Is it fun or challenging or interesting.. Hell no. I mean nerfing damage by 75% would have made me a lot happier than this garbage. Maybe slow the rocket air speed down by 50-75% so additional lead was needed, make them have to fire from a lot further away from a target??? this jerky..god awful mesh of silly stop and go targeting mechanics, isn't only just difficult to use, it's incredibly more annoying, unrealistic, and bizarre to look at? It literally feels like you are firing guns in the middle of multiple huge lag spikes? Something needed to be done with Rocket planes.. I'll concede that.. Why not just remove them? This mechanic is not a good addition to the game. As clearly as were rocket planes at this point? My prediction is players will just stop using rocket planes for the most part and a lot of them will stop using CVs.. Which to the delight of many, will put us right back where we were prior to rework, if we aren't there already A simpler solution.. remove rocket planes - add the other ordinances back to CVs to make up for the lost damage that Rocket planes provided. Gives DDs a fighting chance and keeps CV players functional through the match.. This was the biggest step backwards in this "adjustment" process for the rework yet.. And there have been many.
  10. To be fair.. BB captains didn't get a reset.. just their points back for a skill that was eliminated?
  11. Its a clone... Like the Black, Azur Lane, or Warhammer Ships.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gGrkZ00Iwc&t=133s&ab_channel=MarkFeltonProductions
  13. iRA6E

    PTS Rewards for the First Time

    No.. They stay on your PTS acct only
  14. iRA6E

    No daily login reward page

    Ah... Did not know this. Thanks I should have searched this before I created a duplicate Thread.
  15. iRA6E

    How to Work New Rocket Planes

    What is your point here really? When exactly were tiny tims a good weapon against DDs? With the exception of Saipan and its clone, is this even a reasonable discussion, as everything else has HVARs available and these two were never good at hunting DDs anyway?