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  1. Targeted

    Ranked Sprint, yeah baby! Good job WG!

    Have to agree with Triela50, I have sat one win from ranking out for two days and continue to yoyo between one win and rank three. Win a couple then lose a couple. Personally while I have top scored on the losing team a number of times it just has not worked out for me and has made what was a enjoyable game mode turn in to a grind that I stopped enjoying. Basically given up and gone back to random battles, relying on your team to improve my rank has just become to much of a chore for me as I am not good enough to carry.
  2. Targeted

    Dasha Perova

    How hard would it be to just have a check box that you can turn the native language on or off? For crying out loud!
  3. I stupidly did the same thing as OP, is there any chance that the devs will allow an English option for Dash? I don't speak Russian and don't think I will go and learn just for the game.
  4. If you purchased items for wot do you still get the extra doubloons?