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  1. The article in question pretty much agrees with your comment above, it expresses it far better than I ever could. It points out that the tall spire of flame is evidence that the cordite did infact ignite, but that as it was not in the confined space of a gun breech, the burn was typical of an expanding gas that escaped the ship at or about the engine vents on the rear deck near the main mast. I'll keep looking for it and if I find it post it here.
  2. Folks this subject has been argued over for decades, it has fascinated me from childhood (they were my first two models). I can't find it now but Lert posted a link to an excellent paper on the destruction of the Hood. It is (in my opinion) the most convincing argument supporting the premis that a shell from Bismarck penetrated the upper belt of the Hood. The article argues that the postponed proposed armour upgrades would have highly likely stopped the shell, or at the least deflected it away from the vicinity of the 4 inch magazine. From memory the article claimed that a fire in a machinery space next to the 4 inch magazine spread to the magazine igniting the cordite (hense the tall flame exiting through vents on deck). The article is well worth a read, does anyone know where it may be? I read it on these forums but just cannot find it again.
  3. Targeted

    Five T8 permacamos in arsenal for 15k coal

    Do the camos show if you have filters for camo turned on. I have the silly space and Halloween stuff turned off and thus if I cant see the camo it cannot be used.
  4. Targeted

    Shoot 30 planes

    Please do not add CV to co-op. It is the only place we can play away from perma spotted world of dodging planes.
  5. Less toxic and less skycancer is why I play a lot of Coop
  6. Targeted

    Ship's log WOWS date 1.2.2019

    The Imperial war office has a melancholy duty to report that The Fubuki and her crew were lost during this encounter. One surviving crewman (I. Malucky) when questioned responded that the skies were filled with planes with evil intent and he had little time to concern himself with the lot of others.
  7. Captain's Log, Today we set sail with a battle group tasked to engage and destroy enemy ships. The group was made up of 3 DDs, 3 CL/CA, 2 BB and 2 CVs (the latter armed with the latest model warplanes in endless numbers). The DD flotilla were order by Admiral Sits Intherear aboard our lead CV to scout and cap a strategic point near an island. Our secondary task to spot for the large caliber guns of the fleet. Just after dawn the DDs set off ahead of the battle group, increasing speed as we approached our assigned target. It was then that the horror started, flights of planes appeared over head, each in turn strafing and bombing. I ordered evasive maneuvers and flank speed. The chief responded from the engine room that he could give me extra revolutions but could not guarantee that the engine would hold. Shortly after this large water spouts erupted all around our small ships. It seems the planes were spotting for unseen ships over the horizon, the planes just kept coming in endless waves. First the flotilla leader in the Jervis was hit repeatedly before she rolled and disappeared into the sea. In spite of our violent turns we began to take hits from rockets and bombs, shell splinters from near misses had started several fires and still the planes were overhead. It was then that I noted our speed fall away shortly followed by the Chief on the phone, informing me he had to cut back revolutions as the engine was about to blow. It was then that I took the decision to try and save my ship, I called for smoke and instructed the AA gunners to fall silent. The all enveloping embrace of salvation soon covered our little ship and for a fleeting moment we were safe. As we slowly sailed in the fog like cloud we could hear the planes circling overhead, there was no escape. Shortly after as our smoke began to clear we managed to move to the lee of an island and all was quiet, it seems the planes had moved of looking for other prey. It was here in the shadow of a volcanic island that the damage reports came started to come in, we had suffered perhaps 50% losses in crew, had major fire damage to our top sides and suffered several over penetrating shots to the hull. Incredibly none of the penetrating shells hit anything vital and passed right through our ship. taking stock of the damage report I knew that we could never carry out our objectives while the enemy CVs were intack. it was here that I decided to try get through and send them to the oceans bed. When the crew reported that all damage was under control we set off towards the enemy, skirting the last known positions we moved in between an island archipelago staying out of sight. It was during this cautious journey that luck changed for us, when our port forward lookout called out contact. There she was an enemy CV sailing directly towards us and un-escorted, this was my chance. I again ordered flank speed and set course directly at the enemy, turning slightly to open up the angle for a full broadside of torpedoes. The distance closed rapidly as our little ship leaped forward with a surge of new found energy. At 7 km I ordered our main guns to shower the CV with burning metal, hit after hit were registered, yet the enemy now alert to our presence altered course away from us. This maneuver reduced our closing speed, yet I was sure we had her. It was then that the reality of our situation became apparent. Wave after wave of attack aircraft sprouted from her deck, each and every wave spewing forth hot death and further reducing the closing speed as we turned to avoid death. We continued to close our main battery seemingly ineffectual against the thinly armored target. We suffered hit after hit in spite of the violence of our alterations of course. Fires had broken out from dive bombing, rocket had reduced our once pristine decks to twisted metal and splintered timbers, yet still we moved forward. Closer slowly, slowly closer, we now had now way of running even if we wanted to, the sky was full of machines spitting fire all intent with doing us damage. Then I heard it rocket attack starboard bow, I shouted hard to starboard and ordered ensign Ima Useless to reinforce the starboard AA fire. The crew began to shift our heavy machine guns to ward off this threat struggling on the listing deck of the turning ship. The attack planes came closer, closer, their wings erupted with bright flaming light...................
  8. Don't worry folks it is all working as intended. For 50-60 bucks WG will sell you the latest premium ship which will never be nerfed! I just don't get how these guys keep getting away with fleecing our cash (yes I put my hand up I also paid cash for the "privelage" of sailing Hood). When I pay for something, I expect to get what I paid for, but hey not in WG land! Yet again this company appears to be dishonarable or at the least underhanded in its quest to lighten its supporters pockets.
  9. Targeted

    Ranked Sprint, yeah baby! Good job WG!

    Have to agree with Triela50, I have sat one win from ranking out for two days and continue to yoyo between one win and rank three. Win a couple then lose a couple. Personally while I have top scored on the losing team a number of times it just has not worked out for me and has made what was a enjoyable game mode turn in to a grind that I stopped enjoying. Basically given up and gone back to random battles, relying on your team to improve my rank has just become to much of a chore for me as I am not good enough to carry.
  10. Targeted

    Dasha Perova

    How hard would it be to just have a check box that you can turn the native language on or off? For crying out loud!
  11. I stupidly did the same thing as OP, is there any chance that the devs will allow an English option for Dash? I don't speak Russian and don't think I will go and learn just for the game.
  12. If you purchased items for wot do you still get the extra doubloons?