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  1. nomaar


    They’re probably talking about the Heavy AP Shell skill that adds 5% damage to AP shells.
  2. Yesterday I started getting severe drops in framerate whenever there is smoke around, whether it be destroyer smoke or smoke from wrecks. It's at its worse when I go into zoom view when I'm brawling with other ships in the vicinity of burning wrecks. I normally get 75 fps at all times, so this is new. Smoke causes my fps to drop to 50 fps or below that in zoom view.
  3. nomaar

    Got myself a Supercontainer yesterday

    I don't know what point you're trying to make, but that is not a super container in the screenshot.
  4. I agree that they should be dumped. My experience with them so far is that they are nothing but a big distraction that disrupts the flow of gameplay that we normally all enjoy. Fighting with submarines is not sea battles. It’s tedious. Plus, when I play them in test I find them incredibly boring. I feel separated from the action and very limited in terms of their roles and game impact. Bottom line is they don’t make the game better.
  5. nomaar

    U.S. Battleshis: Part 1

    In fairness to the OP, the ad is written in a way that I think could lead some people who read it quickly to think they're getting the ship.
  6. They used to require only a certain amount of base experience. Now the third mission in the series and thereafter you have to get the base experience in winning battles. Why the change?
  7. nomaar

    Are French BBs Still Good?

    My favorite BB line, with the Alsace being my favorite out of all of them. Enjoy the combination of speed and power, and the accuracy ain't so bad either.
  8. nomaar

    Anyone Else?

    The FPS drops last only microseconds and usually happen with me when I shift my camera view. But it is noticeable.
  9. nomaar

    Anyone Else?

    Yup, noticed unusual stuttering when I started playing last night.
  10. How do you uninstall this app? It doesn't uninstall if you unselect it in the Aslains installer and it doesn't show up in Add/Remove programs.
  11. Was down to a few hundred hitpoints in a game and it looked brand spanking new.
  12. nomaar

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Yup, started watching him a few weeks ago and he's great. He probably doesn't get as much attention as those other guys because he's not on YouTube, but he gets one of the higher watch counts on Twitch. He's giving away premium ships all this week, btw, if anyone wants to check him out. (can't believe I just shared that and thereby reduced my chances of winning a ship :P)
  13. nomaar

    Until something changes

    I just returned to the game at the beginning of this week after being away for a solid two years. I've played a bunch of games in the V tier neighborhood just to work off the rust and I was struck at how much the games have changed due to the CVs. I have no skin in this game. I wasn't following the game during my absence, so I didn't know anything about the CV debate when I jumped in. All I could see was CVs dominated every single game I was in. Every game pretty much followed the same path, with CVs, usually two on each team, dominating the action and being the last survivors dueling it out. Playing a BB was a joke. If you're a BB in the end game, just forget about it and look for a self detonate button--nothing but an endless conga line of air assaults until you're dead, with nothing you can do about it. I don't know if it's like that in the upper tiers, but as a former closed beta player who came back after a long absence, the change was stunning.
  14. nomaar

    Super Container Rewards

    Only ship I ever got from a SC was a Warspite a couple of years ago.