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  1. These posts come and go regularly.. Not that I agree with the stance and most of them... just noise. . However.. when you get a post like this from a player with nearly 13K battles and only 18 forum posts.. Its worth paying attention to the fact that one of the "Silent Majority" is speaking.
  2. iRA6E

    Perspective from an Old Fart

    Wat? CVs were literally introduced when the game was and have been here for its entirety. ( with the exception of a very short window in closed Alpha testing) THERE WAS NO WOWS BEFORE CVS. A Beta tester should be aware of this. Unless you are speaking of Tier 3 and below, I have no idea how this perception of WOWS prior to CVs keeps getting tossed around. Shows exactly how rare they were to see in the [edited] RTS days I suppose?
  3. CV, in my opinion prints confederates as long as game lasts long enough.
  4. iRA6E


    Sorry.. this really needs to be posted here
  5. Hush you.. Do not muddy up this glorious thread with any facts. They won't believe you anyway, coming in here with your dark empirical propaganda.
  6. iRA6E

    Lol - okay grind two tier 9s twice

    LOL.. when you seriously are looking for a reason to gripe on the forums....sometimes you have to reach real real deep.
  7. Nothing like a daily jaunt through the WOWS general discussion for some good hyperbolic overreaction chuckles... Never fails to entertain.
  8. iRA6E

    Are Dockyard ships getting a bad rep?

    D7P is one of my favorite go to T8 cruisers to just play around. Pretty spicy ship played to its strengths IMO. I'd do Haarlem first if it was a premium, probably? WOWS Stats NA puts D7P stats in a pretty good place when you consider the number of competing cruisers at that tier.
  9. iRA6E

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Chat is getting more entertaining IMO these days. Sometimes more than the play. Had a game last night that a red player instantly announced in all chat that their division was reporting top 3 performers on our team. Someone on our team responded with he was reporting whomever shot him first. Of course some one else on my team announced that he had already reported both CVs. Another red team player player spoke up and said he was reporting all the pay to win %$*&%'s Anyway I'm chuckling at this point... Quite entertaining! It continued on like that the entire match... good fun. We win match.. somehow I manage to struggle/survive through a bottom tier match with 3 kills(steals) and 29K damage finish second in match, arrive in port to the "you've been reported message' No idea how many... wasn't really paying attention to what I was at prior, but to my continued surprise, end up with a DM in port from some 37% w/r 3K random battle player calling me a "pay to win"- "can't say it here" I was playing my 2nd game in my freely earned Rahmat FTR? Honestly that match was the most entertaining I played last night.
  10. iRA6E

    DevBlog 268 - Roadmap Announcement

    Am I cyphering this one right? 8 am tomorrow CST? Seems like a strange time for a stream on NA? I guess this being streamed for EU or CIS?
  11. iRA6E

    Hornet, Yorktown, and beyond

    Have long pined for Yorktown's inclusion in the game... Sad that nothing cooking for it yet? However kind of like the gimmick treatment for Hornet. T8 is becoming a very crowded premium CV market.. Here's hoping Yorktown gets placed into a US CV tech tree split.. Bogue, Independence and a long forgotten Alpha T-10 Essex have already been modeled and are sitting there in files somewhere. Drop Yorktown in there somewhere and a split tree is born.
  12. Got a triple Saturday..... Was the first I had seen in a while.