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  1. iRA6E

    The Richtofen good salt farming CV

    I haven't got there yet.. it will take me a while, Playing against it though.. Its a strong CV and really will thrive against the Bow-Tanky t10 Meta IMO.. I'll bet this is the go-to for Competetive? The only thing will be its ability to strike DDs? I caught it twice in Riga last night and after getting spiked with AP rockets a couple of times it just forces you to stay mobile to avoid them. Its very uncomfortable to play against in a cruiser.
  2. iRA6E

    Quicky Loewenhardt Review

    I played one game in it last night. It still has no appreciable weapons against DDs short of spotting.. A DD would have to be a literal paralyzed potato in a DD to get hit by its HE DBs. I do like the DBs a lot better than Weser's due to HE and giving you some more options against cruisers as well. It's HE DBs are a much more consistent perfromer against BBs, but due lack the AP alpha of the Weser. Rockets may to be bit better as well as my quick impression is it is delivering more ordinance per stike? Again i need to look and see if I am correct. It's planes feel a bit more fragile to me than the Weser,? But speed is real good for t6 and regen seems pretty generous. i'll probably put it away for a while.. grinding some other stuff and frankly with the CV spam at the tier and wait time, is pretty awful. Grinding Weser, so one nightly win at T6 CV will be enough for me.
  3. iRA6E

    Slava Release version gameplay.

    I probably wasn't clear.. what I was trying to say is that Thunderer will now have another ship playing same meta in the same space. I haven''t played Slava, and may not, so I wouldn't necessarily say either was OP or not? Thunderer certainly feels strong to me in limited games... but a lot less influential in battles due to the playstyle? I figure Slava will be the same.
  4. iRA6E

    Scores as in Highest ever

    If I'm reading this correctly Ship's Comrade lists two 4 players with a 12 kill max game? http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?PR=na&Name=&A=1&B=5&G=2&S=200&R=100&C=0
  5. iRA6E

    Research XP on CVs

    Not sure I am following your logic.. I pretty clear on theirs. Read statement from WG on this shift and explain to me how it has anything to do with t4? If you've already researched a Tier VI aircraft carrier, but haven't researched a Tier VIII carrier of the same branch, the Tier VI carrier will receive 28000 XP. If you've already researched a Tier VIII aircraft carrier, but haven't researched a Tier X carrier of the same branch, the Tier VIII carrier will receive 25000 XP.
  6. Did GZ's bombs ever land in the reticle? as far as rockets go?.. I haven't played it post patch yet? but they were the most accurate rockets in the game IMO.
  7. iRA6E

    Kitakami making a return as a tier 10?

    Most All subjects beside CV debates get whisked off the front page really quick... Oh wait.. Sorry - I probably just turned this into one.
  8. iRA6E

    Research XP on CVs

    Well I understand their logic completely.. And FTR I already have about 40K on this weser, prior to this patch. I know exactly why they are doing it, hoping they can gobble up some free xp.. you know it and I know it. But if you unlocked Ryujo or ranger yesterday and didn't play it a game you would have 25K experience on it today.. The Weser which I had a week ago didn't get anything. I'd fully expect WG is aware those that were going to grind ryujo/ranger/furious already did, so a pretty irrelevant to most of us. It's a technicality loophole and i'm sure i'm not the only one perturbed by it.
  9. iRA6E

    Research XP on CVs

    Well that sucks.... Not going to lie. I started grinding XP on the KM T6 that was unlocked from a crate mission, prior to changes.. of course they hadn't at that time announced research costs for them, but one could have safely assumed it same as other CV lines?
  10. iRA6E

    Convoluted Coupon

    I can't even remember getting a coupon since an anniversary, several years ago? Would love to get that one... I have no idea what triggers them sending a coupon to you.. but clearly what ever it is? I'm not doing it. Sad to think that I am probably spending too much to warrant getting one, but that would be my guess. Perhaps it's forum violations that are nixing me?
  11. This is a long overdue QOL improvement.. the logic of the previous canned selections was a little random to say the least.
  12. Well this is disturbing.... Are you sure it isn't just like they are on GZ now since last "sound upgrade". There, just a lot quieter? They are still on GZ.. just a lot fainter and less obvious?
  13. iRA6E

    Slava Release version gameplay.

    Move over Thunderer.
  14. iRA6E

    CV Learning Curve

    Randoms are a better choice than Co-op for the kills IMO. You just don't have enough time in Co-op or scenarios to ensure Kills with such low damage planes and so limited target selection to make them work. .. Target selection is utmost with the KMs. So its challenging to drop even low health ships when they spring up due to having to be so picky about ordinance selection. Its a challenging line.. Bright side watching some streamers the T10 looks absolutely mad powerful against big armored targets?
  15. iRA6E

    FPS CVs Are Like Prohibition

    Yea.. this would be a grand conspiracy theory... well you know, if they actually had CVs in the mobile game. So if the tin-foil cap doesn't fit.... It's just another tired forum oft-repeated falsehood.