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  1. Whitebuster

    Current status of submarines?

    You've read my mind. Too bad that the subs are coming back to random battles. This is a stubborn decision from WG despite the community backlash. Back to hibernation
  2. Are submarines still prevalent in random battles or did they finally get their own game mode? I have not played for a year and am wondering how things such as powercreep have changed so far. Thanks
  3. Buy your kid a real game. WoWs used to be one of the best games in the market, but it has been ruined now. Don't let your kid touch this game unless you want gambling and excessive spending problems. If playing for free, he/she will grind his/her entire life away.
  4. Despite the sad news of you leaving the CC program, you should be proud for standing up for yourself and not give into compliance. I will miss your contributions dearly and have solidified my doubts about the future of WG. Look back at your achievements throughout these years and realize how much goodness you have accomplished for the playerbase. Be proud of yourself and enjoy your time off!

    Best of luck for your future endeavors! 

  5. Whitebuster

    Sad to leave this game but I have no choice

    It was actually my main game to play. I don't have much free time to play games, so 2.4k games is already a lot for me.
  6. I started playing WoWS all the way back in closed beta and it used to be one of the best games I have ever played. Then good and bad changes came to the game over the years and I was able to tolerate most of them despite the few odd OP ships and CV rework. However, the commander skills rework really triggered me and transformed gameplay into an unfair chore. Not only does maxing out commanders to 21 pts becomes nearly impossible without full-time job level commitment, but the new changes also encourage passive gameplay for the tankiest class of ships: BBs. I used to have a good time pushing forward with the team to secure decisive naval victories and such strategies were key to winning. Now, BBs just cap in the back like cowards or hide behind islands like thin-skinned cruisers. The most complained class, CVs, just got further buffed with the new commander skills, thus ensuring that nobody dares to be the flagship in a push. Already OP ships like Kremlin and Thunderer get further buffed with the Deadeye skill. If a Kremlin fights best when sitting at the back, which ship can be suitable for aggressive play? None except suicidal cannon-fodder German BBs. This commander skills rework is the last nail in the coffin for me with this game. I dreaded that WoWS would become a powercrept crapshow like WoT, and now, WoWS follows the same trend. Just like WoWS, WoT used to be an excellent game at release. Then, a series of not welcomed changes ruined the game with wheeled vehicles, DPM increase, and OP vehicles. It's truly sad to see a game with so much potential become ruined by greed and lack of development vision. Nonetheless, there are competitors to this game and I will not return until this mess gets fixed.
  7. Whitebuster

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    Done. No pro. Only cons. Telling WG to revert back to the old commander skills system.
  8. Whitebuster

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    I see nothing but bad news about the commander skills rework. Don't change what is not broken!
  9. Whitebuster

    Another negative to Capt Skill Rebork

    It would be a good idea to let players choose their 21 points either entirely from the old or from the new set of skills. This way, players who like the current skills can stick with them while those who prefer the new skills can change to them.
  10. Whitebuster

    WOW questions from a new(er) player......

    - I have been the brunt of some bad discourse in chats, and have certainly made some mistakes in many contested matches - especially when I started playing. I have watched some really helpful videos and like to think I am getting better - should new(er) players stay away from PVP matches until they are a certain skill level? (to avoid salt, or negatively impacting other players stats)? Feel free to start PVP matches as soon as you figure out the controls. Even as an experienced player, there's going to be a lot of salt. This is a game that focuses on PVP, so just have fun! - How would you know when you have reached that skill level? (seems I still make mistakes, even though I understand my chosen ships weaknesses much better). There's no specific skill level required to be considered a good player. There's a lot of strategy in this game. As long as you understand spotting mechanics, positioning strategies, target focus firing, and base capturing, you're a good player when you think before you act. - Is it okay to learn while playing PVP? Would it be more acceptable learning and experimenting in the lower tiers? The most effective way to learn is through PVP. Low tiers are more forgiving than high tiers. You won't learn much apart from aiming skills by shooting at bots that rush then stop in the middle of the map.
  11. Whitebuster

    Fighter or spotter plane for Montana?

    The fighter consumable should be fixed and have the ability to engage CV squadrons before the latter even get within striking range.
  12. Whitebuster

    Fighter or spotter plane for Montana?

    Don't torps leave behind a long trail of bubbles? The plane can see this if it doesn't fly too high.
  13. Whitebuster

    Fighter or spotter plane for Montana?

    This sounds like a lock-on algorithm code issue for the consumable fighters. Is this the intended way or some unfixed bug?
  14. Whitebuster

    Fighter or spotter plane for Montana?

    The strange thing is that CV self-defense fighters are incredibly effective, while the consumable fighters don't attack until too late.