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  1. who the hell is HMS Monarch?
  2. loved your video so far
  3. LOL 15in and 16in pens bows, even when dead on they will overmatch your armor only NC can bounce 15in and 16in guns not Colorado
  4. so many ships to play though only a few of them are worth to be used just like ranked battles
  5. for the battle of Midway
  6. well it's kinda important since USS Texas, HMS Warspite and countless other allied ships were present in said invasion
  7. well they got the CGI right but not the Yamato in-game
  8. well it would be nice to have historical mission
  9. well probably a Commander who is let's say a battleship type and put in a carrier well you have a huge recipe of a disaster
  10. my build (from NC and now in the Iowa) http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000010100000000010000000100119 though my captain is now 19 points IDK what to spend the 3 points though probably Priority target and JOAT