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  1. wrong topic to post though but good post anyway
  2. except for Yamato though and probably the only tier X that had existe
  4. well theoretically you could do plunging, I did one with my Cleveland vs Fuso pretty long time ago it's hard but not impossible
  5. sadly not all AFK are actually AFK some are probably were DC (happens to me rarely but it happens)
  6. that could have been easily mitigated if the British commander and captains were cautious enough a shot in the turret would have made the turret disabled/destroyed and not catastrophically blow up to pieces take SMS Lützow for example who was heavily damaged by an estimated 24 heavy-caliber shell hits and haven't exploded or a quick action from HMS Lion who flooded the magazine in order to save the ship, in which is he would't have flooded it if the hatches were sealed shot anything that burns is a hazard to a ship and that is why you have to always be cautious to the ones that burn, bad seamanship is always at fault in which it's human error
  7. lol if you put it that way it's just like saying "Sherman tanks were easy to burn since they used petrol vs diesel" the fact that Sherman tanks were easy to burn it's not because of the use of petrol but by the ammo that were stored and only mitigated the problem by adding wet stowage now in the the British BC case the British emphasis on RoF meant that they have to open up every hatch in order to pump out more shot, in which is a recipe bound for disaster to happen. It's how they used the ship that put them in harms way
  8. well 1 ship less is still near equal in my opinion not to mention the gunnery skills the Germans made that the British lack meant British BC was quickly dispatch to the bottom quickly
  9. lol blaming a single variable in a RNG life is pretty dumb way to conclude seriously it was a culmination of human error like (bad tactics, poor gunnery, safety handling of gun poweder stc.) if the British had better gunnery than the Germans then they could exploit the fact thatr ship is prone to detonation(which at the time they haven't got a clue) and would just engage the German at range. But Beatty would still be going Rambo and charge at the Germans
  10. well it takes UK 6,094 killed674 wounded177 captured3 battlecruisers3 armoured cruisers8 destroyers(113,300 tons sunk) VS. GER 2,551 killed507 wounded1 battlecruiser1 pre-dreadnought4 light cruisers5 torpedo-boats(62,300 tons sunk) to know that your ship is not invincible as one may expect them to be seriously if Beatty had waited for Jellicoe big lumbering battleship and hadn't chased the Germans it would have played out differently instead Beatty had to go Rambo and s#*&
  11. still with their weak armor they can be easily penned by battleship even by themselves in the process they can't take a heavy beating like SMS Lützow who was the second Derfflinger-class battlecruiser was heavily damaged by an estimated 24 heavy-caliber shell hits. With her bow thoroughly flooded, the ship was unable to make the return voyage to Germany.
  12. still if they were armored enough the outcome might be little different
  13. still the armor is an issue with regards of getting detonated i.g Hood vs Bismarck they're just like a stop-gap between a cruiser and a battleship