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  1. iRA6E

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Lesson in fail poll interpretation clearly needed...... CVs remaining in game, in one form or another clearly wins..
  2. Yea.. And the worst part about the "if I need" is the longer you wait to decide it....the less likely it will be enough by itself. Time is of essence if I am reading this right... the sooner boosts are in place the easier it becomes? Making, lets wait and see expensive.
  3. This would be doable.... Depends on how much the boosters eliminate from the required grind? I could see doing the grinding required up to directive 7.... I wonder if reasonable play would, at that point pull it off.... with just the 1st booster?.. A premium pack with 4500 doubloons is only $25 dollars coupled with doubloons I already have and includes 30 days premium I would likely pay for anyway. I have a worry they are going to keep it as unclear as possible to encourage players to buy in advance to make it easier... I could swallow the 1.... won't go further than that for a ship that may not even get played? Also snowflakes can drain a bunch of time during the period... Just crazy how much they pile on top of you to do?
  4. iRA6E

    A manageable sized fleet

    Woa!!! I got 110 ships and constantly while scanning through see a ship I forgot I have. I've got two more T9s to buy back this month that i sold, and will also need a couple of T10s that can't afford either to have every ship I have ever previously played.. I won't be sellling anymore...Unless its for RB I suppose?
  5. Wished I had some handle on how much a booster pack will speed the grind? Santa crates out there begging for cash too... Along with Holidays that demand a lot on the budget for most people. I mean hey... its voluntary. Not griping...just think they could have likely generated a lot more cash overall making this a little cheaper. I'm sure the price will likely just make a lot of casual players turn their nose up at it entirely. I surely hope a lot of the directives can be accomplished while farming wins in Co-op?
  6. LOL...was looking forward to spending 15-20 bucks to easy grind the PR.... Meh ...24K dubloons!! ($100.00 US) i'll pass.... I got snowflakes to grind anyway. Marketing department clearly not thinking this through well IMO. 1/2 or more of the player base would have probably spent 10-20 bucks to make this easier Now they'll snag a 100 or so whales instead.
  7. iRA6E

    The one OP aspect of CVs

    One of the things I love when flying my CVs...fly towards a cluster of enemy ships headed in an aggressive direction.......the second planes are spotted, watch them all turn around sail another complete useless direction.... I could not count the times I drop a spread of torpedoes, capable at best of 6K heal-able damage, perpendicular to a perfectly angled red BB, just to watch him turn to and sail into them, presenting prefect broadside target to my teammates in BBs.. You'd literally think you were dropping tactical nuclear weapons with the reaction ships have.... The playerbase will never get over their fear of planes...
  8. just now...Cruisers are running off all the players at T4
  9. iRA6E

    The Core issue with CVs

    el oh el ....This patently untrue..... Pre 8.0 it had been in a steady decline for a number of years. That tide has stemmed currently and actually a pretty stable playerbase is occuring over last 6 months or so. No way to determine what is driving that? I love how easy "Facts" get strewn about.
  10. Neither... what they don't want to do is actually have to play against CVs, so avg joe can back to their boring pew pew or hide and spam nukes gameplay..And the Uni's can go back into their slumber and farm PR without any troubling difficulties from the taters.. Making them "support" vessels accomplishes this. This thread, like the 4600 before it is just another stealthy rant about CVs since they have to play against them regularly now.. However... I do think additional CV vs CV counter-play would add some depth to CV play and really the overall team game IMO. Not going to stop any griping about CVs here..I'd guess it will just make new ones.......Alas, I'm pretty convinced what we have now is all we're going to get? Could be they monkey with the spotting system for CB or tourney play? But can't see WG making much more investment in CVs that doesn't lead to some income... IE premiums or new lines.. that will probably be the only way we actually see support CVs of any form in game.
  11. iRA6E

    I'd Like Better Statistics

    I would too..... Mine suck.
  12. Be more fun if they would remove DDs from it..........
  13. They really just need to improve the fighter consumable IMO. I'm ok with the hulls being pretty impervious to the CV attacks for obvious reasons... However they need to make the fighter consumable that squads can drop a bit more useful.. there could be a lot of ways to do it? My idea is that you should be able to "RTS" it from the overhead map... send it to any location on the map... either patrol area or perhaps have it cover and follow a selected ship anywhere on the map? Make it so that it doesn't have to only be located by where your planes are. they literally aren't much more than glorified spotters now, they are so easy to avoid. Only even barely adequate for area denial, except Enterprises' squads which are OP as hell.
  14. I don't know...Coupled with armor rule changes... I would think this would perhaps normalize the performance across all tiers. And particularly ease some of the massive over-performance at higher tiers with the massive spam pen & fire damaged coupled. I will miss Myoko/Myogi 155 IFHE rounds however.... Though it was hard for one to not feel like you need a shower after using IFHE in some combinations it can be so ridiculous with certain calibers HE with crazy fire chances coupled with insane pen values also... [edited]